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Testimonials From Our Team Calls

As usual, great job.


Tracy Bohmer
Diamond Distributor
Scent-Sations MiaBella Candles

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Hey Sue,

Just wanted to let you know that I popped onto
your call tonight and was impressed! I love the
way that you feature your leaders and
how you shared the information about leads
in such a gentle but firm fashion.

You are a true “director” (from Charlie) and
I am honored to be on your team. I look forward
to learning even more than I all ready have from you!

Enjoy your night and thanks again!

Wishing you a day filled with joy, peace, fun and success!

Kelly Wissink - Director


It was so much fun to be on the call - you are terrific and have a terrific team!!!!
Thank you so much for including me in your life Sue!!! I truly wish I had more time to spend on it. Winter is my busiest time of year so I'll participate more closer to Spring. I'm looking forward to Vegas!! I'd like to do the mysplashpro leads too - I'll check on that!!

I'm still on the call and listening to the questions.

Did I every send you a check for the cd's?? I just don't remember!!!

I'm exhausted - two very busy days and it doesn't seem to let up until after next Thursday. Taking time off between Xmas and New Years so we should plan to catch up then!

Thanks again!!

Barb Perrella - Diamond Distributor


Here you go Sue

Thanks for the great call!


Dawn Rohlik- Diamond Distributor

Success Tips For Working At Home With The MLM Business Model

Copyright © 2007 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

(***You may copy this article using the attached bio below)

Notice the word ‘work’ in this article's title. That’s right any business takes hard work to develop over time and a home based MLM business is no different.

Just think of yourself as the CEO of a major corporation. Because that’s what you really are with your MLM home business which has the potential to actually pay you like a CEO of any corporation and sometimes even more!

Treating an MLM home business like a REAL business will ultimately create wealth like a REAL business. This is where most people fall through the cracks so to speak because they just do not understand business and what it takes to succeed in one.

Many start an MLM home business with a ‘‘I’ll give it a try’’ attitude and it ends up being a hobby which ultimately pays like a hobby and all that really means is no profits like a business can generate.

Thinking like a CEO of a major corporation will help you to position yourself and condition your mindset to realizing that you are your own boss instead of having an employee ball and chain mindset. You are the one making the decisions for your future and the decisions you make will either give you long term financial freedom in MLM or long term slavery. Which one do you choose?

It’s important for any MLM business person to set up a business plan for their future. Our team uses a written business plan that is sent out to each new partner because this shows that we are in business to make a profit vs having a hobby.

Think about where you’d like to be five years from now. The decisions you make now will affect that outcome. Set your 5 year, one year and one month goals. Write them down. Do not be afraid to dream BIG! Remember a goal is a dream with a deadline! Once you obtain one goal set a new and bigger one.

Make sure you set realistic daily goals you can achieve every single day that will lead up to your longer term goals and do not be afraid to change your goals and stretch to reach bigger ones.

Prioritize your to do list and do the most important things first that are ultimately going to help you reach your long term goals. This usually means prospecting. Anything that has to do with you speaking with people about your MLM home business and products are going to be productive and help you to reach your long term goals.

The most important thing is to avoid procrastination to get where you want to be in five years.

Devote a certain number of hours a week to your MLM home business. This will depend on your lifestyle and other activities that are important such as a full time job, taking care of your family, church activities, sports activities and other important priorities in your life.

Putting a timer on your desk to help stay on track and to finish an important task without being sidetracked could help. The Internet is a great way to get sidetracked!

Places like yahoo groups, online communities, instant messenger are all ways to meet and communicate with people online but they can also be very distracting if a person gets caught up for hours in these areas. Make sure to use them wisely and productively and always keep a business mindset because ultimately the long term goal is to build a business using these resources.

Develop a productive routine that helps you to obtain your short term goals that will lead up to your long term goals. Stay organized and focused with that long term big dream in mind at all times. This is why it’s important to write goals down or put photos up to always keep your mind refreshed on WHY you started an MLM home business in the first place.

Surround yourself with positive likeminded people who have similar goals and constantly be on the lookout for business minded people. Take on a professional attitude and look professional when you go out and are approaching people about your business.

If you are building an online presence make sure you have a personal photo on your website. Having a professional one taken is even better. This is the first thing people see when they visit your MLM website. They are looking for leadership and professionalism and someone who is serious about their business.

Always put a personal photo on your profile in the online communities. This is crucial to your success as a business person! Never use abstract pictures. This will not present you in a professional business manner and people simply will not take you seriously or look to you for business advice.

Make sure that you are saving all of your receipts for tax purposes and find an accountant that understands MLM and home business. There are many excellent tax deduction advantages available to you as a home based business owner and you may be missing out on them because you are not seeking proper tax advice.

This is why it’s so important to have a business plan in place to show you have a serious intent to make a profit. It’s also a great way to stay focused on goals.

Speak with everyone you know and meet about your business and hand out business cards. If you opened a book store or a boutique you would tell everyone you know about it right? Then why not tell people you know about your Network Marketing business?

It just does not make sense not to does it? After all when you are a serious business owner you are constantly thinking of how to move your business forward into a profit. You would be advertising, you would have expenses to run your store, you would be hiring employees and managing them and you would be keeping records for tax purposes.

MLM is really no different than having any other business and there are some significant advantages.

There are no overhead expenses or employees to manage while offering the same tax advantages available to all small business owners today. Just make sure the MLM company you choose does not have inventory requirements or heavy group volume requirements to earn commissions.

If a company requires you to buy a large amount of product up front to start it’s called ‘frontloading’ and this is usually not a positive thing. People many times get caught up with products they are not able to retail so they tend to sit in their garage or cupboards. This is where the term ‘garage qualified’ comes from. It’s why the media often pokes fun at the MLM industry.

Most companies require you to first purchase some type of ‘starter or distributor kit’. This is a one time cost and is usually under a $100.

You will also have monthly expenses for office supplies, postage, advertising and depending on how you market you could have expenses for some type of online marketing system to run your prospects through. Remember to get with your accountant to find out about your tax deductable business expenses.

You should not be required to pay more than $39 to $100 to start an MLM home business with the actual company. This also does not mean that you take your business LESS seriously!

On the contrary, a home business has the same amount of potential or sometimes even more than any other business. It depends on the person starting the business to take it seriously enough for it to create the kind of wealth potential it really has.

When you become a distributor for an MLM, Network Marketing, or Direct Selling company (these are all one in the same) this gives you the right to sell that companies products and services to others. When you are selling products you are in business. When you are sharing you have a hobby so think about that concept.

Again if you owned a store front you would not be sharing products would you?

How long do you think your home business would stay open if all you did was ‘share’ your products with people who came into your store?

Business owners sell products. People who have a hobby share products. It’s that simple.

You will however share the home business concept. This is when selling and convincing is not necessary. When it comes to sharing your business concept all you do is give a person one of the resources recommended below so that they can make the decision for themselves. You are just educating them on your business concept.

If you are still not sold on the validity of starting an MLM business and it’s potential simply go out and pick up a few of Robert Kiyosaki’s books and/or cds.

In fact, he just wrote a new one with Donald Trump called ‘We Want You To Be Rich’ where in chapter 27 they are extremely positive about recommending the MLM business model. Get some of Kiyosaki’s CD’s ‘The Perfect Business’ to hand out to people to educate them on the MLM home business model. Let these expert professional business owners do the explaining for you.

When someone ask you how you’re doing tell them you are right on track to achieve your goals!

Most traditional businesses do not make a profit for years and in fact, many go out of business within the first two years. So why on earth should you be ashamed when you start your home business and in a few months when you are not stinkin filthy rich, one of your friends ask you if you’re making any money and you become embarrassed to tell them about it.

Just tell the truth. You’re in a real business and any business takes money, time and work! This is not the lottery! It’s a business! Most business minded people you speak with will understand this concept so do not worry if your friends and family do not. Your job is to be the messenger. If they have been misinformed, burned in the past or do not understand the MLM business model, lead them to the resources and then move on. They have to decide if they are interested in becoming a business owner or not. It’s not your job to convince them.

