Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thoughts for these days and times from a colleague

Hey everyone, this is from a colleague. She is our accountant in Iowa. It was quite inspirational and worth taking a few minutes to read so obtained her permission to share.

Enjoy the holidays!

This is not a forward, or a chain letter, or a do it or else letter. This a just my thoughts for these days and times that we are living in.

In these days when the news media says we are in so much trouble, and the stock market tells us we have no money and all the big companies tell us they have no money and jobs are being lost and families are being put into financial stress, I have decided to take another look at our world.

Last Saturday night I had the privilege to attend the Iowa All-State Festival Concert as a proud Grandmother. My Grandson had been selected as one of 601 talented singers from the High Schools in the State of Iowa Among others were 276 for the Concert Band and 200 for the Orchestra. As I sat listening to these amazing sounds these young people were capable of, I was truly in awe. As I have thought of this marvelous night, as an accountant, I have started to reflect. Here are my thoughts.

The World has not gone to Hell in a hand basket, it is thriving, with youth of this caliber, and many more we never hear of, this country is in fine shape. I blame the news media and its incessant desire for sensationalism for our thoughts on the youth of this Country. We have not forgotten God, as the Government and the news media tell us we have. Some have forgotten to thank him for their blessings, some only turn to him when they have no where else to turn. The individuals who are still praising their risen savior are just not making the news.

Our economy: I heard last night on the news that the Dow Jones Averages are at a 5 year low. Amazing.. 5 years ago the economy wasn't so bad. So what's all the hoopla.. It is news!! The Automotive Dealers are in dire straights, Who put them there. They did! How many Company jets flew to Washington to ask for money to bail them out? TOOOO many. They are in trouble because they liked living high at the expense of the blue collar worker, who had to work to feed his family, and while doing so fed the glutton of the Corporate Directors. Were these workers overpaid, by no means, and yet the White collar directors build fabulous new homes, all while trying to figure out how they could out do the other overpaid in this country. Have they taken a reduction in what they draw from the company, I doubt it. And yet the worker who only made enough to care for his family, has nothing. There is definitely something wrong with this equation.

And now for the Housing lenders Bail out. This is really a big one in my book. I would like to meet the guy who designed this setup. They did it all with advertising and enticement. Quick easy money, Build a bigger house, buy a bigger house, we'll lend you the money, all you pay is interest and in ten years you can sell this house for a profit and pay off the loan. So the family making 50,000 per year, that could easily have paid for a moderate family home, was enticed to buy bigger and better. It doesn't take a lot of sense to know that a family with moderate earnings cannot afford a 200,000 house, but they were told they could. These lenders forgot to tell them what happens when the interest rates go up, or when they call that loan in early, or when the housing market falls and there is no equity to maintain the loan.

How did we get where we are? We did it to ourselves! With a little help from Big Business, and our own Government. Not just President Bush, He is the fall guy.. He is where the buck and the blame stops. He has been a victim of a runaway economy, a runaway congress, and demanding big business influence, which he was not prepared to deal with, and neither was anyone else that had the position to do so. We had the warning signs of what was coming. They were just ignored.

Isn't it amazing how incidental the War in Iraq has become to the news media. Do you suppose if they had to report on the good that is being done there, they could? I don't think seeing the good side of an event is what they consider news. Our young, our strong and our brave are there fighting yet, don't forget them. You are safe in your home, because they are there. Without them, this war could be in your backyard.

I could go on, but you all get the idea. Instead of looking down and looking back this Thanksgiving, Be thankful for what you do have. If this Country, this Economy and your life need to be fixed, the best place to start is with you. As for me and my family, we will serve God first, we will deal with our problems the best way that we can and we are definitely not going to fly into Washington to see if they can pay our way out with tax money working Americans have paid in taxes. We are Americans, We are Proud and we are capable.

What can we do? Thank our God for what we do have. Thank him for a risen Savior. Ignore the hype of the news media. Know that daylight will come tomorrow and the world will continue to spin on its axis, you still have it better then most fellow citizens on this planet earth and Gods love will still surround you.

Just a few thoughts for your Thanksgiving.

Your Partner In Success,
Sue Seward - Entrepreneur

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Are You Ready To Take Back The American Dream?

What Would Happen If You Or Your Spouse Got Sick?

Would Your Income Still Come In?

What Would Happen If You Lost Your Job - Would You Lose Your Home?

Today's Changing Economy Creates Uncertainty.

What's Your PLAN B To Pay For Life's Necessities, Emergencies And Joys?


Sue Seward
HomeBased Business Consultant

Sunday, September 28, 2008

"Help!!! The Sky Is Falling! How Can We Better Position Ourselves To Take Advantage Of The Fall Out?!"

Copyright © 2008 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

(***You may copy this article using the attached bio below)

Everyone seems to be stuck like a deer in the headlights because of all the bad economic news lately. The worse thing people can do is to do nothing and that's why many will remain stuck in their situation and it's going to get worse.

Meanwhile the rich are getting RICHER and the poor chicken littles are getting poorer! People are allowing their American Dream to be stolen right out from under them because of FEAR!

Now is the time to take action and start taking BACK the American Dream! Doesn't that sound like a better plan than just hiding our heads in the sand?

Starting a business in Network Marketing is the solution and the best time to start investing in your future is right NOW. What's important is not only to realize that this is happening, what's really important is that you select the perfect vehicle to that will help you take advantage of some really great opportunities that are going to be available.

Find something that is affordable, simple, profitable and a sure bet for taking back the American Dream and helping more people to be in a better position financially to take advantage when the next famine strikes!

Do you want to be ready for the fire sale or will you be consumed by the fire?

It's your choice!

Get prepared NOW by taking the right actions steps towards a brighter financial future!

When I became seriously ill this past year I could not work sometimes for weeks at a time and my income still came in. In fact, I earned a 6 figure income that paid our expenses. If all I was doing was retailing products I would have gone broke.

What would happen if you got sick? Or your spouse or child became ill and you could not work? Would your income stop?

What's important to note is the LEVERAGE developed with a Network Marketing enterprise - ahhhh - the real beauty behind our profession that many people may take for granted and some really do not quite understand this extremely important concept. So I'd like to help more people understand because it's where real freedom comes into your life once you understand why it's so important - how to get it - and how to make it work for everyone.

In my own business I do a lot of delegating and build depth. One of the things I've learned from a favorite business mentor, Donald Trump, is to surround yourself with great people and I've been able to do this by networking, making connections online and building long term relationships. I'm constantly networking not only with people who will work directly in my business enterprise but also people upline and crossline in my business as well as others within the same profession who are not even directly related with my company. Because someday they could be. You never know do ya?

Something else important that I have learned from Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump is about leveraging other people's time and money. So I recommend reading their books to understand more about what it means to be an entrepreneur and what leverage can mean to you as a business person.

Building any type of business enterprise takes hard work and it will take time depending on each person's personal situation, budget, etc. and yes it can be done for anyone who has the desire and determination and for anyone who does not quit. It will take some sacrifice too which many people will just not commit to upfront to get more in the back end. That's called delayed gratification and it's a tough one when so many people are cash addicted and want money right now.

This is why it's so crucial to find an in demand product to distribute that has a 100% wholesale to retail mark up to solve this issue for the majority of people who must have cash flow. This way people can put cash in their pocket day one while they are building up their long term residual income because most are not entrepreneurial. This is a character trait that has to be developed in most people. Some people are just naturally entrepreneurial. The majority of people though are not and waiting for years to develop an income stream just won't cut it for them. It's really why so many people quit in Network Marketing. They settle for going back to the boss for the paycheck at the end of the week or month.

Entrepreneurs are risk takers and they are laser focused on their goals and they understand what it means to sacrifice to accomplish their goals and dreams. When I started in 1996 my goal was to build a successful career income in Network Marketing. I had absolutely no desire to work for someone else because I've always been quite entrepreneurial although I had a lot of work to do on myself personally!

Most people are used to being employees and having someone dictate to them what to do, when to do it and how long to do it. It's hard sometimes to break out of that mold and become independent. It takes hard work on yourself to build yourself into an entrepreneur. The first thing everyone must do is decide this is what you want and then set your goals, put your plan in place and take action.

Latch on to a mentor who has done it and be extremely coach-able. The more you learn to let go of control the more leverage you'll develop in your business.

The first thing I recommend is to treat your business like a REAL business right from the start. This is what I did when starting online in 1996. I was extremely coach-able, consistent every day exposing my business online and offline. I was very persistent and did not let anyone steal my dreams. There were a lot of people who tried too including my own immediate family who made fun of me at every holiday dinner. They do not do that now. In fact, they all have the utmost of respect now because of what I've accomplished and realize I stayed the course and never gave up on my dreams.

I worked extremely hard for the first 3 to 5 years not looking up much and made a lot of sacrifices to accomplish some big goals and dreams and then when I became very ill this past year the income never stopped because of all those efforts in the beginning and because I was so determined to make it work and would never give up. Remember the alternative was going to work for someone else and that was not an option.

