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Its About The Marketing!

When you've been involved in network marketing for as long as I have you think you've "seen it all".

But lately I've become more and more concerned with some of the misinformation, misleading claims and downright LIES that are being told in our industry. (Often by people who should know better...)

Prospects and distributors are being promised everything under the sun to get them to join and build the business. They are told that success will be easy and anyone can do it.

The problem is...

Once these people join and discover that it DOES take a bit of work and skill to build a successful business, most of them feel like they have been lied to and realize that they are not going to just get "something for nothing".

This leaves a bad taste in their mouth about the entire industry and makes the job more difficult for all of us.

This is why I was so excited when I read a brand new report from my friend and well-known mlmer Ann Sieg titled, "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing".

After reading this hard hitting 35 page report, I can guarantee you one thing...

This thing is going to shake up the entire industry! It's even going to make some people angry. Very angry!

Some (those TELLING these lies) will be angry because she is exposing them for what they really are.

Other (those who have been lied to) will be angry when they discover the REAL truth that their uplines have been hiding from them all along.

This is the most honest and insightful report on our industry I've ever read.

And the best part is Ann is giving this report away at no cost. Personally, I think she should be charging for this information... It's just too powerful.

But, because I feel that I owe it to you as my valued reader to protect you from the lies being told every day in this business, I want you to go right now to the website below and grab your copy of "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing".

After you read it I think you'll agree that the entire world of network marketing is about to change...

Sue Seward

P.S. - You may want to download and read this no- cost report simply to find out if YOU have been telling some of these lies without even knowing it. The answer may shock you!

Go grab your copy right now... (While it's still available.)
The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

I'm not sure how long she is going to be able to "get away with" sharing this controversial information.

How Making Connections Can Make You Profits!

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Making connections is extremely important and here's why as well as some of the ways to become a better connector for profits!

Remember that it’s about the marketing. You can have the best company, product, management team, compensation plan in the whole world but if you do not have a good marketing system to plug people into they will most likely flounder in their business.

Network Marketing is a people business. It's all about people and what they want! If you don't find out what they want by connecting with them it can cause you and them a lot of frustration. You also find out what they want by plugging them into your marketing system. They will tell you if they are interested and would like to form a partnership with you in business.

Have a good marketing system to plug people into will have people coming to you.

First connect with people and find out what their desires are, their whys for wanting to earn some extra money or start a whole new career and then help them with a plan to market their business.

In order to become a better connector it takes networking with lot's of people including people in your own industry that are in other companies. Yes! thats right! Building relationships with other networkers is important because you never know when they may be looking for something and they are most likely going to get in touch with someone they’ve built a solid relationship with.

You never know when your paths will cross and you end up doing business together. So it’s crucial to keep those bridges in tact. If you happen to not connect then you could lose out on a great potential business partnership. Not to mention the valuable friendships created in the process.

How do we make connections with people? I've been doing this for over ten years with people by building relationships through the Internet and phone. I've met many people personally and have spent time with them and their families at company and other industry training events around the country. I appreciate each and every one of them.

It’s important to always keep an open mind. You're a business person so make connections with all sorts of people where ever you go. If you stay closed minded and only connect with people in your own company or industry you could be losing out on some valuable resources to help you grow yourself and your business.

Connect with people by asking questions and keeping things simple. When you ask you automatically get answers and a natural conversation starts to develop. When all you do is tell, tell, tell, you don't get any answers because you're not connecting with someone.

Where do these connections take place? Everywhere you go! When you're out doing errands, shopping, volunteering at the school, jobs, on airplanes, in airports, on vacation, with realtors when you're looking at property, at social functions, at family gatherings, in online marketing forums, company events, training events. Even when someone is reading an article they are connecting with the author.

Does this mean to shove a business and product down someone’s throat! Absolutely not! You are connecting with a person! That means asking about them and genuinely taking an interest in what they are saying and what they are not saying. So it’s about listening and learning! By doing this it’s easy to find out how to actually help a person and determine what direction they may want to focus on.

The mission is to be the messenger. It's not to push, shove, manipulate or force people. The mission is to lead, guide, prompt and suggest. It is the responsibility of each person to give willingly for their own purpose. Sometimes it takes longer with one person than another but it's up to them to decide in which direction they’d like to take the partnership.

Some of the ways to connect is through using technology. The Internet is an excellent way to connect with lot's of different people by using email, online marketing systems, message forums and online communities communities.

Some of the communities where I network and connect with people are,,,,,, ,internetbasedfamilies, and there are many others. Just do a google search! These are not places for advertising, they are a place to connect with like minded people!

When you do use technology though remember to turn the high tech into high touch and that means connecting by being interested in people and finding out what they do, where they live, do they love what they do, what are their hobbies, are they married, do they have children, granchildren, are they happy with how their life is going, are they looking for a change?

Here's something else to consider.

Does someone you have met even want to connect with you and you them? It’s important not to force a connection if someone isn’t interested.

Make connections, build rapport that turns into long term relationships and those relationships can turn out to be an exceptional business connection which means you and THEM making money in Network Marketing!

The phone of course is another personal way to connect. Use it often and use it properly by asking those connecting questions above. There are also some excellent video email programs that are very useful in making a more personal connection with people online.

Making connections with people could end up being the most important thing you not only do for yourself but when you teach others to do this too think of the income possibilities for you and them.

Everyone connecting and actually helping each other find positive solutions. What a concept huh?

It's prosperity for everyone’s lives you are helping to change for the better! Let’s face it, it’s about everyone making money as the end result!

Start on creating a true people connecting mission today that will flourish not only your business but everyone you connect with will prosper too!

Your Partner In Success!

Sue is a wife, mom, career Network Marketer and Internet Marketing Coach who has been earning an income from home online since 1996. She teaches others how to make connections for profit. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit

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The Truth Will Set You Free In MLM!

If you're looking for real nuts and bolts training and
the truth about what it takes to succeed in this
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Your Partner In Success,