This is another reason to find the right company with a product that has real RETAIL value built in so that you are able to start profiting by putting cash in your pocket immediately as soon as you receive your products!

If you have a product that is not retailable it’s going to be really tough to put immediate cash in your pocket. You’ll be forced to do more sponsoring to find more wholesale buyers to purchase and consume your products and this can take a lot longer for you to start making a profit right away in your business.

Start believing, thinking and acting like a business person. Be professional, put your plan in place, take action everyday to achieve your goals, never give up and you will eventually become successful in your home business. How successful? That really depends on you! Start right now! Your future is waiting!

Sue is an MLM Consultant & Online Coach, top income earner with her company, who has been working from home online since 1996. She encourages millionaire mind thinking and shows people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term business profits. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit

Holiday Planting Season Brings A New Year Harvest!

Holiday Planting Season Brings A New Year Harvest!

Just because people are very busy during the holiday season with shopping, family gatherings, traveling, cooking, baking, cleaning and putting up decorations does not mean they may not have business on their mind.

They are just a bit distracted.

Try not to make the mistake of thinking that this would be a good time for you to shut down your prospecting efforts especially those who are brand new or just starting a business.

Do the opposite of most people and perk up your holiday planting efforts during this season!

Make sure you're still planting lot’s of seeds! Even though it seems like no one is listening or ready to get started with you in your business.

Get the emails out, let those autoresponders do their job and make sure to send out personal emails, Christmas greetings and letters (with your website link and email of course), flyers and business cards.

Because when January rolls around there will be people interested in earning extra income. They may also be looking for a home business so they can benefit from the great tax deductions.

My upline came on board my current company on Christmas Eve and she’s a 6 figure income like myself. So networkers and professionals like us are in the looking zone even during the holidays!

YOU can be there to HELP them!

So make sure you always keep YOUR name in front of lot’s of people every day so that they remember WHO to call when they are in the looking zone!

Trust me! I remember back in 1996 when I started with a company that I was with for many years. I signed up in November during the holidays!

I remember back then though that it seemed like NO one was listening, or reading the emails or interested in anything I was doing and it was getting to be quite frustrating to say the least so I know what it’s like because I’ve been in your shoes!

Everyone was SO busy, preoccupied with the holiday season. I'd hear "get back to me after the holidays!" "Call me after the first of the year." This can be quite frustrating to a new person just starting out.

I can't tell you HOW many times I heard those two statements! In fact, I still do even after all these years!

THEN to top it all off, in 1996 when I started online, I got really sick in December right before Christmas with a double ear infection and was the sickest I've ever been for three weeks.

I just kept emailing and getting in touch with people online as much as possible about my business anyway because I was so determined to get the new business off the ground!

I had to drag myself out of bed to go downstairs to my office and send emails every single day because I was so determined to get my business off the ground!

I had to drag myself out of bed to go downstairs to my office and send my emails every single day because I was so determined to get my business off the ground!

I knew after the holidays would be to late because all those OTHER guys would get the prospects if I didn't keep my name in front of them during this time.

Those people that do not stop sowing their seeds during the holidays will reap the benefits in the upcoming months AND even YEARS!

It paid off because in January I signed up my FIRST distributor with that company back in 1997, in February my second and that started it all because THAT March I started getting regular weekly checks.

Now I have a solid and profitable career that pays me even when I’m down and not feeling well or I’m off having fun on a business trip or we are spending time at our lake house on Lake Travis in Austin.

It’s taken a lot of seed planting and all that seed planting has brought in a great harvest year after year!

The excellent thing about Network Marketing is the eventual long term leverage that develops.

All those seeds planted many years ago are STILL bringing in a bountiful harvest today and will continue to for years from now!

Others that slow down during the holidays will just have to catch up with those who keep on planting!

January, February, March have always been very active recruiting and selling seasons in Network Marketing and NOW is the time to take ACTION by continuing to fill your funnel during the holiday season so you can experience a New Years harvest year after year after year!

Have an unstoppable holiday planting season!

Sue Seward

Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, Director and top income earner with her company Scent-Sations, Inc. who has been working from home online since 1996. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit


Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Online Webinar Team Training!

I just started doing live online webinar coachings with our team to teach them our marketing system so that they are up and running quickly and smoothly with their candle business.

I'm also doing personal coaching with team partners as well.

This is just another benefit team partners receive when they join our experienced team.

Here's a few testimonals on the training I just did recently......

When New Partners Join Our Team This Training Is Available To Them Either By Group Coaching Or Personal Coaching & It Is Recorded!


Thank you Sue for presenting us with a visual training. I can see where this will help new and old members get their business started with all the tools available to us.

You did an excellent job of walking us through the steps to take and to see it actually done makes it more real.

I'm excited about promoting the training to our team...Thank you for everything you do!

Susan Schilling


Sue - this is fabulous!!!! Anyone that wants to can join our team of champions!! You are our leader - thank you so much!



Hi, Sue

Thank you for the great training call. You did such a wonderful job. I really feel like I learned a lot & look forward to utilizing this program in the very near future. You are an Awesome mentor & I feel blessed to be on your Team.

And "thank you" too, for all you do for your Team,



Hi Sue,

I thought the training webinar was a great success as many people like I am better visual learners. I wish we would have been using it when I got started!




What a wonderful tool the Webinar is! I was thinking it would be great to walk your team member through a ton of things on various aspects of our business. There is nothing like a visual presentation!

I'm very excited about starting the splash pro. Also my team member John contacted me this moring for my affiliate number for aweber!

What a jewel of a business we have our hands on. :)

Have a Great Day!
Dawn Rohlik, MN



I just wanted to tell you how helpful the webinar was. I am a visual learner so it was great. I am now looking forward to much more training.

Also, I am so thankful that I found you and this company. You have so much knowledge (MLM and internet) and I just love learning as much as I can. Thank you for being so patient with me. Each day I learn more and am confident that in a short time I will get a good handle on all of this.

Thanks again and have a good evening.



I was very impressed Sue with not only the system but the ease you had explaining everything. Very professional presentation Sue.



Sue, It was an outstanding presentation. I was very impressed with your ease and self confidence. I like that a lot. I am so glad to have finally found a mentor that will help me get to where I want to be in this business. The online visibility was super for someone who is really a visual person. It makes it so much easier
to follow along. Now if my hand could write as fast as the eye can see, I'd be good!

I am trying to get signed up on Aweber with an affiliate link and have forgotten what number I use. I don't use yours do I? I use my own but I am not sure what it is! I have it somewhere but I may have to ask for it again. I have so much information circling around in my head that my brain feels like mush! LOL!

Thanks again for all you are doing to make me a success!



Thursday, June 07, 2007

Its About The Marketing!

When you've been involved in network marketing for as long as I have you think you've "seen it all".

But lately I've become more and more concerned with some of the misinformation, misleading claims and downright LIES that are being told in our industry. (Often by people who should know better...)

Prospects and distributors are being promised everything under the sun to get them to join and build the business. They are told that success will be easy and anyone can do it.

The problem is...

Once these people join and discover that it DOES take a bit of work and skill to build a successful business, most of them feel like they have been lied to and realize that they are not going to just get "something for nothing".

This leaves a bad taste in their mouth about the entire industry and makes the job more difficult for all of us.

This is why I was so excited when I read a brand new report from my friend and well-known mlmer Ann Sieg titled, "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing".

After reading this hard hitting 35 page report, I can guarantee you one thing...

This thing is going to shake up the entire industry! It's even going to make some people angry. Very angry!

Some (those TELLING these lies) will be angry because she is exposing them for what they really are.

Other (those who have been lied to) will be angry when they discover the REAL truth that their uplines have been hiding from them all along.

This is the most honest and insightful report on our industry I've ever read.

And the best part is Ann is giving this report away at no cost. Personally, I think she should be charging for this information... It's just too powerful.

But, because I feel that I owe it to you as my valued reader to protect you from the lies being told every day in this business, I want you to go right now to the website below and grab your copy of "The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing".

After you read it I think you'll agree that the entire world of network marketing is about to change...

Sue Seward

P.S. - You may want to download and read this no- cost report simply to find out if YOU have been telling some of these lies without even knowing it. The answer may shock you!