Self-Development was always critical and there was no way around that - when I started in 1996 I had no income of my own, no credibility or contacts, no degrees, no corporate background and not much confidence. I did not even know what an email or the Internet was. So I dug in and started learning everything about Network Marketing, business, how to build a presence online from mentors and started a personal growth journey. It took money to get it going and the business is paying off!

Now the income comes in even when I cannot or do not wish to work. In other words I can take two months off without asking anyone's permission and still have an income coming in. What this means is - leverage.

Set your plan of action in motion - work your plan everyday consistently to expose your business to others - help as many people as you can to get there too - support your organization and your upline as well as the company management and do not let anyone steal your dreams-

Here's a book recommendation for those who are leaders, those who would like to be a better one and for those who are aspiring to become one -

'Hand Me Another Brick - Timeless Lessons On Leadership - How Effective Leaders Motivate Themselves And Others' by Charles Swindole. This is one of the most powerfully effective books on leadership I have ever read and I'm now reading it again for the fifth time and applying the principles to my business enterprise and relationships with people. Always growing and learning.

When you develop into a leader this is when your income really starts to grow. It does not happen the other way around. Becoming a leader takes hard work, no one is born that way. It doesn't develop when you're sitting on a beach sipping out of a coconut. Leadership develops through hardship, disappointment, sacrifice, rejection, discouragement and hearing ?no' more times than you want to count. Leaders are developed when they do not give up.

Jim Rohn says " Success is not to be pursued it is to be attracted by the person we become".

Set your dreams big and then grow into the person to achieve those dreams and you will be compensated well and build a security for yourself and your family for many years to come!

Here's a special audio download for you with Donald Trump on 'Thinking BIG' & Robert Kiyosaki on 'The Art Of WINNING'.

Please click the link below to download your bonus audio clips.

Call me today and I'll share with you what I've done to create this passive residual income in a recession proof business and teach you how to put cash in your pocket day one while you're building a plan B to secure your future.

You Were Created For Success!
Sue Seward

Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, full time income earner in Network Marketing, who has been making connections from home online since 1996. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. For more information, resources, training articles - audios - and how to develop a long term passive residual income from home along with cash flow for your business enterprise visit - eCommerceHomeBiz.com

'What's Your Plan B?' - "To Make Money And To Enjoy Financial Freedom, You MUST Have Your Own Business!" - Robert Kiyosaki

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Direct Selling Women's Alliance - Mentored By The Masters Series CD

It's an extreme honor to be one of the direct selling professionals interviewed recently for - Mentored by the Masters CD Series which will come out in the February-March 2009 issue- by the Direct Selling Women's Alliance -

Proven tips and strategies for greater passion, purpose and profits.

Why take the difficult path of trial and error when you can learn from those who have mastered the fundamentals of sponsoring, selling, team building and more?

Mentored by the Masters is a monthly CD audio series for network marketing or party plan professionals who want more fun, less stress and higher profits. Each month, you receive time-tested million dollar strategies that took DSWA Masters from their beginnings in direct sales to the top of their company's pay plan.

Each monthly CD series is full of fresh ideas, inspirational stories and step-by-step plans for mastering direct sales from the ground up. These mentors have achieved a monumental level of success and come to you with a desire and willingness to reveal their insights.

When you subscribe for $19.95, you will receive

• A CD Carrying case to hold a year's worth of mentoring.
• A bonus CD from Nicki Keohohou, "Empowering Words - Language for Transformational Results."
• The current month's CD.
• Access to the Mentored by the Masters exclusive resources such as articles, tips and action steps.
Every month after that, you will be charged $19.95 for that month's profound gems from top leaders in direct sales. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Topics you will gain insights on include:

Selling Selling in Groups
Prospecting Sponsoring
Time Management Leadership Development
Business Fundamentals Professional Networking
Hostess Coaching Team Coaching
Marketing And Beyond

Don't delay... order Mentored by the Masters today!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Join Me For A Business Building Event In Nashville October 24th

Come join me in Nashville October 24th through 26th for our annual Nashville Business Building event!

More details to follow; contact me for updates right now because I will be arriving in Nashville Oct. 23rd!

Event Time: October 24, 2008 at 6pm

Location: Nashville Tenn at the Music Valley Events Center

Sue Seward - Entrepreneur Home Based Business Consultant & Trainer

979-248-1020 Mobile

Friday, August 29, 2008

Training Call Recording With Sue Seward

Hello Awesome Leaders!

Here’s a couple of testimonials from a training call I did August 28th and my comments below!

I appreciate each of you and every step you take to move yourself closer to your dreams!

Enjoy your holiday weekend and think about when you'll have the freedom to do whatever you want WHEN ever you choose to! Do whatever it takes NOW to gain that freedom!

Because -

You Were Created For Sucess!

On Fri, Aug 29, 2008 at 9:48 AM, Deb Clough wrote:


Just wanted to say that I thoroughly enjoyed your training call last night…thank you. It was wonderful and I admire your commitment to your business. It is inspiring and a decision that everyone can make. I'm sorry you were so sick…I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Success is a state of mind!

Deb Clough, Independent Distributor & Winner of "Team Player 2007" Award Scent-Sations, Inc.

"If you have knowledge, let others light their candles with it."


Hi Sue,

Thanks for the email. I sent it out to my possibility thinkers, and will send the link out for the recording. You were awesome on the call tonight.

There was something different about you! Your training calls are always powerful, but this was extra special. I hope I am making scence.

I went to a Boys Scoutt meeting tonight, and gave out some Mia Melts for possible Fundraisers. I am meeting with a church group on Saturday about doing a fundraiser with their Praise Team. Will keep you posted.

Please keep me in your prayers. My husband is still on the road. As of a matter of factt he is in TX delivering in the morning. He has not been home since July 28th.

Know that you are always in my prayers.

Love Ya!


Create Success!
Sabrina Walker


-hey, sue, glad you're doing well. just listened to the call from this week, very inspiring as always!!

i recently got another job, so getting back on board with miabella is my first goal, and one of my goals is to make enough money so i can quit my new job!!

thanks for all your encouragement,sue!! may you and your family have a great weekend.

take it easy, though!!



I appreciate that and we appreciate you and all you and your team are doing to help grow our company to the future we all deserve!

It's time to take back the American Dream guys and that's the message I'm taking out to the public and really the message that was meant for the people on the call last night and for our entire company!

It's not about what scents our body lotion or hand pump come in or even about candles -

Our message is about Financial Freedom, it's about giving people their hopes back, it's about helping people achieve their dreams and goals!

Ask people what would you do if you got sick and could not work? What if your spouse got sick or became disabled or your child got sick and you could not work? What if you lost your job or your spouse lost theirs? Are you prepared for retirement? What are you doing right now to secure your families financial future? Where do you plan to be in five years?

Get them to thinking about what's important to THEM! It's not candles or lotions! It's FREEDOM! It's taking care of their families in an emergency!

MiaBella is just the vehicle to get us there! We have the vehicle to get them what they want! They have to be ready to GET IN AND DRIVE!!!!!

Sell the American Dream! THEIR dream! Get them to thinking about all of this!

Be the messenger of FREEDOM!
Sue Seward - Entrepreneur
Director - Scent-Sations, Inc.

Remember where you are now is because of decisions you made five
years ago, where you'll be in the next five years will be
determined by decisions you make today!

Where do you plan to be in the next five years? What action steps will you commit to doing daily to get you there?

Click Here To Listen To Training Call With Sue Seward

e8963e9ac2.mp3>Download Training Call To Your MP3 Player

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sponsor Daddy

Here's an upcoming conference call with more information on Sponsor Daddy and how you can use this online marketing system to build your primary business.

I will be recording the call as well for anyone who cannot make it at the specified time.

Click Here To Listen To Sponsor Daddy Announcement

Monday August 25, 2008

6:00 PM PST - 8:00 PM CST - 9:00 PM EST

507-726-3200 Pin# 33489#

Here's info on the blog I'm using that comes with the Sponsor Daddy
Click here To Read My Sponsor Daddy Blog

If you're interested in reviewing more information on Sponsor Daddy and how it can help you in building your primary business visit

Click Here For More Information On Sponsor Daddy - WithTheClickOfAMouse.com

Sue Seward - Entrepreneur

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Perfect Storm

Who saw the movie with George Clooney, The Perfect Storm?

I do not mean to be insensitive to the people who went through a storm like Katrina. Believe me I know about hurricanes and storms. We have lived in the coastal area in Texas for eleven years and had to evacuate during Rita!

Let me share with you though that even though that was hard, we took advantage of the situation to spend quality time with our family! We had no choice, we were in a car for 19 hours together! It's an event we will never forget!

Now is a perfect time to expose your home based business opportunity to friends, family and everyone you meet because you never know who might be looking for an income producing business to add to their bottom line and you just might have the answer they’ve been searching for.

