Saturday, March 03, 2007


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Have you ever worked around someone who seems to always
be a downer? Someone who would complain if they were hung
with a new rope as my granma always said?

Do you realize how important it is in finding positive and upbeat
people for your business partners?

I remember years ago when I was so desperate to find anyone
to sign up as a partner that I would sign up even the negative,
whinney ones. I didn't care as long as they signed up!

Over the years I've learned some good lessons the hard way!

It only takes ONE bad apple to ruin the whole barrel!

It's very true and it is possible to spot them!

Recently I had someone who's on my potential partner list
email me back complaining that the call we were doing with one
of our company owners was not worth their time and that
all these calls are people touting their own success and was a
bunch of garbage and continued on to say that they were
NOT going to be on these calls.

Right away I realized that this particular person had never
even once emailed or called for more information. I explained
why this particular call was being done to help our team
members and the success that we have had with it AND
the success I have had over the last ten years.

I also explained that the reason I've been so successful is because
of being coachable. Well to cut to the chase I let this person know
that I have removed them from my potential partner list and let
them know that it did not hurt my feelings in the least bit to do so
because I get to choose who I work with. In fact, it was a delight
to let this person go which saves us all a lot of grief in the long run!

When you are out and about or speaking with potential business
partners be on the look out for people's negative attitude. Especially
if they complain a lot about the methods you or your upline partners
are using to build the business (afterall we are very successful and
our business is profitable) so we must be doing something right.

Learn to spot signs of a person who is not coachable. That means
they want to reinvent the wheel. They think they know more than
you or your upline team. Maybe they do. If so terrific, they will be
an asset. But if they don't and are just thinking they do then you
could have a potential bad apple on your team.

When you ask someone to look at your website, or listen in on a
business overview conference call or listen to a sizzle call or you
send a packet and they never get around to reviewing the information
then you could have someone who is not coachable.

I'm not talking about people who are extremely busy and take a bit
longer to review your information. I'm talking about people who just
never seem to get around to it.

If all they do is whine and complain about little trival things, your
products, your comp plan, having to be on training calls, conference
calls, go to events, etc. then you know you have someone that
could be a potential bad apple.

I'm not saying they are BAD people! This business just may not
be for them and you want to be able to spot this very quickly.

Sometimes we don't spot the behavior right away that someone
may not be coachable and they get signed up and immediately
want to start doing it their way. Even though they have told
you they have not had any success, made any money with any
company or business they still insist that they know better
than you.

Sometimes they want to turn Network Marketing into a job or
be a self-employed person. They want to open a store front or
an office space. Even though you advise them against it and say
it's been done and not successful they still insist. Now if I
saw one of those I'd be thinking... you mean I have to buy expensive
office or retail space and stay there all day long? This would be
like having a job.

I would rather build a team of people who sell product and build
their teams and then spend time at our lake house or time with
loved ones, kids sports activities, etc! I'm looking for time
FREEDOM & LEVERAGE not another ball and chain!

There is a way to turn some people around to understanding
how important it is to be coachable but if they still insist on
doing it their way just leave them alone and they will come
home wagging their tails behind them! If not it's ok, you tried
and they'll just have to learn the hard way too.

It takes practice! Like going to the grocery store looking for
apples and just grabbing any apple from the top of the pile
instead of taking a little more time and finding the best ones!

Here's something by one of my favorite business mentors
Donald Trump. In fact it was the inspiration for this article!

***In nearly every workplace, there's "one bad apple" - someone
whose negative attitude is so apparent that it's a deterrent to
everyone else in the office. It turns out that the old adage
is true. One bad apple can truly spoil the whole barrel.
A person with a negative attitude ...


Your Partner In Success,


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