Go grab your copy right now... (While it's still available.)
The 7 Great Lies Of Network Marketing

I'm not sure how long she is going to be able to "get away with" sharing this controversial information.

How Making Connections Can Make You Profits!

Copyright © 2007 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

(***You may copy this article using the attached bio below)

Making connections is extremely important and here's why as well as some of the ways to become a better connector for profits!

Remember that it’s about the marketing. You can have the best company, product, management team, compensation plan in the whole world but if you do not have a good marketing system to plug people into they will most likely flounder in their business.

Network Marketing is a people business. It's all about people and what they want! If you don't find out what they want by connecting with them it can cause you and them a lot of frustration. You also find out what they want by plugging them into your marketing system. They will tell you if they are interested and would like to form a partnership with you in business.

Have a good marketing system to plug people into will have people coming to you.

First connect with people and find out what their desires are, their whys for wanting to earn some extra money or start a whole new career and then help them with a plan to market their business.

In order to become a better connector it takes networking with lot's of people including people in your own industry that are in other companies. Yes! thats right! Building relationships with other networkers is important because you never know when they may be looking for something and they are most likely going to get in touch with someone they’ve built a solid relationship with.

You never know when your paths will cross and you end up doing business together. So it’s crucial to keep those bridges in tact. If you happen to not connect then you could lose out on a great potential business partnership. Not to mention the valuable friendships created in the process.

How do we make connections with people? I've been doing this for over ten years with people by building relationships through the Internet and phone. I've met many people personally and have spent time with them and their families at company and other industry training events around the country. I appreciate each and every one of them.

It’s important to always keep an open mind. You're a business person so make connections with all sorts of people where ever you go. If you stay closed minded and only connect with people in your own company or industry you could be losing out on some valuable resources to help you grow yourself and your business.

Connect with people by asking questions and keeping things simple. When you ask you automatically get answers and a natural conversation starts to develop. When all you do is tell, tell, tell, you don't get any answers because you're not connecting with someone.

Where do these connections take place? Everywhere you go! When you're out doing errands, shopping, volunteering at the school, jobs, on airplanes, in airports, on vacation, with realtors when you're looking at property, at social functions, at family gatherings, in online marketing forums, company events, training events. Even when someone is reading an article they are connecting with the author.

Does this mean to shove a business and product down someone’s throat! Absolutely not! You are connecting with a person! That means asking about them and genuinely taking an interest in what they are saying and what they are not saying. So it’s about listening and learning! By doing this it’s easy to find out how to actually help a person and determine what direction they may want to focus on.

The mission is to be the messenger. It's not to push, shove, manipulate or force people. The mission is to lead, guide, prompt and suggest. It is the responsibility of each person to give willingly for their own purpose. Sometimes it takes longer with one person than another but it's up to them to decide in which direction they’d like to take the partnership.

Some of the ways to connect is through using technology. The Internet is an excellent way to connect with lot's of different people by using email, online marketing systems, message forums and online communities communities.

Some of the communities where I network and connect with people are,,,,,, ,internetbasedfamilies, and there are many others. Just do a google search! These are not places for advertising, they are a place to connect with like minded people!

When you do use technology though remember to turn the high tech into high touch and that means connecting by being interested in people and finding out what they do, where they live, do they love what they do, what are their hobbies, are they married, do they have children, granchildren, are they happy with how their life is going, are they looking for a change?

Here's something else to consider.

Does someone you have met even want to connect with you and you them? It’s important not to force a connection if someone isn’t interested.

Make connections, build rapport that turns into long term relationships and those relationships can turn out to be an exceptional business connection which means you and THEM making money in Network Marketing!

The phone of course is another personal way to connect. Use it often and use it properly by asking those connecting questions above. There are also some excellent video email programs that are very useful in making a more personal connection with people online.

Making connections with people could end up being the most important thing you not only do for yourself but when you teach others to do this too think of the income possibilities for you and them.

Everyone connecting and actually helping each other find positive solutions. What a concept huh?

It's prosperity for everyone’s lives you are helping to change for the better! Let’s face it, it’s about everyone making money as the end result!

Start on creating a true people connecting mission today that will flourish not only your business but everyone you connect with will prosper too!

Your Partner In Success!

Sue is a wife, mom, career Network Marketer and Internet Marketing Coach who has been earning an income from home online since 1996. She teaches others how to make connections for profit. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit

Sunday, June 03, 2007

The Truth Will Set You Free In MLM!

If you're looking for real nuts and bolts training and
the truth about what it takes to succeed in this
industry and in business this is it.

MLM Divas

There's some other really excellent women
interviews there as well.

Your Partner In Success,

Thursday, May 24, 2007

How to Sponsor People Into Your Business and Build a Team

**If anyone's interested in hearing this recent interview on WomenPower Radio visit

I'm not sure if it's been posted yet but there's some great women networkers in the archives that have been interviewed!

In Network Marketing, the long term “coconut” money is made by recruiting others and coaching them in the process of doing what you do.

Some people shy away from this aspect of the business, and I encourage you to except it! It can be fun, lucrative and quite simple, once you understand the concept and practice always makes for the better!

You can find people who are interested everywhere you go.

The key is to just be YOU. Most of us come into this business not wanting to be a sales person. Then, the next thing you know, we're trying to develop some super dooper script, know the exact verbiage that someone else said. Relax, just be yourself and have normal conversations with people in........

Your Warm Market, when you are out and about, at networking and local events, get referrals, doing advertising, shows, booths and expos, also go to these exopos and network with people that have a booth! Online Message boards, writing articles and online newsletters.

Develop Your Story & Your Hot Button

The first step in effective sponsoring starts with developing your story and then leading with it when you get into conversation with others. Remember, stories sell, and facts and figures just tell. There are people who love facts and figures. Determine if the person you are speaking with has this sort of personality and then give them a tool that will give them all the facts and figures they need.

If you are speaking with a person though who loves to have fun giving them a ton of facts and figures will turn them off! If you're speaking with a very driven person who loves competition and making money the fun aspect may not appeal to them. So it's very crucial to determine what sort of person you are speaking with. You'll learn about THEM when you ask THEM questions! Let them tell you what sort of person they are!

To develop your story, think about what it is that brought you into the business. Was it the products? Was it the time freedom? Was it to pay some bills, get out of debt, keep from putting your kids in daycare, to travel, retire your spouse from their job.

Why did YOU start a business from home?

Whatever the case, your “reason why” is what you will want to develop into your story. When you use your own story, your enthusiasm shines through and people pick up on that.

When you do speak with people and share the opportunity that we have, detach from the outcome. It's NOT about you. Remember we are sifting and sorting. What is right for you may not be right for someone else.

Even if you think this person would be perfect for your business, if the timing is not right, it won’t be a fit for them.

That’s okay; it doesn’t mean it will never be right. This is not rejection and it's best not to take it personal because again it's not about YOU! It's about THEM and what they want and WHEN they want it.

Stay in touch with people and at some point in their life it may be the RIGHT time! So try not to lose touch! This is why it's so crucial for you to at least let people know what you are doing! Because when they are looking they will look YOU up!

When you begin speaking to someone about your product or opportunity, your goal is not to convert them instantly but rather build trust, and establish if a need or want exists. What you’re doing is building a relationship.

People don't always want what they need do they?

Be real and don't worry about sounding perfect and knowing everything there is to know about your business or product. Speak to people like you would talk to them about the great movie you saw last week, or the restaurant you ate in. Practice sounding calm, yet passionate. It's really not important that you know all there is to know about your product, company and industry. There are so many great tools that will do this for you! As you grow and develop with your product and company you will come to know more and more about them. Still it's important not to overwhelm people with TOO MUCH information at once!

Be conversational with people, develop a casual approach and don't be too fake.

“Hey, do you know anyone who is looking to earn some extra income or a blurb about your specific product. I am looking for a few partners to help me expand this product line in your area. It’s a fun, profitable home business. Who do you know that might be interested in evaluating a business plan?”

