Saturday, May 08, 2010

Servant Leadership is about empowering others to get to the top with you!


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Just finished reading Jesus, CEO - Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership by Laurie Beth Jones.

If you are interested in servant leadership and have not read Laurie Beth's books I highly recommend them for personal growth.

Laurie list several Affirmations for Leaders at the end of this book. Here are the first ten to help you start your day out positive and moving towards your goal of getting to the top:

I proudly say I AM, knowing clearly my strengths and God-given talents. I repeat my strengths to myself often, knowing my words are my wardrobe.

I have learned in my own wilderness what my strengths are. I use "desert times" to get clearer on my calling and my true goals.

I am clear about my mission and spend time working on and accomplishing what is deepest and truest and most inspiring.

I shape my own destiny. What I believe, I become. What I believe, I can do.

What I say and ask for is accomplished in amazing ways and with amazing speed.

I keep in constant contact with my Higher Power, knowing that I need added insight to see the road up ahead.

I do the difficult things. I accomplish difficult and challenging tasks with strength and resolve, knowing that these jumps are placed in the arena for training and strengthening.

I do not need or seek others' approval. I am internally connected to my Higher Power and listen to the still, small voice that alone knows my best path.

I commit my passion to my cause, knowing that passion is the power that creates new life, new joys, and new accomplishments for myself and others.

I see things differently and am always willing to look at situations in new and enlivening ways.

Some of the lessons learned from this book -

As a dedicated servant team leader it's important to mobilize the team for action by stepping back from being in control. Always allow people to learn and grow in their own way. Delegate by teaching them to fish which means to duplicate without you. Do not be so focused on yourself being at the top that you are not allowing others to get to the top with you.

Everyday there are managers and leaders who try to climb their way to the top using other people as their stepladder.

Servant leadership is about serving other people not yourself. The more you put the focus on others the more confident you become.

Plug the team into a proven system of power where they find their way to duplicate your efforts and become servant leaders themselves.

The temptation to have everything done all at once and perfectly often leads to procrastination, inactivity, or outright paralysis. We see this often in Network Marketing don't we? People seem to have a really hard time making a decision to join or not to join, start or not to start? All because they believe they don't know everything right now.

Do you need to see the whole picture before you can move forward? Try taking it one step at a time! Just do it!

Believe in yourself and stick to the mission.

Give praise and recognition to others.

Do not judge others.

Have a passionate commitment to the cause.

Have a plan and take action.

Be human and let others know of your weaknesses. When you do this it encourages the team to know they can get there too.

Be bold, be visible and take one step at a time taking everyone to the top with you!

Personally I'm working on myself everyday to be a better servant leader and looking forward to seeing you at the top!


Find out more about Laurie Beth Jones, her books and teachings at -

I'm moving my coaching blog over to this new blogging network - get all the scoop at >

Saturday, May 01, 2010

Blogging 101 Sue Seward Online Marketing Coach

Are U Branding Online with a Blog?

A blog is much like a personal website only its focus is more of a personal journal or diary that's opened up for anyone who chooses to read it.

A blog is a wonderful complement to your personal website, newsletters, articles, and overall building your personal brand online.

Your blog writing will center around a specific topic related to your target market. Each post will contain your personal thoughts, experiences, resources, training, coaching relevant to your topic. The key is to develop your style of writing and anyone can do it. When I started online in 1996 I had no degrees or writing experience.

I just dove in and did it! Today I'm a published MLM author. Who would have thought?

Much like the personal website, a blog is another tool to share who you are and begin establishing relationships. However, with a blog, your site visitors can leave comments and the relationship becomes a two way conversation and connects you to your readers.

Everyone seems to be moving in the direction of blogging online so if you have a business and would like to promote your business online, this might be the perfect time to learn about blogging or if you already have a blog why not get paid to blog or self-fund your blog? Especially in this economy when it's time to think
outside the box! So many people now days are looking for extra ways to earn more income and pay expenses.