Yes, you could hear ‘ no thank’ you. Just think though, in today’s financial crunch you jusssst might hear a lot more YES’S!

You will never know though unless you expose your home based business to a lot of people before someone else does first.

Think about this too. The next time you are speaking with a friend, family member, lead or potential recruit, don't forget to share the income tax-reduction strategy. I have never met one person who has said they are not looking to save money on their taxes!

Everyone is focused on financial issues. We cannot go anywhere without someone complaining about the economy. Just pick up a copy of AARP!

As direct sales and/or network marketing professionals, we have a solution and it's nothing to be ashamed about.

It's like the perfect storm!

I’ve seen more people lately over the age of 50 working at Walmart, Target or McDonalds. These people are working part-time jobs or they’ve been downsized, replaced by a younger wiper snapper and many have lost their retirement!

Now that's a perfect storm opportunity! Help these people get out of there!!!

Actually, we have two solutions for helping more families improve their financial situation and the current economy (perfect storm) is a terrific reason to start a home business right now.

Were you are now is because of decisions you made 5 years ago, decisions you make right now will determine where you’ll be within the next 5 years.

Where do you plan to be? In the same situation or in a place where you’ve achieved your dreams? I know where I plan to be! How about you?

It’s all a matter of choice that each person has to make for themselves. If things are going to change you must change and do it right now while the timing is perfect because no household can survive on two incomes in this day and time, let alone one.

Direct sales/Network Marketing is an income-generating solution that will provide two more streams of income into the home without adding another wage-earner, or requiring a member of the family to get a second or third job working for Walmart or McDonalds!

Using the home based business income tax-reduction strategy as a recruiting tool can be quite powerful if you decide to use it.

With a direct sales/network marketing, home party or home based business people will generate income through their compensation plan, as well as through the ability to deduct expenses they are already paying for from their taxes.

The home office deduction is a legal system of deducting part of your home expenses as business expenses. This creates additional cash flow in the home by reducing tax liabilities while generating income through commissions from the marketing company. (Be sure to check with your CPA/Accountant and while you’re at it why not expose them to your business, because you never know until you ask right?)

Are you going to take advantage of the perfect storm now or waiting until the waves calm down?

To Your Greatest Success,

Sue Seward – Entrepreneur



Thursday, June 05, 2008

What Is RIGHT About Network Marketing?

Copyright © 2008 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

Network Marketing is one of the only industries that actually gives a person the chance to take back the American dream.

It allows someone like myself who barely made it out of high school, who went to college and dropped out to go to work - to build a credible career that pays as much or more than a lot of people who have college degrees earn and pays you even when you're not able to work!

Where else can someone earn an income even if they cannot work with the exception of government assistance?

In network marketing though it’s earned and not because someone is giving a handout. Instead of giving people an apple to feed them for one day teach people to plant an apple orchard and feed them for life.

The industry gives someone like myself with no experience, no income, no credibility, no contacts, no confidence, no corporate background or degrees, incredible leadership growth and experience which is priceless! So even if it was all lost today it could be done all over again because of the self-development and experience gained from being a part of this industry.

How can something be wrong about that?

There's absolutely everything right about Network Marketing for the people who see it for what it really is and start treating it like the real business it really is meant to be.

So many people get into Network Marketing with the ole ‘I'll give it a try’ attitude. They never set their enterprise up like a real business entity right from the start so it's never treated like a real business.

Network Marketing is really treated more like a hobby by many people who for the most part it doesn't have much significance or priority for them. Others outside our industry pick up on that attitude and do not take these people serious and then they wonder why people poke fun and complain about what's wrong with network marketing?

People get started and you hear them saying you mean there's an investment in this and in myself? What happens is they never really get started right in the first place and end up quitting because they simply cannot handle delayed gratification.

Entrepreneurs invest in themselves and work for no pay for many years. They understand and can handle delayed gratification because they realize that the eventual pay off can be huge. Sometimes they have losses and they overcome those too and do it all over again. They have a business minded attitude, they act and present themselves as professionals. People and business are attracted to them.

It's up to the leaders in this industry to show professionalism to our teams and to the entire industry at all times. That also means to not bash another person's company or product or try and talk them into or convince them to join yours when they are not interested.

When people decide not to build their belief in themselves and the industry they simply will not build a profitable business and then turn around and say something must be wrong with the entire industry.

It's not the industry that has the flaw, it's some of the people who tout it as easy and get rich quick to people who are cash addicted and have no priority for running a business in the first place because they never treat it like one right from the start.

My husband went to school for years, got his degree and studied for his professional license for many years and ended up with professional land surveyor licenses in five states. I remember all those grueling hours of study he had to do to accomplish this.

If he was to start a survey business it would cost us in the 100's of thousands of dollars just for all the equipment needed, office space, employees, benefits to them, etc. It would take years to see a profit and if the economy is slow there's no work and people start to be laid off!

When we brought our son James to Austin to play tennis almost a year ago he was a very weak player, a pudgy 14 year old who was 30 pounds heavier, who they had to take and mold like a piece of clay. He has had to work very hard to compete here with these kids who have been playing tennis at the academy, many of them since they were six or eight years old. Most of them are way ahead of him. He has made it this far because he has a sincere desire to become one of the top players and obtain a college scholarship. His coach said he has to do even more and it has to do mostly with his attitude to win!

For many months we thought that we had made a mistake and were wasting all this money because we just were not seeing him winning the matches and moving up in levels. It has been grueling to watch him lose match after match. Not really realizing that he's right on target with his training!

At the end of the year party we were shocked to hear that our son was giving the end of the year speech! If you all knew James you'd know he's extremely quite and shy. He barely speaks in school. He took the challenge the coach gave him and we had tears of joy when he gave his speech loud and clear in front of over 50 people including his peers! That took a tremendous amount of courage and it gave us hope and reassurance that we've done the right thing by bringing him to Austin to play tennis!

There are people who drop out of the academy because they don't see the progress quick enough. The coaches told us that by what our son is doing now we'll see the results in four more months. What he did four months ago we're seeing right now!

It's amazing to see the leader he's becoming and it's taken a huge amount of sacrifice and investment for our family to give him this opportunity! In fact, if it were not for network marketing he would not have this opportunity in the first place.

It's the same with our network marketing business. When we do all the right things now we will see the positive results come back to us in the near future. Three to four years and even five years is not much time really to invest in the freedom that network marketing provides and that my friends is what is so RIGHT about network marketing!

I'm proud of our son, love being a Network Marketer and so proud to be an American and appreciate all that network marketing has given and also excited about what we can all give back to the greatest industry in the world because they are all watching us guys and gals!

Remember this saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson? "What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say."

Where you are now is because of decisions you made five years ago. Where you'll be in the next five years will be because of decisions you make TODAY!

Sue Seward is an entrepreneur, Network Marketing Online Coach and top income earner in the industry, who has been working from home online since 1996. She encourages self-growth and teaches people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into long term relationships for building a home-based enterprise. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more visit http://www.SueSeward and/or call 800-985-469

Monday, June 02, 2008

The 2 Percent Plan Funded Business System

Hello Fellow Networkers!

Some of you have been waiting for the launch of Rod Nichols 2PercentPlan Funded Business System.

Well here it is!

This just in from one of my long time mentors and industry trainers, Rod Nichols, author of 'The Twelve Power Secrets For Network Marketing Success', 'Network Marketing For The 21st Century', 'How Would You Like to Dig In My Goldmine?' and several other industry books.

As a fellow network marketer, you probably recognize that there are several inherent problems in network marketing:

Takes too long for the average person to make money.

New associates quickly run out of warm market prospects.

New associates are afraid to approach people.

Most people don’t know how to build on the internet.

Many people never receive effective training.

Due primarily to these factors only about 2% of those involved in network marketing make a legitimate full-time income.

My question to you is: What would happen to your business and the businesses of those in your downline, if we could eliminate these five factors? The correct answer is that your business would explode and your income would skyrocket, as would that of many of those in your network.

I know that this sounds good, but you’re probably wondering, “Rod, how are we going to eliminate the five factors?” That’s an excellent question and in the balance of this e-mail, I’m going to show you exactly how.

The Five Failure Factors

1. Takes too long to make money – although there are a few that pay daily, most network marketing companies pay residuals either monthly or weekly. The average new network marketer takes sixty days or longer to sponsor their first person. During that sixty days, they have paid the costs to join, bought products or activated a service, purchased marketing materials, and possibly paid to be part of an advertising co-operative or purchased leads. They have also made their list of 100 or 200 warm market prospects and are tentatively blundering through those, experiencing a great deal of rejection. All this and they made a penny in the business. NOTE: Please don’t e-mail me about your program and how it pays quicker. I know there are programs that do and that’s fine. However, I’ve been in this industry for 29 years and have watched tens of thousands of people quit because they didn’t make money quick enough.