You are not asking the person directly if he or she might be interested, but rather taking a third party approach. This is a good approach to use when speaking with your warm market (people you know – family, friends, neighbors, business acquaintances.) It also works well when developing contacts any where you go.

What do you say in conversation?

If the person tells you that he or she might be interested, don't immediately launch into your business details. Be relationship based. This is where asking good questions comes in.

How long have you been looking?

What happened some time ago that made you begin your search?

These two key questions will reveal quite a bit if you will listen carefully to what a person is saying.

What do you do now?

Do you like what you do?

What are you looking for specifically?

What other businesses have you looked at? If they've been looking at other MLM companies find out which ones. This will give you an idea of their interest.

Find out what they liked or disliked about those companies.

Have you ever owned your own business or worked from home before?

How much time will you devote to your business?

How much of a financial investment are you willing to make to start your home business, if you were convinced it was the right one? (this one is crucial to know!)

All of these kind's of questions help you make a connection and determine what their "why" is.

Would you like to know more about what I am doing to see if it's a fit for you?

Consider the motivation question. It's important for you to know WHY your prospect is looking? You can come back later when following up with them and remind them about their why! "Sally remember when we last spoke you shared with me that you did not want to put your kids in daycare?" "Tom remember when we spoke last time you shared with me that you really would like to have your wife home with the kids?"

If they indicate an interest in the product, ask "how often do use such and such products?"

What's important to you when choosing this product?

Develop your story and lead with your hot button.

Be honest and never make things up. Don’t make income claims, bogus claims about the product. Share stories that you know to be factual and that you could back up with a phone call if needed. This is so important especially now days with all the claims being made in our industry. This will let them know that you are a professional and also teach them that this is the best policy.

Create curiosity and don't be afraid to drop bits and pieces of information and get your prospect to ask YOU questions. Less can be MUCH more and you won't come across as you trying to SELL them. When they are asking questions they are interested!

Seriously interested people will ask you for more details. Give them information slowly without puking all over them! Sometimes we become so excited about our business we tend to overwhelm people with TOO much information! We also have so many great tools and then we tend to send them puke in a bag!

Develop your story and know it well. How did you find our product and company? The opportunity? What interested you? What sold you? Many of the people you speak with will share your same thoughts and ideas and having a solid story, told with passion can answer many of their questions up front and be reassuring.

Develop your 30 second blurb when asked what you do?

Well, you know how couples today are often forced to both work and have their kids in day care. I’ve developed a business that has solved that issue for me and I coach others on how to get one or both parents out of the corporate world and into a business of their own. Do you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about this business concept?

I market a line of products primarily using the Internet. I also have a great fundraising program that gives groups and organizations a solid product that people actually want and will use with a strong profit margin. Do you know any groups looking to raise some serious funds with something other than over priced candy and wrapping paper?

It's third party, who do you know.

I have a business I run online from home.

Getting Your Products Out There Can Create Business Partners!

As for products, use and expose your product as much as possible.

Use this as an opportunity to discuss your product and remember to answer questions and leave room for more without throwing in a bunch of information that they did not asked for in the first place. In other words don't puke all over them!

Example, a question about your product can sometimes turn into a discussion about the opportunity.

Remember to carry business cards and samples with you and always hand over your business card each time you hand over cash, check or credit card. Ask for their business card or contact information too.

Put business cards in your monthly bills, holiday cards, birthday cards, all of your correspondence.

Practice talking to people as you are out and about just about whatever comes up. Fine tune this and get really good and really comfortable and then you will know how to turn things around toward your products and business when the time presents itself.

Become a great networker, give referrals for other businesses when you can and then watch what comes back to you.

Finding People Online

Messages Boards, Newsletters, Advertising, Building a Presence, using online marketing tools, personal website, autoresponders, group mail, etc. Building relationships with people just like you would offline.

Drive traffic OFFLINE to your online website with business cards, opportunity cards, web decals, magnetic signs, dropping off catalogues, etc.

Networking In Message Forums

Imagine yourself entering a room filled with people. When you join a message forum, watch for the conversation streams. Join conversations you are interested in.

Watch the balance of time; it's easy to become so involved in the online environment that you lose track of your schedule. Contribute and ask questions.

Networking in message forums is a great way to build a presence online. Become a positive promoter of the Network Marketing Industry.

When others ask about you be honest. Use your REAL name. Be prepared to follow up when someone shows an interest in you and your business. Always post a signature line with a link to your website, newsletter, email, etc.

I have made a lot of valuable business connections over the years and have partnered with several professionals in business with this form of online networking communication.

Sue Seward
Home Business Developer &
Internet Marketing Coach

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Struggle Makes Us Stronger & Equips Us To Fly!

Copyright © 2007 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

(***You may copy this article using the attached bio below)

It is said that if we were to help the butterfly remove itself from the cocoon, the butterfly would not be strong enough to survive. It is the struggle that prepares the butterfly to become strong enough to fly.

Without the struggle in the cocoon, it could not survive as a butterfly.

It's the same with us and our MLM business. We must go through some hardship and struggle to become stronger so that we can survive and be able to fly with success!

When something is given to us on a silver platter or someone else does it for us how strong does that make us?

I remember years ago when I first started an online business and it was so tough to even learn how to copy and paste. I had no clue what an email was or about how to use a computer let alone navigate the Internet!

I would email my upline with questions on how to do something and by the time they got back with me which was days or even sometimes a week I had already figured it out and was moving on to the next conquest!

With each conquest I learned more and became stronger.

It was the same with calling people on the phone. At first it was so difficult to pick up the phone and to receive rejection.

This was discouraging and quite a struggle but I never gave up on making those calls because I knew that was a huge part of building a business from home.

The more I called and spoke with people the better I got at it and the stronger I became and ended up a survivor!

If someone had called for me I never would have gotten as strong and as good and would have died in the cacoon.

If someone had built the business for me I never would have developed a career in Network Marketing or the profitable business I now have.

The next time it feels like building your business is a struggle think of the butterfly and it's struggle to get out of the cacoon so it can become stronger to survive and thrive!

Someone believes in you!

Your Partner In Success!

Sue is a wife, mom, career Network Marketer and Internet Marketing Coach who has been earning an income from home online since 1996. She teaches others how to get leverage in their lives. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit

Saturday, March 03, 2007


Copyright © 2007 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

Have you ever worked around someone who seems to always
be a downer? Someone who would complain if they were hung
with a new rope as my granma always said?

Do you realize how important it is in finding positive and upbeat
people for your business partners?

I remember years ago when I was so desperate to find anyone
to sign up as a partner that I would sign up even the negative,
whinney ones. I didn't care as long as they signed up!

Over the years I've learned some good lessons the hard way!

It only takes ONE bad apple to ruin the whole barrel!

It's very true and it is possible to spot them!

Recently I had someone who's on my potential partner list
email me back complaining that the call we were doing with one
of our company owners was not worth their time and that
all these calls are people touting their own success and was a
bunch of garbage and continued on to say that they were
NOT going to be on these calls.

Right away I realized that this particular person had never
even once emailed or called for more information. I explained
why this particular call was being done to help our team
members and the success that we have had with it AND
the success I have had over the last ten years.

I also explained that the reason I've been so successful is because
of being coachable. Well to cut to the chase I let this person know
that I have removed them from my potential partner list and let
them know that it did not hurt my feelings in the least bit to do so
because I get to choose who I work with. In fact, it was a delight
to let this person go which saves us all a lot of grief in the long run!

When you are out and about or speaking with potential business
partners be on the look out for people's negative attitude. Especially
if they complain a lot about the methods you or your upline partners
are using to build the business (afterall we are very successful and
our business is profitable) so we must be doing something right.

Learn to spot signs of a person who is not coachable. That means
they want to reinvent the wheel. They think they know more than
you or your upline team. Maybe they do. If so terrific, they will be
an asset. But if they don't and are just thinking they do then you
could have a potential bad apple on your team.

When you ask someone to look at your website, or listen in on a
business overview conference call or listen to a sizzle call or you
send a packet and they never get around to reviewing the information
then you could have someone who is not coachable.

I'm not talking about people who are extremely busy and take a bit
longer to review your information. I'm talking about people who just
never seem to get around to it.

