Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Online Webinar Team Training!

I just started doing live online webinar coachings with our team to teach them our marketing system so that they are up and running quickly and smoothly with their candle business.

I'm also doing personal coaching with team partners as well.

This is just another benefit team partners receive when they join our experienced team.

Here's a few testimonals on the training I just did recently......

When New Partners Join Our Team This Training Is Available To Them Either By Group Coaching Or Personal Coaching & It Is Recorded!


Thank you Sue for presenting us with a visual training. I can see where this will help new and old members get their business started with all the tools available to us.

You did an excellent job of walking us through the steps to take and to see it actually done makes it more real.

I'm excited about promoting the training to our team...Thank you for everything you do!

Susan Schilling


Sue - this is fabulous!!!! Anyone that wants to can join our team of champions!! You are our leader - thank you so much!



Hi, Sue

Thank you for the great training call. You did such a wonderful job. I really feel like I learned a lot & look forward to utilizing this program in the very near future. You are an Awesome mentor & I feel blessed to be on your Team.

And "thank you" too, for all you do for your Team,



Hi Sue,

I thought the training webinar was a great success as many people like I am better visual learners. I wish we would have been using it when I got started!




What a wonderful tool the Webinar is! I was thinking it would be great to walk your team member through a ton of things on various aspects of our business. There is nothing like a visual presentation!

I'm very excited about starting the splash pro. Also my team member John contacted me this moring for my affiliate number for aweber!

What a jewel of a business we have our hands on. :)

Have a Great Day!
Dawn Rohlik, MN



I just wanted to tell you how helpful the webinar was. I am a visual learner so it was great. I am now looking forward to much more training.

Also, I am so thankful that I found you and this company. You have so much knowledge (MLM and internet) and I just love learning as much as I can. Thank you for being so patient with me. Each day I learn more and am confident that in a short time I will get a good handle on all of this.

Thanks again and have a good evening.



I was very impressed Sue with not only the system but the ease you had explaining everything. Very professional presentation Sue.



Sue, It was an outstanding presentation. I was very impressed with your ease and self confidence. I like that a lot. I am so glad to have finally found a mentor that will help me get to where I want to be in this business. The online visibility was super for someone who is really a visual person. It makes it so much easier
to follow along. Now if my hand could write as fast as the eye can see, I'd be good!

I am trying to get signed up on Aweber with an affiliate link and have forgotten what number I use. I don't use yours do I? I use my own but I am not sure what it is! I have it somewhere but I may have to ask for it again. I have so much information circling around in my head that my brain feels like mush! LOL!

Thanks again for all you are doing to make me a success!