2. Run out of warm market prospects – Social scientists say that we know 2,000 people and all we have to do is remember them and we’ve got a great base of prospects for our business. The problem with this is that there are very few of those people who are actually open to your business. Yes, they could all benefit from your product or service and from the financial and time freedom that can result from network marketing, but they still won’t join your company or mine or anyone else’s. So, that new associate is going to join your company and begin working through his/her warm market, getting “NO” after “NO” until they begin to doubt that it’s going to work for them. At that point, they are encouraged to purchase leads, which they have to call using a phone script. Most people would rather jump out of an airplane without out a chute than make cold calls to people they don’t know, so this typically doesn’t work and within 60 days or so, they quit returning your calls and e-mails and disappear into the network marketing twilight zone.

3. Afraid to approach people – Network marketing is an entrepreneurial type business that attracts primarily people who are not entrepreneurs. The problem with this is that most of the people who join your business or any other network marketing business are going to be afraid to approach people. They don’t know what to say, are afraid that someone will ask a question they can’t answer, are concerned about what other people are going to think (particularly friends and family), and are afraid someone is going to get upset with them. Fear probably destroys more dreams than anything else in life and it is very active in network marketing. Fear can very quickly drive your very excited new associate out of the business in just a matter of days or weeks.

4. Don’t know how to build on the internet – As you have probably recognized, internet marketing is the wave of the future. Everyone is talking about “social networking”, “You Tube presentations”, and funded business proposals. There are so many great opportunities for marketing on the internet and lot’s of training programs that will “teach you how to make millions on the internet.” The problem is that most of the people who join your business will not have a clue about how to build on the internet. So, the key is to find a simple, easy to understand program for marketing on the internet, that won’t distract them from their network marketing business.

5. Aren’t trained properly – Some network marketing companies and upline teams do a great job of training, however this is more of a rarity than the norm. Unfortunately, most people who join network marketing companies are never trained properly and so they fail. It’s not their fault. The key to training is to have someone who has been there, done that, and made a lot of money do the training. However, usually that type of person in your upline is either too busy with his/her own huge downline or they are off enjoying the free time that results from a big residual income. Either way, people aren’t being trained. So, what is needed is a system, developed by a successful network marketer that will help you train your downline and give them something that will enable them to train their downline.

Okay, so we know the inherent problems, what are we going to do about them? This is the question I’ve been asking myself for over a decade. Back in 1995 I uncovered some of the answers, implemented them in my network marketing business and built a large and very lucrative network in a short period of time. However, there were still some elements missing and people in my network still failed.

In the early 2000’s I discovered more elements and then in 2007 the final piece of the puzzle appeared. Since early 2007 I’ve been working all these puzzle pieces into a program that would eliminate all 5 of the inherent problems in network marketing.



Here’s how it works:

Make Money Quickly!

We know that one of the inherent problems is that people don’t make money quick enough in network marketing. Part of the reason for this is that there is a commitment involved – financially, emotionally, or both. Most people don’t want to make that kind of commitment, so they will avoid. Well, The 2 Percent Plan eliminates this problem by offering an amazing e-book I’ve written (The 2 Percent Plan) that you and your downline can sell online and make $20 per sale.

This dynamic, but easy to read e-book is packed with the closely guarded secrets of the top income earners! These are the actual methods that we are using to build massive networks, resulting in total time and financial freedom! Now, your new associates can earn hundreds of thousands of dollars each month doing some simple marketing on the internet (and we teach them how). Now money is coming in so they can afford to stay with your network marketing company long enough to become successful. So, The 2 Percent Plan has effectively eliminated the money problem.

Generate Quality Leads of Your Own

Next, while they are struggling through their warm market list of 100 or 200, they can be generating great leads on the internet. These aren’t lookie loos, they are people who are genuinely interested in network marketing. You and your downline no longer have to sell network marketing, because these people are already sold. They just need to understand why they should join your company. So, The 2 Percent Plan has eliminated the lack of leads issue.

Work Only with People who Are Interested

Let’s look at how The 2 Percent Plan eliminates the fear factor and the issue of not knowing how to build on the internet. We have developed a turn-key internet marketing system that includes a capture page (to capture the prospect’s name, phone, and e-mail), excellent sales letter for the e-book and system, pre-loaded autoresponder messages that follow-up with those who don’t purchase a book, and an outstanding back office tracking and training system. To develop a system like The 2 Percent Plan would cost you $10,000 or more and we’re giving it to everyone who purchase the e-book for FREE! The fear factor is eliminated because they are working with qualified prospects who are requesting information and anyone can operate the internet marketing system, because we give them a step-by-step approach that includes sample e-mails, banners, and suggestions on where and how to advertise. Anyone can do it and make money.

Receive Training from Top Income Earners

Finally, let’s look at the training issue. First off, the e-book itself is packed with time-proven methods for building a massive network marketing business. These are the actual methods used by the top income earners. If a person just read and used what they learn in the e-book, they could easily earn a full-time income in network marketing and join the 2% group. Above and beyond the e-book, is the back office training and it is extensive. There is a simple step-by-step getting started training that will be enough for most people. However, we’ve also included advanced training which includes how to use FaceBook, MySpace, You Tube, Craig’s List, Squidoo, forums, e-zines, blogging, Google Adwords, banners, e-mail, and more! Plus, we will continue to stay abreast with internet marketing, so that we can offer the most up-to-date training available on the internet. Problem #5 ELIMINATED!

Use the System . . . Get Paid to Prospect!!!

This is an amazing system that will rock your network marketing world. All you have to do is use our proven marketing methods to attract people to your 2 Percent Plan capture page. The system will do the rest. When a prospect fills in the form on your capture page, that information is immediately e-mailed to you for follow-up. You an call or e-mail to find out if they are looking for a network marketing company, already with a company but not happy, or happy with their current company. Obviously, the first two are excellent prospects for your network marketing business. If the prospect proceeds through the sales letter and purchases the e-book, you earn $20! You’re getting paid to prospect for your network marketing business!

You can use the system to generate funds and leads for yourself, plus have everyone in your downline and all new associates purchase the e-book and participate in the system as part of their initial investment and training program. Each person who purchases the book is worth $20 to you, plus they can now start making money and generating great leads. It’s a fantastic and very duplicable system!!!

No Risk . . . Money Back Guarantee

But, don’t take my word for it, check it out yourself. Go to OurPlanBSystem.com to
see the capture page. Enter your information to receive the 7 Hidden Secrets e-mails and proceed to the sales letter. Purchase the e-book and the check out the back office system. Check it out for 30 days and if you aren’t completely convinced that it’s worth every penny you paid, we’ll give you your money back, no questions asked!

You have absolutely nothing to lose and both money and leads to gain. This is your chance to go from the 98% who fail to the 2% who make BIG money.

Be One of the First!!!

Don’t hesitate, click here OurPlanBSystem.com and become one of the first in the entire world to have this e-book and lead generating system. Then spread the word to your downline and others involved in network marketing and start earning another stream of income.

If you have any questions, please feel free to reply.

Have an awesome day and a prosperous year using The 2 Percent Plan!

Rod Nichols - Entrepreneur

Stay Powered Up!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WHY Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough?

I've kept going for over eleven years in this business simply because the WHY and the dream is BIGGER than any of the frustrations, disapointments, highs, lows, ups and downs!

First of all I NEVER wanted to go to work for someone else and never wanted anyone telling me what to do. (just like Kim and Robert Kiyosaki say too!). It used to make me sick to my stomach to think of working for someone else!

Now it's not even a thought!

I've always been entrepreneurial since I was 6 years old, selling candy, popcorn balls and stuff in our sixth grade class, baby sitting as a teen, driving people's horse trailers for miles, doing odd jobs, anything to make a buck that was legal! hahaha!

When I discovered MLM back in the mid 80's and read John Kalench's book 'The Greatest Opportunity In the History Of The World' (my very first mlm book) it was like a light bulb came on! THIS IS IT!

I read a newspaper ad that said earn $10,000 a month and called that number locally and it was for Nuskin. That was in 1987. I had NEVER even heard of MLM before. Not even Amway! I've been hooked ever since!

Over the years though the WHY has grown larger and larger. My husband has taken care of me really since we met 30 years ago. I was 25 and had no experience in business, corporate, no degrees, no credibility or contacts, or skills really except great people skills. I was not a professional when starting out. I also did a lot of waitress work and was always in sells or customer service. Sells kept me out of
an office. haha!

He's supported me through it all, ups and downs, frustrations in the business and industry, losing money, people dropping out, not doing what they say, dissapointments, etc. etc. etc. He's seen it all and has never once ask me to QUIT!

Now he's very happy to see the FRUITS of all that labor and the freedom I've developed where I never have to go to work for anyone again.

If something God forbid were to happen to him he knows I would be ok because I've developed an income for life and created a professional career from scratch.

I have had to develop INTO a professional which Network Marketing has also given over the years as an added benefit!

So even if the income were to be taken away I know I can do it again because of the EXPERIENCE gained in this industry and that's PRICELESS!