If all they do is whine and complain about little trival things, your
products, your comp plan, having to be on training calls, conference
calls, go to events, etc. then you know you have someone that
could be a potential bad apple.

I'm not saying they are BAD people! This business just may not
be for them and you want to be able to spot this very quickly.

Sometimes we don't spot the behavior right away that someone
may not be coachable and they get signed up and immediately
want to start doing it their way. Even though they have told
you they have not had any success, made any money with any
company or business they still insist that they know better
than you.

Sometimes they want to turn Network Marketing into a job or
be a self-employed person. They want to open a store front or
an office space. Even though you advise them against it and say
it's been done and not successful they still insist. Now if I
saw one of those I'd be thinking... you mean I have to buy expensive
office or retail space and stay there all day long? This would be
like having a job.

I would rather build a team of people who sell product and build
their teams and then spend time at our lake house or time with
loved ones, kids sports activities, etc! I'm looking for time
FREEDOM & LEVERAGE not another ball and chain!

There is a way to turn some people around to understanding
how important it is to be coachable but if they still insist on
doing it their way just leave them alone and they will come
home wagging their tails behind them! If not it's ok, you tried
and they'll just have to learn the hard way too.

It takes practice! Like going to the grocery store looking for
apples and just grabbing any apple from the top of the pile
instead of taking a little more time and finding the best ones!

Here's something by one of my favorite business mentors
Donald Trump. In fact it was the inspiration for this article!

***In nearly every workplace, there's "one bad apple" - someone
whose negative attitude is so apparent that it's a deterrent to
everyone else in the office. It turns out that the old adage
is true. One bad apple can truly spoil the whole barrel.
A person with a negative attitude ...


Your Partner In Success,


Sue Seward
Home Business Developer &
Internet Marketing Coach
979-248-1020 Home/Office

Monday, February 19, 2007

Moving In Another Direction CHANGE Is GOOD!

From the desk of Sue Seward
February 21, 2006

After building in the nutrition/wellness industry for over ten years and putting all of my time, energy and money into one particular company for the last 2 1/2 years I've decided to go BACK to work with the MLM company that I joined over a YEAR before joining my previous company because....

Things had become very stressful and it wasn't fun anymore and was affecting my health in a negative way and here I was in the wellness industry for over ten years! Not only this but my recent blood work came back very negative which was another deciding factor in my recent decision.

I have also been earning four times as much with my other company, and that's for doing something three years ago. They did not penalize me for working another business or for sponsoring one of the top sponsoring distributors with their company.

They have continued to pay me down all six levels for three years even though I have not been working the business because I was in another company building. They have not ever taken my income away. They actually believe that I've earned it.

So I made a business decision in November 2006 to begin focusing on this company again exclusively and I'm happier than I've been in a very long long time.

It's also not a nutrition company. Yes they say the wellness industry is the next trillion dollar industry but there are trillions of nutrition companies in it. In our industry we have 6 major competitors.

It had become extremely draining convincing people to take high quality nutritional products or to drink an expensive juice product and none of them have been retailable so it has turned into a wholesale buying club.

We will remain wholesale buyers and consumers of the products only.

We have a product now that has a high wholesale to retail profit and no convincing people to buy them, just let them sniff, buy, and enjoy. No more worries about health claims and everyone loves the product because they buy them all the time anyway.

Our attrition rate is also very low. In three years I have not seen the drop out rate like I have in my other company. People are NOT forced to buy product. We buy products because we WANT to and because we can actually make decent money retailing them.

It's a no brainer and work is actually fun again!

It's proven to be the smart choice and an excellent change.

If you've read the little book 'Who Moved My Cheese' this is exactly what I've done instead of staying where I was being miserable and losing out on all the happiness (cheese) that was right under my nose I decided to move forward in another direction, grab the cheese and help as many others as I can who deserve to have their cheese too!

I do not regret anything that has happened because well, it's business and not personal. I do however believe that everything happens for a reason. If not for the other company I would not have met some of my closest and dearest friends and friendships are something I cherish for a lifetime! So I'm very grateful for all the experiences I've had and the chance to grow and learn more about the industry and how it works.

I will always be a huge advocate for our industry. I love it and the people I've made connections with over the years.

Network Marketing is the Ultimate Lifestyle!

I have built a solid and profitable career in Network Marketing so I feel qualified to give home business advice and share my thoughts on this important issue.

Here are the characteristics I determined must be in place for a business I pursued to be successful...

1. Product with strong market appeal...others would actually want the
product without needing to be convinced.

2. Product had to have a wholesale price that was low enough to
allow a retail mark-up where distributors could put cash in their
pockets right away.

3. This would allow distributors to make money without being
forced to recruit.

4. This would also provide a way for distributors to develop a
budget for advertising that came from the business itself...actually
retailing the product. So, no extra money needed to come out of the
family budget to fund the business.

5. Had to have a low, monthly auto-ship cost, and the ability to
recoup that monthly investment through retail.

I have found all of these characteristics in the company I joined over three years ago. It's been right under my nose this whole time and paying me over and over every month for something I did three years ago.

Not much else I can say except that I'm truly


Here's the call I do with Charlie Umphred for our team every
Thursday to bring their guest to. He goes into why they started
the company, about the products, the company story, etc. (34 min)

To Your Success,

Sue Seward
Home Business Developer &
Internet Marketing Coach


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Internet Mom Builds A Profitable Business

All Over The World From The Comforts Of Home With TWO Way Communication!

Copyright © 2005 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

Who said the Internet's dead? The Internet can actually be extremely helpful in building your Network Marketing business.

Keep reading for some important concepts if you'd like to build your business using the Internet.

Make sure to use the Internet as an effective communication tool.

You want to become successful building online right?

Here's the MOST important thing this Internet Mom has done to build a profitable business online.

Using TWO way communication!

The Internet is one of the most powerful communication tools to help us save time and reach more people from around the world!

Make sure you're not being mixed up with the millions of bulk email ads promising overnight riches!

This is all ONE way communication!!

You know all the worthless spam that's filling up millions of email boxes and causing more and more people to use those filter blocking high tech devices that are affecting even those of us who are offering REAL legitimate help to people who actually ARE looking for what we have to offer!

Geezzzz.....why can't people just get REAL?

It's no wonder we hear people crying.."it's getting tougher and tougher to make money on the Internet"!

This only happens when people try to building a business online without building relationships of any kind. What's worse is most of them don't even care to build relationships because they're only interested in getting what they want!

There's no TWO way communication going on!

People think an Internet business can be started by putting up a website or by sending out these long drawn out boring emails to people, even the people they've met online and think everyone's going to just jump for joy to get into their great opportunity.

This Internet Mom doesn't hide behind a screen all day sending out emails to millions of people that most likely won't even open them, and she doesn't put her Internet business on auto pilot without using the human touch!

Anyone still using bulk email to spam people into oblivion might as well just give it up right now because that's not how it works any more!

With all the new spam filters today, most of these emails won't even make it through to a real person. Not to mention how much spam email gets deleted when it does get through.

Anyone using his method to build online will find out just how cold the Internet can be when they get shut down by their ISP because of all the spam complaints!

Use caution when buying leads online too because a lot of times people don't remember signing up for something and when they receive information some of them will scream spam!

Make sure when purchasing leads that they come with all the documented proof ie: ISP address, date and time stamp. Here's what to look for,Name of person,2004-12-28

So how has this Internet Mom built a profitable thriving business with thousands of distributors from all over the world from the comforts of her home using the Internet and telephone.

Simply by building a successful long term network marketing business using the Internet as an effective communication tool to build relationships with a few key 'people' that were met online!

It's called TWO Way Communication.

What tools are used?

Autoresponders are used to help automate information while I'm sleeping, proven leads are purchased (be very careful of this and make sure you have the above information on all of the leads you buy online and only buy leads that have been tested by someone you know and trust), people are directed to websites and email

marketing is used effectively with drip campaigns. Online communities and discussion groups have also been very effective when used properly.

Building a strong foundation by really getting to know people and what makes them tick and allowing them to get to know us!

