Monday, February 19, 2007

Moving In Another Direction CHANGE Is GOOD!

From the desk of Sue Seward
February 21, 2006

After building in the nutrition/wellness industry for over ten years and putting all of my time, energy and money into one particular company for the last 2 1/2 years I've decided to go BACK to work with the MLM company that I joined over a YEAR before joining my previous company because....

Things had become very stressful and it wasn't fun anymore and was affecting my health in a negative way and here I was in the wellness industry for over ten years! Not only this but my recent blood work came back very negative which was another deciding factor in my recent decision.

I have also been earning four times as much with my other company, and that's for doing something three years ago. They did not penalize me for working another business or for sponsoring one of the top sponsoring distributors with their company.

They have continued to pay me down all six levels for three years even though I have not been working the business because I was in another company building. They have not ever taken my income away. They actually believe that I've earned it.

So I made a business decision in November 2006 to begin focusing on this company again exclusively and I'm happier than I've been in a very long long time.

It's also not a nutrition company. Yes they say the wellness industry is the next trillion dollar industry but there are trillions of nutrition companies in it. In our industry we have 6 major competitors.

It had become extremely draining convincing people to take high quality nutritional products or to drink an expensive juice product and none of them have been retailable so it has turned into a wholesale buying club.

We will remain wholesale buyers and consumers of the products only.

We have a product now that has a high wholesale to retail profit and no convincing people to buy them, just let them sniff, buy, and enjoy. No more worries about health claims and everyone loves the product because they buy them all the time anyway.

Our attrition rate is also very low. In three years I have not seen the drop out rate like I have in my other company. People are NOT forced to buy product. We buy products because we WANT to and because we can actually make decent money retailing them.

It's a no brainer and work is actually fun again!

It's proven to be the smart choice and an excellent change.

If you've read the little book 'Who Moved My Cheese' this is exactly what I've done instead of staying where I was being miserable and losing out on all the happiness (cheese) that was right under my nose I decided to move forward in another direction, grab the cheese and help as many others as I can who deserve to have their cheese too!

I do not regret anything that has happened because well, it's business and not personal. I do however believe that everything happens for a reason. If not for the other company I would not have met some of my closest and dearest friends and friendships are something I cherish for a lifetime! So I'm very grateful for all the experiences I've had and the chance to grow and learn more about the industry and how it works.

I will always be a huge advocate for our industry. I love it and the people I've made connections with over the years.

Network Marketing is the Ultimate Lifestyle!

I have built a solid and profitable career in Network Marketing so I feel qualified to give home business advice and share my thoughts on this important issue.

Here are the characteristics I determined must be in place for a business I pursued to be successful...

1. Product with strong market appeal...others would actually want the
product without needing to be convinced.

2. Product had to have a wholesale price that was low enough to
allow a retail mark-up where distributors could put cash in their
pockets right away.

3. This would allow distributors to make money without being
forced to recruit.

4. This would also provide a way for distributors to develop a
budget for advertising that came from the business itself...actually
retailing the product. So, no extra money needed to come out of the
family budget to fund the business.

5. Had to have a low, monthly auto-ship cost, and the ability to
recoup that monthly investment through retail.

I have found all of these characteristics in the company I joined over three years ago. It's been right under my nose this whole time and paying me over and over every month for something I did three years ago.

Not much else I can say except that I'm truly


Here's the call I do with Charlie Umphred for our team every
Thursday to bring their guest to. He goes into why they started
the company, about the products, the company story, etc. (34 min)

To Your Success,

Sue Seward
Home Business Developer &
Internet Marketing Coach