My husband deserves the MLM SPOUSE SUPPORT award if there ever was one! hahaha!

So he is my WHY! I'm doing this so he can be FREE too! He works like a dog for his family. I want to see him retiring on Lake Travis riding in his boat when ever he wants to, running marathons again, golfing, playing tennis, whatever he chooses to do!

I want this for OTHERS who want it just as bad too. All they have to do is say so and I'm there to help them get whatever it is that they are going after! Helping lot's of people to achieve their financial freedom too! How precious is that?

I'm never giving up because this is all just way to important!

Stay Powered Up!

Monday, April 07, 2008

What Is Network Marketing & What To Look For When Choosing A Network Marketing Company –

First of all if you're still not quite sure what Network Marketing is there are a couple of books I highly recommend to gain knowledge about our industry and business first from a very successful entrepreneur who teaches about becoming successful in business - Robert Kiyosaki

Even if you are already familiar with network marketing these books are highly recommended for further education and to recommend to others who are still seeking this knowledge.

The Business School For Helping People, The Eight Hidden Values Of Owning A Network Marketing Business, Rich Dad Poor Dad, Why We Want You To Be Rich and his CD The Perfect Business (15 min). There's another CD that explains our industry called Business Is Booming. All of these can be found at http://www.networkingtimes.com

Our industry is not only being recognized by business leaders such as Kiyosaki, the industry is also being recognized and recommended by other business leaders such as Donald Trump. Billionaires like Warren Buffet are investing in Direct Selling Companies such as Pampered Chef. Business Start-Ups Magazine (a division of Entrepreneur Magazine), rated Network Marketing as one of its 100 Best Businesses to start. The network marketing industry does about a $100 billion in retail sales annually. So this is big business as Robert Kiyosaki mentions in his training.

A long time colleague (mentor) and I, (Rod Nichols author of The Twelve Power Secrets For Network Marketing Success, will also be launching a new Funded Business System eBook that explains and trains on this information. This will also help you in understanding more about network marketing and how to become more effective in developing yourself and your business.

This system will be launched after April 15th. Email for more information

sueseward@gmail.com with 'Request FBS' in the subject line.

In his books, Kiyosaki teachs us about the 'E' (employee) - S' (self-employed) & the B' (big business) - I' (investor) quadrants. He recommends network marketing as a 'B' business. Read his books to find out why he recommends network marketing as the perfect 'B' business. Knowledge is powerful and this is the first step in becoming a successful entrepreneur in any business.

Even if you are in the 'S' (self-employed) quadrant we recommend you start a 'B' network marketing business as well because this is where you'll earn passive residual income for leverage. In your 'S' business if you take off does your income still flow in without you? Do you have employees to manage? If they are sick who does the work? Who does most of the work anyway? Do YOU or your employees?

Do they really care about your business like you do? What would happen if you got sick or incapacitated in some way and could not work? Would your income still flow in?

Because after you build a 'B' network marketing business the income would still flow in. Income from this kind of business is passive residual just like any big business that Kiyosaki talks about. After you develop your passive residual income then it's important to start learning the 'I' side of the quadrant and start to develop assets through investments.

Kiyosaki will teach you this knowledge in his books and CD's. It will be ultimately up to YOU to apply that knowledge by taking action to develop your 'B' network marketing business and gain the knowledge to invest your income!

There have been many books written with this information. People are free to give opinions based on facts that they collect and what it all really boils down to is the person writing the book recommends their company in the end or in some subtle way by recommending a list of companies and theirs is at the top of the list. After all it's their choice and it's usually because they've been in the industry for quite some time and have the experience to back up what they're recommending. That doesn't mean people are going to listen or choose that particular company or what we recommend will be the right company for everyone.

What we recommend are guidelines. This is why we call ourselves messengers!

The main thing is to start a 'B' business NOW. If you don't believe me watch the DVD What's Your Plan 'B' and listen to Robert Kiyosaki's The Perfect Business CD above. (15 min)

If this does not open your mind to what's happening in our economy then I'm not sure what will. If you are perfectly content with how things are going and you have all the money and time you want to spend with your family and loved ones, then this information just may not be appropriate for you.

First of all one of the most important things I look for in a company is - who's running the company? After all if I'm going to align my reputation with a company I'm looking for a management team of high integrity. I've worked hard to develop credibility and since I'm a person who values my own integrity, this is one of the first things I look for. If management makes bad decisions it can affect the entire company and eventually could cause the company to be shut down and then everyone loses.

Secondly I expect the management team to have experience in the Network Marketing industry preferably as successful distributors themselves. This way I know they have been in the trenches just like us and know what we go through and the benefits we're looking for as distributors.

Thirdly I like to make sure they have not been in any serious trouble and you can usually find this out if you network properly and seek advice from other experienced mentors in the industry.

The second thing I look for of course is a highly consumable product that is used up every month and reordered on a monthly basis. I also like to see a product that has a profitable retail mark up so that people can go out and sell that product and make money day one to get them into cash flow very quickly. This means it has to be a product that is unique that does not have a lot of competition such as having similar products sold in retail outlets, online stores, etc.

I like to see a product that has an almost 100% mark up in retail profit. This way if people are not interested in sponsoring and building a team (which of course we highly recommend for leverage - more on that later) they are not forced to sponsor to make money.

Look for a product that people can sell in a variety of methods such as fundraisers, craft and flea markets, home parties, online, person to person, gifts, etc. Look for a product that most people love and already buy on a regular basis. Only this product must be of much higher quality than what they are already purchasing in stores and at the same time priced comparably.

Look for a pay plan that rewards the part-timer AND the full-time network marketer who is interested in earning a 5, 6 or even 7 figure income. Look for a compensation plan that does not require you to frontload or order extra products to qualify for your commission checks.

Next I look for systems already in place so that we do not have to take up time developing our own (this is called leveraging other people's time and money which gives you more leverage).

These would be high tech cutting edge systems that anyone can plug into right away from day one without any learning curve. This means having a replicated type website that has a landing page to receive a person's contact information, an autoresponder system that drips information to them while we are doing other things (such as spending time with our family) which also has some sort of personal approach to it such as a MY STORY page with bio and photo, etc.

This way when someone visits the website and actually request more information we call them to start the relationship process by asking questions and ask how we can assist them further.

I'm all for developing a presence online with a personal website. I became very successful doing that for years. The point is it's taken me YEARS to develop that presence online using a personal website. Those personal websites took me a lot of time to develop and I'm still constantly tweaking them.

What I have found is that people want SYSTEMS to plug into NOW that do not take them weeks and weeks to develop. Having a system that a new person can plug into right away from day one where they can start introducing people to their business immediately is crucial and it's what all the successful networkers are using! I cannot stress this enough.

The next thing that is important is finding a mentor and team that are experienced and have support systems in place. I do not ever recommend that someone go online to a replicated site that they found by googling and just sign up for something with someone they have no clue about or from a spam email their receive. This is sure fire failure in my opinion and I have seen it happen over and over again. What I mean is going to a plain replicated site with no mention of who this person is or what sort of experience they have.

This is why it's so important to began your networking business by actually networking and making connections with people you meet either offline or online. There are all sorts of online communities and social networks online now where you can plug in and start networking with people and when you are in the looking zone for a company and business there will be people you can consult with.

It's important to make connections and network even with people who are already with a company who may not be interested in switching companies. I never recommend trying to shove your company onto someone's plate. That's not only inconsiderate it's rude and people will become very upset if you do this.

The most effective way to network with other likeminded people is to develop a relationship. Then down the road when someone is actually in the looking zone who are they gonna call? The person that turned them off by pushing their deal onto them or YOU who is a great networking connection? They are most likely going to contact YOU if you've build a solid relationship with them.

Anytime you find a great book, CD, online community, let other networkers know about it. This will create trust and credibility. You'll start to develop into an expert and people will seek you out.

You can read about people and find out what their experience is in the industry and how successful they are from their profile in these online communities. See what they write about, how often do they post, are they positive about the industry in general and are they truly a networker or just shoving their company in other people's faces? You'll quickly notice if they are a leader or not and what their agenda is. These are the people you see constantly advertising their company in places where people are looking for educational content and input.

Email a leader to see how quickly they respond, if they respond and how they respond. Speak with them on the phone. See if you click with them. Find out how knowledgeable they really are about the industry and find out what sort of contacts they have. Who are they connected with? This is very important because who you decide to align yourself with can ultimately connect you with other networkers. Are they serious and committed to their business and company. How successful are they? Are they just giving advice, yet have not really built an organization or made any income in the industry?

Are they an island? Or are they a delegation type of leader who works with leaders and achievers to build depth in expanding their team? I do not mean entitlement mentality and giving away just for the sake of giving or because they feel sorry for a person.