People like doing business with people they know, like and trust. Don't you?

Do business with people that you meet on the Internet by simply developing relationships with them! It's simple but remember getting to actually know people and developing a relationship takes some time!

Another very important key is to NEVER GIVE UP!

So how is all this done effectively?

By turning high tech automation with the Internet into high touch relationships. TWO way communication which builds a thriving profitable Network Marketing business.

Be different from all those generic web sites that are pushing products in people's faces and telling them how much they NEED these products and services. Has there been any TWO way communication asking them what they need?

Give people something much more than just another web site loaded with facts and figures, search engines, and links to everywhere and everything in the whole wide world.

Take someone to a place where they feel comfortable. Where they see you are for real, and not only YOU but an entire TEAM of people then you and they just might start to experience the real beginnings of building a solid foundation for the future.

So how on earth can you do this just like an Internet mom does?

By being different from all the rest. One solution is to create a sense of identity by branding yourself.

A personal web page is a great way to do this!

Tell people about yourself, your family, your team, your goals, why you do what you do and how you're going to help them!

There are website templates available now that are very affordable and user friendly so you do not have to hire a web designer and pay thousands of dollars for a fancy website presence. Keep it simple, personable and professional so that people can duplicate you!

Put your blog on your site, photos of you and your family, your business team, your company convention photos, your products, your dog, whatever you like to show people that you're real! A blog is a great way to do this. A blog is sort of like writing a diary or think of it as your memoirs! A blog is a great way to brand yourself and start building relationships online because it's a way for people to get to know you and start the communication process because they can post back to your blog.

TWO way communication!

People decide whether or not to read your blog. It's not spam sent to them that they didn't asked for. It's their choice to read it or not and it's also their choice to respond or not.

The goal with a personal website is to create a place where people will get to know you a bit better and determine if they'd like to know you even more and most importantly partner with you.

You can use your personal website to show people what your values are, what's important to you and use it as an ice breaker to building a relationship with your future business partners.

Most people already have websites provided by their companies.

These websites are usually very high quality, professionally maintained websites, filled with all the necessary information anyone could ever want to know about a business opportunity, products, services, etc. ONE way


These websites are ONLY to send out after you've started your rapport and relationship building with people. AFTER you find out if they are even interested in what your opportunity and ready for TWO way communication!

Company websites are used for informational purposes to sell the company and products, not to help people get to know YOU! They don't sell you, YOU sell you!

Think of ALL the websites you see all day long and all of the emails you receive? Do you get to know these people from these websites and/or emails? Do you see a REAL picture of the person on there or some model photo? Do any of these people ask, "how can I help you"? ONE way communication!

What if you see a personal website and it tells you a little about them as a person, you see their face, and how they are all working together as a team and how much fun they are all having together and of course all the important training content that's important too?

What if you started receiving emails from people that are really interested in YOU and how you and your family are doing and asking how can they help YOU? How about personal emails? Who sends those anymore? This Internet Mom does. TWO way communication!

Always get the people's permission FIRST! Get invited into their lives! The best way to get invited into THEIR lives is to show them YOURS! TWO way communication!

Remember it's important FIRST to find out where a person is in their life, find out about THEM first and if they are interested in getting to know you and reviewing your information. Developing relationship means picking up the telephone and actually speaking with a person. This is where the real high touch starts happening. TWO way communication.

Picking up the phone and calling to introduce yourself is extremely important and one of the key reasons why the Internet Mom has been so successful in building a very profitable business online!

Here's a couple of true stories that have developed through TWO way communication and turned into a true long term passive residual income ie: LEVERAGE

In October of 2003 I sent something out to my newsletter readers about a new company I had just joined. Some of my readers had been reading my newsletter for over five years. Well this particular company information hit the hot button of five readers. One of them was an Internet Marketing student from a newsletter she received for years.

From that one mailing the sales force with that company has grown to thousands of people and it continues to grow monthly and provides a very nice passive residual income every single month. In fact, this company had a convention recently and many people from that sales force were there and I wasn't even present! Now that's leverage!

A lady from all the way across the world in Australia emailed from an online community about the business and I picked up the telephone and called her in Australia, started the relationship and now I have hundreds of people in my organization from Australia!

All from one relationship online!

If an Internet Mom can develop true LEVERAGE through TWO way communication online so can anyone!

A profitable business bringing in thousands of dollars a month can be built with thousands of distributors from all over the world and it can all be done by developing a few key relationships online all from the comforts of home. After all that's why we call it a HOME Business right?

There are so many people out there searching the Internet for REAL opportunities, real people, a real team, a real business with a strong foundation. They are searching for you and want to communicate with YOU!

Go out and start some TWO way communication and watch your business grow all over the world!

Sue has been earning an income from home online since 1996. She is a Home Business Developer,

Internet Marketing Coach and published author. She is also coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101

Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'.

Monday, January 15, 2007

One of my favorite quotes is from Jim Rohn who says.....

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan. And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.-

Everyone has their own personal dreams and if it's a nice car or home or second home etc. then I'm happy for them and want to see them achieve their dream. I'm not one to judge anyone's dreams or their character based on what they desire in life.

For me personally I did have a dream of owning a home at our favorite lake in Austin on lake travis. I have had this dream for many years and it has come true. I don't think that makes me someone that people would not want to work with. It's a very wonderful place for us and we love it there. Everytime I think of our place there I get that FEEL GOOD FEELING!

I'm also very proud of the fact that I was able to buy that house with my own money!

It's taken me years and years to develop and grow into the person I've become and I came from nothing. I had no job, no experience, no corporate background, no degrees, no contacts or credibility and no confidence when I started my business in 1996. I depended totatally on my husband financially and emotionally ten years ago. I was then and still am to this day a stay at home mom. Only now I make my own income because I have my own life and when you own your own business you own your own life!

I dove in and made plenty of mistakes for the record books. Lot's of dissapointments and frustrations and it has not been easy even though I sometimes I wished I had an easy button I'm glad I didn't have one!

Because going through all the refining fire made me a better person and a successful person that most importantly will become even more successful within the next few years. Even radically wealthy as one of my mentors and industry friends Mark Yarnell says!

Some people say ten years wow! It took you THAT long? Well what the heck else would I be
doing? Working for someone else and building THEIR dreams?

I've met so many people over the years with all sorts of dreams. There's nothing wrong with wanting a nice vehicle to drive. In fact, I'll just put it out there. I want to drive a BMW. I know the type and the color and I will be driving one. That's just something I desire. I also want to build our dream house at the lake and retire there. Because we love it up there so much.

It would be really sad if someone told me they didn't prefer to work with me because I wanted to drive a nice car and build our dream home. I like nice things and I'm not afraid or ashamed to admit it.

I don't need a mansion but if I DID desire one I would eventually get one. Because I believe!

I have always had belief. Belief in God, in myself, in the industry and in other people!

So yes I think it's ok to ask a person what their dreams are and then to respect their dreams because they are private to them and I will do whatever I can to help them achieve their most precious dreams!

Sue Seward

Where Did I Put That EASY Button!

Copyright © 2007 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved.

(***You may copy this article using the attached bio below)
You've probably seen that Staples commercial with the EASY button right?

Dang don't you wish you could find yours?

I sure wish I could find mine!

So many people I speak with say Sue I want to be JUST like YOU! I think wow what a compliment and yes anyone can do what I do. Thing is, everyone wants to do it in 30 days or less!!! They want to get rich over night AND do it with an EASY BUTTON!

Sorry to have to put this to you but there just ain't no EASY button in business or in life!

For the last ten years I've developed a solid career in Network Marketing and a profitable business but I had to do it the hard way by WORKING for it! School of hard knocks so to speak.