By making connections with other entrepreneurs online, I've come across a new blogging network that actually pays down 5 levels to refer the blogging service to other people - (I just imported all of my blog content from here at blogspot). All of my content for the last five years imported right into the blog network which uses Wordpress, with a ton of added features.

This sort of takes me back to the ole .WS Global Domains International days way back over twelve years ago. You may remember them. I still to this day receive a commission check deposited into my bank account every month from that program and have not done any marketing to grow that program in over ten years. I referred a few people way back then and it just sort of took off with Viral Power.

I've had several brainstorming sessions on the phone with one of the top affiliates to go over some of the features of the blogging network and I'm extremely impressed and excited about the possibilities it has for anyone with a business or anyone who loves to blog and wants to incorporate their business into their blog. I have those audio recordings for anyone who joins our blogging network.

There is a resource training center available included for all affiliates, with step by step how to videos chopped full of valuable nuggets to help people expose their business online. After thirteen years online this is one of the tools I've been searching for.

We are planning some blog talk radio interviews centered around blogging so more people understand how to use a blog, brand themselves and expose their business to more people. This network however, shows you step by step how to get your blog set up and running fairly quickly and how to advertise your home business.

People contact me often asking.. "Sue how can I get a personalized website to promote my business and build a presence online and brand myself?" We used to using website builders, now the trend is blogging!

Anyone can promote their business and brand themselves with this blogging network and there is a 5 level commission pay out so at the same time anyone can earn some extra money referring others or just have their own blog paid for.

I've started receiving more hits to not only my blog and networking newsletter, which I have connected with my blog; visitors are being attracted to my primary business website as well because there's a link for my business connected from my blog. This is a huge benefit alone.

I've been looking for a streamlined platform to promote my coaching and primary business and really love the fact that we can refer others and earn some extra income to pay expenses for our business. That's why I love self-funded programs and this one just happens to have viral power to help boost our personal brand even more.

The network is Free for the first 30 days so why not give it a whirl!? It's very affordable at only $9.95 a month after that to start your own branding online.

With just ten referrals your blog will be paid for and the network will help you get listed at the top of the search engines and you will be able to promote your business in our exclusive Group Advertising Network.

The goal is to eventually streamline one of my other personal training websites into this self-funded network.

Several of my networking colleagues have already decided to try it out and are already loving all the features and training they are receiving to promote their business -

Here are a few tips to getting started with your blog - remember with the above network we also offer you a free resource and training center filled with golden nuggets to help you on your blogging journey to success in Branding U!

1. Who is your ideal reader?

2. Examine the reasons or purpose of why you want to publish a

3. How do you want your readers to feel when they read your blog?
What's your writing style - humorous, visionary, educator??

4. What do you want your readers to do when they read your blog? -
call to action

5. How much time do you have to devote to your blog each week?
Start planning a schedule for writing.

6. Name your blog. Think in terms of keywords and target market.
What's your niche? How does it relate to your online presence?

7. Sign up for a blog account - see free 30 day trial link below

8. Be sure you register a domain name for your blog; for example mine is I always recommend using your name to Brand U!

9. Set up your blog -

- Choose a theme that best suits your style with colors, layout, and side bar items. Our blogging platform has over 200+ themes to choose from and over 100+ plugins. Personally I uploaded my own Lake Travis photo for my header.

- Choose colors that complement your personal website, logo/header

- Set up your content categories and lists

- Develop your "profile"

10. Drive traffic to your blog site:

- Submit to blog directories and search engines - (All of this comes included with our blogging network)

- Submit to regular search engines like Google and Yahoo - (this is done for all affiliates with our blogging network)

- Have a sign up form on your blog so visitors can get your posts by email - this can be set up with an Aweber account. Don't have an account?

-Sign up for an AWEBER autoresponder account here - then be sure you sign up as an affiliate because this is another self-funded program-


- Syndicate your blog with RSS feeds. Any website you have may offer an RSS feed feature. When you set this up, this means that whenever you post something on your blog, it will show up on the website you've placed the RSS feed.