What I mean by this is - are they a leader who is really into working with specific key leaders, delegating leads and qualified contacts to them because they are committed and loyal and have EARNED the right to be in the inner circle. The inner circle are people who have proven themselves by building their organization, bringing in new partners on a consistent basis and taking action everyday to build their business. This again creates more leverage.

One of the important things I've learned over the years is about ROI which means Return On Investment. That means that everything you do you think about - what will my return on investment be on this? This also includes people you are partnered with. Everything you do in business think about what the ROI will be when you choose to do something.

When it comes to people you are helping to develop into leaders, what will your ROI be with that particular person when you delegate a lead or qualified contact to them? When you have a health issue and decide not to take care of it because it's too expensive. What will your ROI be if you decide to spend the money on your health? How much more productive are you to develop your income when you're healthy vs sick?

Every time you decide to spend money on certain educational material for your business what will your ROI be on that investment? Every time you decide to go to a company event what will your ROI be on that investment? When you invest in tools, resources, marketing, advertising for your business what will your ROI be?

If you would like to speak with me about starting or choosing a network marketing company call - 800-985-4697 - leave your name, number and the best time to call you back and I would be happy to discuss some options with you.

To your future of financial freedom,

Sue is an entrepreneur, Network Marketing Online Coach and top earner in the industry, who has been creating an income from home online since 1996. She encourages self-growth and teaches people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term business profits. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more visit http://www.eCommerceHomeBiz.com and/or call 800-985-4697

Thursday, March 20, 2008

An Interview With Sue Seward – Entrepreneur – Network Marketing Consultant – March 2008

1. How is Network Marketing different today than when you first started back in 1988.

Sue: It is different yet similar in that we are still networking and building relationships with people and working towards the American dream. Today however we have more tools to work with especially with the Internet.

When I started in 1996 all we had back then was our internet connections which was mainly dial up and we had email for online communication. Today we have….landing pages, team pages, websites, auto responders for drip campaigns, online message forums, online communities for networking and the list goes on for making huge connections and turning those connections into relationships and into partnerships and friendships that can lead to partnerships.

2. What attracted you to Network Marketing back then?

Sue: I never wanted anyone to tell me what to do. The same why Robert and Kim Kiyosaki had for starting their own business. The freedom to live the way I want and how I want.

3. Are there any general characteristics - personality traits - of a successful distributor?

Sue: Yes I think there is. The person who understands the fact that the more you develop yourself to become the best you can be the more income you will earn in the long run. Network Marketing is so much more than just about making money, it’s about the self-development. If you do not believe me pick up Robert Kiyosaki & Donald Trumps book ‘Why We Want You to Be Rich’ or any of Kiyosaki’s books because he strongly suggests this for becoming very successful in ANY business. The more you grow yourself the more your business will grow. It’s really that simple!

4. For someone looking at direct sale/mlm companies today, what questions should they be asking as they research different companies?

Sue: One of my long time mentors of over ten years, Rod Nichols, just wrote a book called ‘The Twelve Power Secrets For Network Marketing Success’ and list these criteria for selecting a company:

At minimum you want to find a company that displays the following characteristics:

• Has been in network marketing for at least two years, preferably 5 years or more
• Has a management team that is experienced in network marketing, is assertive, and yet fiscally conservative
• Markets a product or service that is in high demand and is either unique or priced lower than equivalent products in the market
• Has no long-term debt and is financially strong
• Offers excellent training and marketing materials
• Supplies network communication systems such as voice mail, e-mail, web pages, conference calls, etc.
• Offers a program where both distributors and customers buy directly from the company
• Has a compensation plan that is both fair for the average part-time distributor and lucrative enough for the full-time heavy hitter
• Is involved in or has plans for international growth
• Has a company web page and offers e-commerce associate pages either free or at a reasonable price compared to the market
• Operates at a high level of integrity in all areas

If your company or the company you are considering has all of these characteristics, you have probably joined or found a reputable organization that will be around for many years and contribute to your success as a network marketer.

A couple of other things to consider if you’re looking at a company you’ve found online:

Check to make sure there’s a real physical address for the company and call the company phone number to see who answers and ask questions, check out their customer service, etc.

Order some products first to see if you like and would use and recommend them to others.

Find out what sort of marketing tools they have such as conference calls, training, brochures, catalogs, websites, etc.

If you are speaking with someone who is not very experienced request a 3/way with their upline to check out their team and who you would be partnered with. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve had people email me and say I signed up with someone who has no clue what to do, can you help me!!

5. Who have been your mentors over the years and why?

Sue: There are so many of them. In Network Marketing - Rod Nichols has been a mentor for over 10 years, he’s not only been a business partner he’s also a good friend, Jim Rohn, Mark Gorman, Mark Yarnell, Dani Johnson, Brian Tracy, T.Harv Eker, Robert Kiyosaki, Donald Trump for business.

I’m now studying about real estate investment from Robert and Kim Kiyosaki because this is where I’m at in my educational process of learning and growing. I want to make sure that I invest my Network Marketing income wisely and learn how to improve my financial IQ. I just attended a seminar up in Dallas a few weekends ago for the launch of the Success Magazine. What I’m learning is absolutely fascinating. I’m particular interested in what Kim Kiyosaki is teaching women about financial independence which started with her book ‘Rich Woman’.

Because she had the same why I had for starting my own business. I did not want anyone telling me what to do.

6. Was there one defining moment for you in your Network Marketing career?

Sue: Yes when I finally realized that I had done it! I also depended totally on my husband back then in 1996 for everything. I had no income of my own, was totally dependent on him for everything. I had no degrees, no corporate back ground, no credibility or contacts, not much experience and no confidence. I’ve built a credible career in Network Marketing in the last eleven years and an income that will sustain me now if God forbid something were to happen to him. He’s very proud of me. I would like to see all women achieve this financial independence and I’m on a mission to help Kim spread the word.

7. What about the phrases: "This is not a get rich quick scheme." and “Is this a pyramid scheme?" Can you talk about why these phrases have been closely associated with Network Marketing and how you address them when you are speaking with a prospect looking at partnering with you?

Sue: Well to tell you the truth I do not hear these phrases very much any more and it’s probably because I just do not think anything about it anymore. I have total belief in this industry and in myself and I believe that comes across to people who I’m speaking with. It just doesn’t come up. If it does I would say this:

Do you work? And they say yes….Do you have a boss? And they say yeah…. does your boss make more than YOU do…usually the answer is YES…..do they have a boss? And they say yeah….do you think their boss makes more then them? Well of course….do they have a boss? Yeah I bet that boss makes even more huh?….that’s a PYRAMID…. in fact, our entire government system is a pyramid and that pretty much covers it. People who use this word are usually saying it because it’s sort of a knee jerk reaction. They just are not educated on our industry.

Now days though many more people are looking at this industry so they are either going to join you in your company or they are going to join someone else in their company! So it’s always important to note to let your friends and family at least now what you are doing and that you support Network Marketing 100%!

-Network Marketing is well over 50 years old and is legal in all 50 states and 125 countries…
-The Network Marketing industry does about $100 billion in retail sales annually
-There are approximately 50 million distributors worldwide (14 million in the US)
-An estimated 50,000 people join Network Marketing companies weekly
-Business Start –Ups Magazine (a division of Entrepreneur Magazine) rated Network Marketing as one of its 100 Best Businesses to start.
-In a recent comparison publicly traded network marketing companies outperformed both the Dow and S&P 500 by nearly 80%!
-In an issue of Entrepreneur Magazine they wrote ‘Literally thousands of people are realizing annual incomes in excel of $100,000.”

I happen to be one of those people!

As far as the get rich quick scheme goes….there’s a lot of those out there and the reason people fall for them is because they are DESPERATE, period. Everyone wants to make a million dollars; they just don’t want to do a million dollars worth of work.

This business takes work. In fact, being in business for yourself is actually more work and harder than anything you will ever do. It’s also worth it because within 5 years you can have the freedom to live where you want, how you want and work with whom ever you want.

Keep on working for someone else and in five years you are still working for someone else! In fact, most people work for someone else for 25, 30 years or longer and then end up broke and broken down! Beaten to the ground and never saw their kids growing up! How sad is that? Parents are working longer hours and spending less time together with their children, husbands and wives spending less time together and is likely a huge factor in the high increase in divorces, teen pregnancies, teen alcoholism/drug usage and runaways.

Jim Rohn always says “I’m working full-time on my JOB while working part-time on my fortune!”

8. What professional rewards have you achieved in your Network Marketing career?

Sue: The biggest reward that I’ve achieved is the fact that I’ve built a credible career and one that my family and I are very proud of. Throughout the years I’ve made connections with people in all walks of life, ceo’s, business owners, corporate professionals, network marketers, moms, dads, truck drivers, school teachers, doctors, attorneys, cpas, and I’ve partnered with many of them.

I’ve also had the pleasure of helping a lot of people to grow in this industry and that’s really rewarding to give back and see people becoming they best they can be.

That’s not really called work to me! It’s something I’ve always loved! Helping people!