It would have been great if there had been an EASY button for all those times when I called and called and called people who were not home or answering their phone or calling me back!

for all those times people said NO, and hung up on me!

for all those times I thought how come no one is signing up? I've called about a 100 people? Try calling in the 1000's then cry on my shoulder!

for all those times people said YES I am going to do this and then quit!

for all the thousands of dollars I've spent building my business! Dang, isn't there a big pot of money somewhere under that EASY button that will jump start my business and capitalize it for the next five years?

for all those times people said I'm gonna make you rich and then fell off the face of the earth never to be heard from again! Maybe they found that EASY button somewhere huh?

for all those times when something went wrong with a delivery, or the company messed something up, or my upline didn't call me back or email me back for over three weeks!

for all those times when I was NEW at this and could not figure something out! Pulling my hair out trying to figure how to market online and do the basic stuff and no one was there to help me andthere was NO EASY button so I had to figure it out myself and I DID!

Whew! Thank God I am so determined and persistent that I persevered!

for all those times my son was young and would come crying into my office right in the middle of a conference call or three way! A man hung up on me one time when this happened! How dare him!

for all those times I was trying to balance my business with GOD, my husband and my family and STILL AM! No EASY button here.

for all those times well you get the picture!

Nothing worth having is ever EASY is it?

Especially running a real business and running one from home.

I can remember so many times I felt like throwing in the towel, this isn't easy, it's not working, no ones interested, no ones building, I'm a failure! My business isn't growing! Give me an EASY

But no matter what, I never gave up even though it hasn't been easy!

God doesn't give us an EASY button either! HE wants us to learn and grow and develop and go through hardship. The refining fire they call it! It's how we become stronger and how we accomplish our dreams! ohhh sometimes it's a big ouch!!!

If we had an EASY button to do everything for us what kinda growth would we experience? Would we be able to hold on to success very long if we had not GROWN into our authority and/or leadership position?

If everything was EASY and given to us how EASY could it be taken away?

Think about that as you ponder your goals for the New Year. Decide to GROW and STRENGTHEN yourself instead of just reaching for the EASY buton every time you feel weak.

Ask God for His help. HE wants you to prosper so that you can be a good Samaritan. You cannot be a good Samaritan if you're broke!

Every time you think you want that EASY button think about how much STRONGER you'll be by NOT having one! Think about how many people you'll be able to help by becoming the BEST you can be! The strongeryou become the better Samaritan you'll become!

Decide that you will be successful no matter HOW long it takes! No matter how hard it becomes! "I can do all things through Christ who STRENGTHENS me"! That's the scripture that sustains me when things get tough and trust me I say it alot!

Even though I'm a success and my business is profitable there's still LOT'S of growing left to do! More goals to reach and more to learn and many more people to help!

It's NEVER EASY but it's well worth it!

"Keep on doing good and in proper season we will reap a harvest if we do not give up"! Galatians 6:9 Sue is a home based business developer, Network Marketer, Internet Marketing expert, wife and mom, and has been earning an income from home since 1996. She is also a published author, speaker and Internet Marketing trainer and coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'


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What is this concept called LEVERAGE in a network marketing business and how does a person actually get it?You know, when I started in this profession over 14 years ago, I didn't have much LEVERAGE to speak of. Geez -- I didn't even know what that word meant.

No one talked about LEVERAGE much back then.All we really heard about was all the 'boo coos' of money you could make in MLM. It was really hyped up as a way to get rich really quick and because of this the Network Marketing industry has been called a pyramid scam by some. Ever heard that before?

This skepticism is caused by all the hype. The skeptics don't really understand the industry or that it can be a very lucrative profession when people are taught how to build a Network Marketing business properly! LEVERAGE is the ability to earn a passive residual income off the business building efforts of other people, even while you're not working.

J. Paul Getty, the oil industry billionaire, said, "I'd rather have 1% of 100 people's effort than 100% of my own." Network marketing guerrillas recognize the power of this philosophy and put it to work for themselves.

Experiencing it is the icing on the cake! It's the ultimate sign that all your efforts are being multiplied!To see it happening for other members with your team is even more rewarding.I recently received an exciting email from a woman with my 'sales force' telling me they just purchased a new home - all because of this beautiful concept called LEVERAGE in her MLM business.

Some people spend so much time boasting about how much money they'd like to make in their business. Unfortunately they don't know how to make it happen. They don't take the time to really understand the importance of true LEVERAGE. They don't understand about having to work really hard in the beginning to build something to achieve the leverage that will give them freedom in the long term!

Most of the time it's because no one has actually explained or taught them how to obtain leverage.This is the KEY concept which separates MLM from most other businesses. The fact that network marketing helps you LEVERAGE your most important asset which is your time!Here's an example of what happens when you LEVERAGE yourself.

Imagine going away on a vacation to a beautiful island with crystal clear blue water and white sand, enjoying your family and friends for several days with no phones, no emails, no cell phones, no business activity whatsoever and when you come back...You discover that all these new business partners have joined your business team! Your 'sales force' has been multiplying while you were away relaxing on the beach! Then you receive a check in the mail for their efforts because you put in the effort to build this team! I've even heard someone call it ?coconut money'!

You want some of that right?What's a business team? These are independent business owners all working for themselves only unlike a traditional business you benefit too!Doesn't that sound better than YOU doing all the work YOURSELF? It's the business team you build that makes this powerful force called LEVERAGE possible.

Without a growing business team, you're not only working for yourself, but also all by yourself.

You're doing all the work just like you would be if you were self-employed. Self-employed people have no leverage do they?For anyone who's read Robert Kiyosaki's The Business School For People Who Like Helping People, he talks about the 'E quadrant' (Employee), the 'S quadrant' (Self Employed and Small Business owner), the 'I quadrant' (Investor) and the 'B quadrant' (Business owner).When you're in the 'S quadrant' as a small business owner, you're doing all the work yourself or managing employees. Kiyosaki calls the 'S quadrant,' "The home of the rugged individual, the John Wayne quadrant of business."

We have a friend we visited with while on vacation a few summers ago. As a small business owner, he couldn't visit for very long because he doesn't have anyone to work for him while away. He hardly ever goes on vacation and never quits working for more than a couple of days at a time. If he does he loses money! Unlike those of us in MLM, our friend doesn't have a business team growing while he's away. His business depends on his efforts. He has to manage his employees. He's got no FREEDOM. If you're the typical 'S quadrant' small business owner you don't have the luxury of leaving your business alone.

If you shut the door of your store or you're not there for your service business, what happens? There's no business, no clients, no 'sales force' multiplying, no income because you've got no leverage. No leverage No Freedom!On the other hand, according to Kiyosaki, "Network Marketing is a B quadrant business."

When you put together a 'sales force' of like-minded business owners, all with the same goal of LEVERAGING their business and their lives, something wonderful starts to happen! The business starts to multiply, multiply and multiply some more. This happens without you even being there!

I have a sales force that is literally multiplying on it's own because of the efforts I put in many years ago. There were many people with this sales force that attended a recent company event. I wasn't even present at this event yet still receive a nice check in the mail every single month because of the efforts of these business people!

You can literally make money while you're sleeping! I know I do because I have a sales force multiplying in Australia and while I'm sleeping it's the NEXT DAY downunder! The business starts to take on a force of its own. Everyone knows what to do because the business owner whom you show how to get leverage, in turn shows other business owners how. This skill continues to be passed down to the next business owner and so on and so forth until the business grows bigger and bigger, multiplying endlessly and continuing to give you leverage!

So, the next time you decide to take your family on a much-needed vacation, you can really relax because you'll be LEVERAGING your time. The 'sales force' you put together will keep on multiplying while you're away giving you FREEDOM to spend time with your loved ones.

We've all heard the saying, "Time is Money," right? LEVERAGING your time puts money in your bank account!

The BIG question people ask is, how do I build a business team like this? How do I build a business that pays a passive residual income for something I do one time? The next BIG question is, how long will it take to get this leverage?Well, it certainly won't happen overnight. It could happen much sooner rather than later if you find a mentor or coach that has actually created LEVERAGE already themselves.

That means you must be teachable and willing to follow a system that will eventually multiply your efforts. What that means is letting go of total control and the habit of doing it ALL yourself.
Doing it all by yourself doesn't multiply and create LEVERAGE.

No LEVERAGE No FREEDOM remember?It's important to give your business time to develop, be coachable, motivated, consistent, determined, patient, willing to constantly learn and grow, do not quit and most of all be a team player. Plug into self-development trainings, books and seminars. That's how you'll get this fantastic concept called LEVERAGE both in your business and this will consequently bring FREEDOM into your life.

