Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Thyroid Issues

Are you experiencing some of these health issues? Migraines, foggyness, memory loss, join pain, hair loss, cold hands and feet, fatigue, depression?

I'm writing this because it may help others who have experienced the same health issues regarding their thyroid.

I have struggled with thyroid issues for many years and took prescription synthroid for over 30 years up until about three years ago when I started to see a holistic doctor and started on natural medicine for my thyroid. After taking synthroid for all these years my bone density showed osteopenia.

For three years it was an up hill battle and for at least the last two years in 2007 and 2008 I became very seriously ill almost to the point of walking with a cain!

Thank God my income is residual because there were a lot of times that I was not able to work for many weeks and sometimes could barely get out of bed.

My memory was fading, sometimes I could barely speak or get words out of my mouth. It was like dementia! I was aging very quickly right in front of my family. My husband and two sons were very concerned as were family and friends.

I saw three different holistic doctors who put me on various nutritional supplements and they would help for awhile and then I would spiral down again. Sometimes with horrible pain in my joints so bad that I was taking showers ever thirty minutes just to relieve the pain! My hair was falling out and my skin was was shriveling up and very dry, debilitating migraines, memory loss, foggy, fatigue, depression.

Finally about two months ago I discovered that there was a medical doctor here close to where we live that ordered all of my blood work once again. He said that my TSH levels were higher than he had ever seen - 154+! My iron was also low which could also explain some of the fatigue.

He put me on Amour Thyroid and within two weeks I was feeling so much better! My hair stopped falling out and I started to think better. I've been on Amour thyroid now for over two months and still feeling better than I have in years!

Now that I have finally found something that has helped, it appears that Amour may be banned by the FDA!

We must speak out and stop this maddness! Our health care industry is in serious trouble as it is! People are sick and dying! We do not need the government telling us what we can and cannot take to build up our health!

Here's a link to Dr. Andrew Jones website - he is a medical doctor that teaches more about thyroid issues -


Here is the medical doctor that I went to for Amour Thyroid medicine -

Natural Bio Health

Sue Seward

Monday, October 19, 2009

Social Media Marketing Tips

Social Media marketing tips from my good friend and mentor Doug Fireball -see his website link below too for some awesome passion fire training and be sure to become friends on Facebook, see links below!

The Power of the GREAT UNDERSTANDING in Social Media Marketing

It was all over the place recently at the blogworld expo


People tweeting about it, blogging about it, sending mobile
uploads, podcasting live, ustreaming about it.

What a great event and I love las vegas and the climate. But also
the greatest part of it was the education that someone could learn
from it.

I would suggest that you get on the bandwagon and be there next
year. Scott Monty was there. The founders of twitter. Many
different Directors of social media was here for many fortune 500

And Scott was even interviewed on CNN about the social media
revolution. GO Scott! How about Chris Brogan? And all the speakers
there? it was an AMAZING chance to learn and grow in social media.

Why am I telling you this?


Social media is FOR REAl.

And it is happening bigger and grander than you could ever imagine.
And it is in its infancy. If you have a traditional business or
even a home business, you need to understand what i call the GREAT
UNDERSTANDING of Social Media.

The Train is getting ready to leave the station and if you are not
on it, you will be left behind and playing catch up for a long

Twitter. facebook. Youtube. LinkedIn. Stumbleupon. Wordpress.
Help.com. Digg.com Ping.fm. Mybloglog.com And the list is 3,5OO
sites strong.

Get in social media.

Get ON THE TRAIN (and stay there everyday. Not just every once in
while. It MUST be daily.)

Get in the conversation.

Get out of the ancient thinking.

And GET WITH the rest of the folks who do get it and start looking
to social media as an incredible way to market, communicate, build
relationships, get your message out, and connect with your market.

Understand these 5 Great things:

1) Video Communicationis taking over the web and marketing. It is
the new TV station. You MUST adjust and start video marketing with
a relentless focus as video will soon be the new billboards on the
internet highway. Get you a flip video camera and GO.

2) Blog communicationis the new way people look for articles and in
many respects, it is the new newspaper. If you do not blog, then
you are not in the coming mainstream media or power communication.
Put your thoughts on a blog and rock the world.

3) Social Nedworkingis the new way people shake hands initally and
get to know each other. We all have networked, but this is
networking on steriods. You MUST become good at it, and help others
become good at it. This alone will explode your business and

4) Podcast communcation is the new radio. Get yourself on
blogtalkradio as well as other podcast sites and make sure that you
do this weekly. It can drive traffic to you like a tsunami. Become
a radio personality like my friend Tom Chenault. It is a GREAT way
to get your message out.

5) Social Bookmarking is the new way to organize and publicize your
marketing efforts and content. You have heard of digg.com, and
reddit.com. Use them daily and befriend folks as they will help get
your message out in a more powerrful and exposure soaked way..

Do NOT miss thie train. It is geting ready, like a bullet, to leave
the station folks.

Social Media marketing is amazing tool. Be amazing with it in your
social media blueprint.

COMING SOON...the hottest Social Media Marketing training project
is launching January 15, 2010.

blessings...doug firebaugh

(c) 2009/ all rights reserved


Be sure to become friends with Doug on facebook too!


"You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you." Dale Carnegie

Sue Seward