9. What about this idea of "leadership" and "the law of attraction”? Can you tell us in your own words how these two concepts are applicable to direct sale/Network Marketing?

Sue: It’s really important and actually crucial for people to understand the importance of becoming a leader. When you grow yourself and become a leader you will get paid as a leader. It’s really that simple. Doing it is the tough part and doing it long enough to see the fruits of your labor is what takes courage and patience!

Most people get into Network Marketing and just want money now. They don’t understand why do I have to read all this stuff and listen to these cd’s go to seminars? Where’s the money? They have a really tough time with delayed gratification.

Becoming a leader is all about getting through the rejection and that’s the part that’s the toughest I think. A lot of people will quit with the first no they hear. They tuck their tail and run back to their same ole life and just settle.

I was never going to do that. The alternative for me was either working for someone else or not working and making any income of my own and having to depend on my husband for the rest of my life and there was no way I was gonna do that. So I got through the rejection! And it got easier and easier and easier!

Mainly because I was a student of this industry and stuck to my mentors like glue and listened to every conference call, went to company conventions, read every book I could get my hands on and every CD and some of them over and over again.

I remember one time after listening to a team call for about two years every Thursday night at the same time and heard the same stories and info over and over about a million times the leader did not show up for the call.

Everyone said Sue why don’t you do the call? I remember this like it was yesterday! I was petrified! Guess what?

I stepped up the plate and did that call and it poured out of me like a funnel! Because I had heard it so many times before! I’ve been doing them since. My next step was going on stage in the year 2000 in front of over 4000 people.

Again I was terrified! Once I conquered that fear though I thought wow another milestone met! Now I speak all the time in front of groups of people. Do I still get nervous? Yes of course I still do and I absolutely love it! Because every time is a growing experience.

Does this mean every Network Marketer has to speak in public? Absolutely not! It was a way for me though to get out of my comfort zone and conquer my fears and grow into a better person! It's the person you become that counts.

When you really do start to understand this and DO IT you will be amazed at how your income will start to climb. When you help others that you bring into your business understand this your income will continue to grow. People will automatically start to become attracted to you because they want to be mentored by you! It all takes TIME! Any business does.

The beauty of our industry is that we have the opportunity to really develop into a better person. Even if we didn't get paid a dime the self-development educational process alone will lead a person to a better income any where they go and that's the real truth.

This is what Kiyosaki says. He says in the traditional business world if you don’t cut it in 6 months you are FIRED!

In network – marketing you can take years to develop and in 3 to 5 years you can obtain total freedom to have the choices to live your own life. 3 to 5 years is nothing compared to working for 40 years for someone else! That goes by with the blink of an eye when you are working ON yourself and ON developing your business consistently!

When you are working on the self-development and listening to all the cd’s and going to the seminars you are getting POSITIVE reinforcement to GET YOU GOING and KEEP you going!

The more you improve yourself the more you want to continue to improve and as you do your income continues to increase! It’s also not about just having more money because having more money doesn’t always solve our problems does it? It’s about how to keep your money and know how to invest it and make it work for you. This is also what I’m learning from the Kiyosaki’s.

There are people who win the lottery only to end up broke again within a few years because they had no clue how to manage their money and went out and splurged it all on junk.

A lot of Network Marketers do the same thing. They never really learned how to invest it so this is another key area to understand and one that I’m on a mission to learn and teach more on.

When you really do GET THIS and you decide never to give up, you will eventually achieve total FREEDOM.

10.What is this concept of leverage we all keep hearing about in building a network-marketing business?

Sue: Well to tell you the truth this is really the most valuable asset to building a business like network-marketing. Leveraging other people's time and money is where you begin to leverage yourself in any business. Robert Kiyosaki and Donald Trump both speak about this in their books.

In a network-marketing business we have the perfect way to do this by building teams where our long term focus is passive residual income. This is income you earn for doing some one time and it continues to grow even when you are not working.

For instance this past year, I was in a transition moving my son up to Austin to play level 1 tennis up at a well known tennis academy and then became seriously ill for about five months.

For about half of 2007 I was really not able to work much yet my income continued to increase as my organization grew without me doing a lot of personal sponsoring.

If I had been in a traditional job or corporate position I would have been FIRED as the Donald would say!

If I was a self-employed person such as a CPA, doctor, lawyer, personal coach, small business owner that depends on seeing clients to get paid, I would have most likely lost all my clients and my business and thus my income would have dried up. This is why I always recommend a person in this case start a part-time 'B' Network Marketing business on the side for leveraged passive income (call it for a rainey day ).

If I was only retailing products I would have been broke.

Because I had built a 'B' business as Kiyosaki calls the right side of the quadrant, my income kept growing from what I had done previously. That's called leveraged passive residual income and that's what Network Marketing offers and it's why Robert Kiyosaki recommends Network Marketing as a perfect 'B' business.

11. Sue, you have been a part of direct sale/Network Marketing industry for over 15 years.) In hindsight, if there was one thing you could go back and do all over again - based on your years of experience - what would you do differently?

Sue: Actually, I would listen to my husband more! He has said more than once, I told you so! I'm pretty stubborn. He is my advisor and my friend and my partner in life (for 32 years) and one day soon he will be my partner in this business full time helping me make the right business decisions! This is a huge why and has been for quite some time.

I’ve done really well in developing myself and making connections and in developing a full time income and along the way have made some business mistakes and that’s what I’m focusing on now by studying with the Kiyosaki’s.

12. For the listeners out there, what would you encourage them to do if they are interested in getting more information about Network Marketing?

Sue: I would encourage them to visit my website if they are new to looking at this industry and I’d be happy to consult with them about it and find out more about them and what they are interested in and consult with them on what direction to go in and if I feel they would be right for this business.

It’s really not for everyone. Anyone can do this -

However, not everyone will do what it takes to become an entrepreneur. They may be coming from an employee background and that’s all they know how to do. They have had someone telling them what to do, when to do it and how high to jump for all their life.

If they decide not to continue living that life and are willing to step out of their comfort zone and become someone better and stronger and want a better life it all starts with DESIRE, knowing what you want and WHY you want it and then learning while taking ACTION to get it done.

If they are this sort of person get in touch with me right away because with the downturn in our economy this is the perfect timing to start on their path to freedom with a 'B' business in Network Marketing.

Sooner or later someone is going to approach them about Network Marketing. Why not start now rather than later?

Sue is an entrepreneur, Online Marketing Coach and a 6 figure income earner in the Network Marketing industry who has been creating an income from home online since 1996. She encourages self-growth and shows people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term business profits. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts' and is a rich woman coach. To find out more visit: http://www.eCommerceHomeBiz.com

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Monday - Friday Daily Business Overview Call Started For Candle Home Business

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Sue Seward
Director - Scent-Sations, Inc.

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Freedom In MLM – What’s The Real Price?

Copyright © 2008 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

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You may have heard of the CD with Robert Kiyosaki called ‘The Perfect Business’. My team and I have decided to use this when we are out and about networking in our local areas and in our networking online.

Here are some of my thoughts on this CD as I have also just listened to it again for about the 20th time. I had not listened to it in a while and just realized it’s only about 15 minutes and yet quite powerful and eye opening.

I truly believe that this 15 minute interview with Kiyosaki has the ability to open some possibilities for many people who are struggling with the idea of starting an MLM business but still have some negative ideas in the back of their mind, myths they’ve either heard or some well meaning friend or family member put in their mind that have stuck and kept them from moving forward.

Make sure you are passing this CD out! Listen to it yourself over and over again until it is ingrained in your mind to help you become more and more strong in your belief of this industry and what it can really do to give you freedom! The kind of freedom that so many are also looking for especially now with our economy in a downturn! This is OUR time! We have what people are looking for!

Kiyosaki has a lot of credibility and he makes perfect sense! I am attending a seminar with him and Jim Rohn in Dallas the end of this month. The brochure says -

‘It’s called the ‘Success Symposium. Big Achievers are meeting in Big D. Will You Be There?’

They are re-launching the all-new SUCCESS magazine

If anyone is interested in attending info is at


And magazine subscription info is at http://www.SuccessMagazine.com

Here’s a message I sent to the owners of our particular company and to our leader’s council after one of our owners received a complaint from someone in the field about selling products, people who quit, and when changes are made that they are not happy with.

Here's my professional opinion after 18 years of growing in the industry.

Sometimes people are thinking too small and are not seeing the BIG picture of what MLM can really do to give them freedom of choice.

It appears they may not be building a residual income and if they keep thinking on a smaller scale they most likely never will build a long term walk away income to experience true freedom. People are always going to quit. That's just the nature of any business. Most people cannot handle delayed gratification.

They put their emphasis on selling a few products here and there and teaching others to do the same without really plugging them into the BIG picture of educating them on creating long term wealth.

What happens is they end up with a self-employed business. When they do not work their income stops. In other words if they do not sell products themselves their income stops.