If you're interested in getting Leverage too Email with your mailing address, phone number and why you would like to GET LEVERAGE in your life!

Sue Seward has leveraged herself by creating passive residual income online from home since 1996. She's an Internet Marketing trainer and is one of the coauthors of the 'Build It Big' book by the Direct Selling Women's Alliance available now in bookstores

How Making Connections Can Build You AND Your Business!

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How important are making connections to your success? It's extremely important and here's why as well as some of the ways you can learn to be a better connector!

First of all this is a people business! It's all about people and what they want! If you don't find out what they want by connecting with them you'll most likely flounder in this business!

Connecting with people and finding out what their desires are, their why, their problems and their purpose and then helping them with solutions to those problems and helping them accomplish their purpose is your real mission!

There's a way to become a better connector and that is to network with lot's of people including people in your own industry that are in other companies. Yes! You read that right! This is very important! Why? Because you never never know when your paths will cross and you end up doing business together! So try not to burn any bridges! If you don't connect then you could lose out on a great potential business partner relationship! This is so crucial! Not to mention the valuable friendships you create.

Now how do we make these connections and how do we connect with people? I've been doing this for almost ten years with people I've connected and built relationships with through the Internet and phone. I've met many of these people personally and have spent time with them and their families. These relationships mean the world to me and I respectfully appreciate each and every one of them!

First of all it's important to always keep an open mind. You're a business person so make connections with all sorts of people where ever you go. If you stay closed minded and only connect with people in your own company or industry you could be losing out on some really valuable resources to help you grow yourself and your business!

Connect with people by asking questions. It's really that simple! When you ask you get answers! When all you do is tell you don't get any answers because you're not connecting with THEM.

Where do these connections take place? Everywhere you go! When you're out doing your errands, your shopping, volunteering at your children's school, at your jobs, on airplanes, in airports, on vacation,with your realtors when you're looking at property, at social functions, at family gatherings, etc.

Does this mean you are shoving your business and products down their throats! NO! You are connecting with THEM! That means asking about them and genuinely taking an interest in what they are saying and what they are not saying!

Your job is to be the messenger. It's not to push, shove, manipulate or force people. Your job is to lead, guide, prompt and suggest. It is the responsibility of each person to give willingly for their own purpose. Sometimes it takes longer with one person than another but it's up to them to decide!

Some of the ways we connect is through using technology. The Internet is an excellent way to connect with lot's of different people by using email, online marketing systems, and message forums and communities.

Some of the communities where I network and connect with people are,,,,, and there are many others. Just do a google search! These are not places for advertising, they are a place to connect with people!

When you do use technology though remember to turn the high tech into high touch and that means connecting by being interested in people and finding out what they do, where they live, do they love what they do, what are their hobbies, are they married, do they have children, granchildren, are theyhappy with how their life is going, are they looking for a change? Here's something else to consider.
Do they want to connect with you and you them?

Make connections, build rapport that turns into long term relationships and someday those relationships could turn out to be an exceptional business connection!

The phone of course is another personal way to connect! Use it often and use it properly by asking those connecting questions above!

Making connections with people could end up being the most important thing you not only do for yourself butwhen you teach others to do this too think of the possibilities!

Everyone connecting and actually helping each other find positive solutions!!! What a concept huh? It's a gain for everyone lives you help to change for the better!

Now that creates a true people connecting mission that will flourish everyone's business! If you continue to keep making connections and you NEVER GIVE UP you will achieve your dreams and help many others dreams come true too!

Sue has been earning an income from home online since 1996 and teaches others how to get leverage in their lives. She is coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'.

Dream BIG & Don't Quit Before You Make It Happen!

If you don't design your own life plan, chances are you'll fall into someone else's plan.
And guess what they have planned for you? Not much.- Jim Rohn

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Mark Gorman's getting package came in and after listening to every single one of them TWICE his messages have rekindled
a fire inside of me! Every now and then we just need a little
spark to ignite us again don't we? Our flame starts to damper
a bit because of frustrations and discouragements. You know
what I'm talking about right?

One of the things he says is to Dream BIG. In fact, you've got to have a dream SO big that you cannot even achieve it and THEN..... BECOME the person who CAN!

Over the last nine years I've grown and become the leader that God wants me to be and I'm still growing.

Here's how I keep the flame going....

by attending events, hanging out with successful people,
listening to training calls and the business briefing calls,
reading books, reading scripture, listening to CD's with
people on fire with the spirit like Mark Gorman! Sponsoring
more people and teaching them to do exactly the same so
THEY will grow into the person to achieve THEIR dreams!

Over five years ago we had a dream to buy lake property in Austin Texas on Lake Travis. Today that dream hascome true. We just bought a lake house in Point Venture Texas at Lake Travis. How did this happen? Did I justwake up one day and say I have a dream to go up to Austin and I'm gonna buy a lake house today? Not quite!

It happened because I literally became the person capable of achieving that dream! Over the years, I worked hard, stay focused, committed, put on the blinders, went through the refining fire, frustrations, dissapointments, and most of all never gave up!

We almost didn't buy this house either because the first time I saw it I noticed a huge dirt pile behind the house.
This house is on the lake side but when you go in the back yard there's a dirt pile behind it. I told my husband I don't want to buy a house by the lake and sit in my back yard looking at dirt!!!

So we never looked inside that house the weekendwe were there in Austin looking at houses.

When we got back home to Lake Jackson my husband kept saying we should have looked inside that house. It could be the way we get into that lake side community, it's a great price, and he went on and on. All I could think of was sitting in my back yard looking at DIRT!!!

So finally I gave in. We called the realtor and ask her to find out WHO owns the dirt? Turns out it's a development company and they plan on moving the dirt in 6 months.

So a few weekends later we went back up to Austin tosee the house and we climbed that dirt pile to take a look see.

And there just over the dirt was the most BEAUTIFUL breathtaking view of the lake we ever saw!!!!

We decided that day to make an offer on the house and we just closed on it in May. Our first investment property to buy because of network marketing andbecause of who I've become over the years to achievethe income level to be able to start investing in real estate!

I mentioned to our lender the next BIG dream is to buy another lake lot RIGHT NEAR the water and build our DREAM HOUSE!
Well we just put in an offer for two lots right up on a hill with the most beautiful viewof the hill country and the lake!
This is where we'll build our dream house and my DREAM office overlooking the lake!

While up there at the lake house I'm still able to do business if I choose to!

I can take the business with me where ever I go if I decideto! Mainly because I absolutely love what I do! I even listened to some Ellie Drake cd's on the way home! She's another very inspiring teacher who advises us to be very coachable and to be a good student!

So it's time to stretch some more to BECOME the person that will bring BIGGER dreams to life TOO!

Never quit! Never give up on your dreams! Haveone SO big that you cannot accomplish it and thenbecome the person who can!

Most people get into a Network Marketing businessand then when things don't happen like they want ittoo or quick enough or the first little thing goes wrongor something else comes along that looks betterit's just easier to quit!

It's usually because they don't have a dream big enough and they refuse to become the personthat can accomplish their dream! No time to go totrainings or events and no money to get there,gotta have it right now, upline won't help me, thecompany closed down, the product was late gettinhere, it's to expensive, and on and on with excuses! Many years ago I remember receiving an award at ateam get together during one of the many company events I attended in Salt Lake City back in June of 1998.

Guess what it was for?
The Make It Happen award! It's framed right here inmy office! There's another one framed right above itfrom the same upline in 1999 for The Persistence award!
Get a BIGGER dream and become the BEST you can beand decide to make it happen no matter what! If a littleole mommy with no experience, no credibility, no corporate background, no degrees and no money can do it anyonecan!

Become the BEST you can be and then don't quit beforeyou make your dreams happen!

"Keep on doing good and in proper season we will reap a harvest if we do not give up"!
Galatians 6:9

Sue is a home based business developer, Network Marketer, Internet Marketing expert, wife and mom, and has been earning an income from home since 1996. She is also a published author, speaker and Internet Marketing trainerand coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'.