That's not my idea of building long term financial freedom. Personally I do not do a lot of retailing but it’s been my choice. I do however have many in an organization of 4,000 who do because they have that choice and make that decision.

I love the fact that we have a RETAILABLE product. That's a real plus and not something I've really had in my 18 years in this industry. Most of the products have been very costly wholesale and there's not much room for profit markup so we have been forced to sponsor to earn income.

It's great for people to also be able to put cash in their pocket immediately while teaching them HOW to generate long term financial walk away income which is what takes a bit longer if someone does not already have large networks to tap into.

It's also very important to have a product that can be retailed because that's what makes it a legitimate Network Marketing business.

If there's no product and all you are doing is signing people into some sort of scheme it's not likely legal. I'm not an attorney though so make sure you check with someone who is before you sign up for something questionable.

My job is to teach people how to network effectively and finding people with large networks while they are developing their own networks!

Our MLM business is our retirement because we know that the government is NOT going to take care of us, our 401K is NOT going to take care of us and the ECONOMY is certainly NOT going to take care of us!

What I've put into my MLM business for the last eleven years however will take care of us for the rest of our lives and I plan to continue to build it to millionaire status and because of WHAT I have learned and because of the personal growth AND the networks I've built in the last eleven years online it has no doubt the ability to continue to do this for us.

I didn't do that with a $50 fast start bonus mentality or by selling a few products here and there. I do however have thousands of distributors selling lot’s of products because I brought in a few networkers who brought in others, who brought in others, and so on. And we are bringing in more networkers to continue this cycle.

Some have dropped out along the way and that's called attrition. It's a lot lower though than other companies that I've built in another industry! We just bring in more networkers.

Myself and my team are looking for professionals who see the BIG picture and we are willing to stay and work it as long as it takes to build our company very BIG. We'll be the ones to REAP the benefits not the losers who whine, complain and quit! Robert Kiyosaki calls them wimps.

Most people get into MLM and really don't even understand the concept of educating themselves, becoming stronger and learning the process of how to make money work for them! They do not have the long term gratification that it takes to stick it out and that's why they give up and quit and settle for letting someone else CONTROL their lives!

It's about learning and growing and getting stronger not weaker and allowing people to bully you. Becoming mentally tough by getting educated on what it takes to GROW a REAL business so that people do not push you around. The more security you need the less freedom you'll have.

I never wanted anyone telling me what to do and that's why I gravitated towards MLM in the first place 18 years ago. Robert Kiyosaki had the same why for being in business for himself.

The people who are complaining probably do not quite understand the part of becoming a stronger, better more FOCUSED business person...which takes the process of learning, growing, listening to CD's, reading books, going to events and building networks AND finding people who have LARGE networks!

The stronger leader you become the more people will follow you and your income and theirs will grow. That's really it in a nutshell.

Jim Rohn says, "Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become".

The rich build networks and the rest look for work. When you are ONLY selling products and not building a network at the same time you are doing all the work yourself and when you stop selling products your income stops. It's that simple.

It’s great to have the best of both worlds - short term immediate cash while building your network for long term residual freedom! I am living proof that it’s well worth the price!

Create Massive Success!

Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, top income earner with her company, who has been working from home online since 1996. She encourages millionaire mind thinking and shows people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term business profits. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit http://www.eCommerceHomeBiz.com

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Ask NOT What Network Marketing Can Do For YOU Ask What YOU Can Do For Network Marketing!

Copyright © 2001 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved. Revised 2008
(Copy this article using the attached bio)

We've all heard that Network Marketing is about building relationships! It really is more about other people and helping them get what they want. When you stop seeing it as a cash machine and instead start to think more about how to serve other people something remarkable begins to happen.

People begin to seek you out. In other words, taking a servants attitude. Think about what you can do to help other people. Believe it or not this is also a smart way to really find out if someone is right for your business.

You may have heard Zig Ziglars famous saying, “You can have anything you want if you help enough people get what they want!” This is our motto in Network Marketing!

Does it feel like sometimes all you do is give, give, give and it seems that nothing is coming back? I can relate and want to assure you that with patience, persistence, consistent efforts and genuine caring for people all of a sudden you'll start seeing more people starting to contact you. You'll begin to form relationships with them which eventually become a very solid foundation in which you can begin to build your fortune on at the same time helping them to build theirs!

Building strong relationships is also possible to do by meeting and connecting with people you meet through the Internet. I know because I've done it very effectively in the last eleven years building a solid career in Network Marketing online.

What I've seen and heard many people do is sign up a lot of people in their programs online and then never really have any other form of contact with them after this initial sign up process. There’s no real long term relationship built.

What that means is no one ever speaks with them on the phone or meets them in person. I have been able to form relationships online because of constant contact via email, the phone and have even met people in my Network Marketing business at events around the country. This really helps people get to know you when they meet you in person. Strong bonds can be formed and lasting friendships made. It solidifies the relationship and that can create a business to last a lifetime.

Networking can be a lot of fun when the genuine purpose is to get to know people.
When meeting people on the Internet or off the Internet, find out what they are interested in before you go babbling on about your company, products, and business opportunity.

After all, some people believe it or not, may not be interested in your fabulous company or your great products until you show them that you genuinely care about them and find out if they are in the looking zone. They might be in the middle of a huge crisis in their life and the timing just may not be right for them.

I'm not talking about getting into the Mother Teresa syndrome or turning your business into a welfare line. I’m talking about being compassionate.

You can do this by listening very intently to find out where a person is in their life and then see how you can serve them. Sometimes they could be having so many personal problems that you just have to move away from them. So listen carefully and then determine if they are ready to help themselves first.

No matter what a person’s situation though they still may not be interested in what you're doing and that's perfectly ok, it's nothing personal! The important thing is to be rspectful of their decision and where they are in their life at this moment and to realize they are just not in the looking zone right now.

Rmember that timing is everything! Just stay focused on them, find out what they want and stay in touch periodically to see how they are doing and how things have changed in their lives.

Also keep in mind that owning a business will not be for everyone. Not everyone will have the determination it takes to be an entrepreneur so try not to beat yourself up to much if someone isn’t as entrepreneurial as you or have a desire to change and move in the same direction.

If someone gives any indication that they think they will get rich very quickly or that you are going to do all the work for them then they just may not be cut out for the hard work and dedication that owning a business demands on your time. Most people do start out part time so it's important to find what what sort of time limits they have for building their business.

Focus on finding the right people who are positive and stay clear of the whiners and complainers. Spend your time and energy on the positive ones and make sure they deserve your time. Granma used to say "You would complain if you were hung with a new rope"! My grandma was a very wise woman! You'll want to serve others and at the same time help people to understand that they must earn your valuable time.

So how do you find out if what you're doing is right for someone you meet through the Internet or in your local day to day environment?

By asking plenty of questions! Ask what you can do for THEM and then really listen to see if they are someone who would be a good partner for your business and find out what they plan to do. Asking questions also leads to more questions until you get to know one another a bit better.

Your job as a good sponsor is to be like a detective, sort of like Columbo. You are the bridge that will help to get them where they want to go. Your responsibility as a good sponsor is to always have their best interest at heart. You are the bridge not the wheelchair! They've got to be willing to walk over that bridge with you by their side.

Find out what they do for a living. What are their hobbies? Are they satisfied with their life the way it’s going? What would they like to do? How would they like to change their life? What's important to them? Where do they want to be in the next 5 years?

What have they done so far to move closer to their dreams and goals? Do they have a vision and what is that vision? If they do great, if not help them put their vision down on paper. If they keep doing what they are now will they reach their goals?

Are they coachable? Are they positive about life? Do they have a desire to help others too? Do they want to learn and grow or just stay where they are? Are they willing to do what it takes and stay the course no matter what? How do they feel about being a good sponsor?

Find out if they have experience in Network Marketing and if so find out all about it. Ask them what their thoughts are about the industry. Were they successful in the past and if not find out what they feel was the reason they didn’t move forward and if they were what did they do to reach that level of success. What do they need to move to the next level? How can you help? Are they willing to help you too?

Let them know you’re looking for ambitious, outgoing, friendly, positive people who want to change their life for the better. Does that describe them?

Here are some other questions to ask when making connections and networking with people you meet online and offline:

What attracted them to this opportunity and to Network Marketing? What sort of business are they looking for? Do they have experience in direct sales, network marketing, or have they ever owned a business? Ask them if training and support are important to them Are they a team player?

What is their time table for taking action? Do they have a budget in mind to start their business? How much time are they willing to commit to their business during the week? Are they coachable? How do they see themselves building their network marketing business and why do they want to start their own business.

Sometimes people may not show an interest in your company or products but they may just be interested in YOU when you show a genuine interest in THEM by asking not what Network Marketing can do for YOU but what can YOU do for Network Marketing!

Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, top income earner with her company, who has been working from home online since 1996. She encourages millionaire mind thinking and shows people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term business profits. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit http://www.eCommerceHomeBiz.com