When I write a post on the blogging network there is a share button with about 50+ networks to post my blog to such as - Facebook, Twitter, MySpace,, Yahoo, Plaxo, Linkedin. Viral Power...

Be sure you register for some of these networks if you have not already do so. For instance with you can post a message and viral power it out to more that one network at a time depending on which networks you are registered with. When I post something on it gets posted on both Twitter and Facebook saving me time.

11. Create links to your blog -

- put a link in your email signature file

- on your personal website or any profile pages within social

- Article Resource Box

- in your newsletter

- Business Cards

-put links to your primary business on your blog

12. Blogging is another valuable tool for online networking and branding. Comment on other blogs related to your target market, build your credibility, and drive traffic to your blog. When you post on another persons blog, your name/ID profile will be a hyperlinked back to you.

>Free 30 Day Profit-With-Your-Blog

Let me know how I can best support you in branding U online!

Teach Your Team To Fish & Feed Them For A Lifetime!

<>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <>< <><

To Your Success!

Sue Seward
Branding U - Online Marketing Coach

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

How To Monetize Your Blog

Are you branding yourself online using a blog?

If so do you know how to monetize it? Would you like to have your blog paid for and get paid to blog at the same time?

I've come across a new self-funded blogging program that actually pays down 5 levels to refer this blogging service to other entrepreneurs - (I just imported all of my blog content from blogspot to this service.) All of my content for the last five years imported easily into this blog which uses Wordpress.

I was on the phone with one of the partners for over an hour last Friday and we have another call set up for this week to go over more questions.

If you have been looking for a way to have your own personalized blog to promote your business, build your presence online, brand yourself and at the same time earn some extra money referring others or just have your own blog paid for, this may be a valuable system for you and others you know who are looking for ways to promote their business.

It's Free for the first 30 days so give it a whirl! It's only $9.95 a month after that. Right now I'm paying over $70 a month for various personal websites/blogs and planning to eventually streamline everything into this self-funded system for $9.95 a month. With just ten referrals your blog is paid for and you will be listed at the top of the search engines too.

Even though I've been branding myself and building a business online for over thirteen years I'm not a technical person. I have no idea how search engines work so leave that to these experts! They have all the training in place to plug into that will show you how to set up your blog and/or transfer your current content from various blogging platforms over to this one. It's very simple step by step training that will have you up and running in no time promoting your business.

I'm here to assist you with any marketing questions you may have because that's my expertise - networking, making connections, sponsoring, training and building a long term residual income.

Take a peek and see if this is something you can use to brand yourself and promote your business -


Let me know what questions you have!

May you never miss a rainbow or a sunset because you were looking down!

To Your Prosperity!

Sue Seward
512-382-5109 Hm/Off
979-248-1020 Mobile

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Monday, April 05, 2010

Building Your Business & Teach Your Team To Fish

Finding BIG Fish!

Copyright © 2000 by Sue Seward. All Rights Reserved. (Revised 2010)

It has taken some time to finally realize the importance of seeking out seriously motivated, self starting people that are looking for a new business opportunity right now. In other words, they are already in the looking zone and open to new ideas and ways to increase their revenue streams.

In the beginning I would sponsor anyone that would sign the paperwork! Everyone was a target! Not such a good thing, hey what do you expect from a newbie and besides that’s what we were taught to do.

Most of these people were really not serious and did not realize that a business takes consistent effort, persistence and focus. There’s no get rich quick over night success opportunities out there unless you plan to win the lottery someday and that someday may never come. It takes years of hard work and initiative.

If someone tells you they will build your business, or this system will build your business, turn the other way because that’s not true. Network Marketing is a real business just like any other business . You decide how much time to take.

There's no free lunch and no such thing as a downline building club. Emails come in from people I’ve never met saying “you have to join this X builder program now because you have a 100 people in your downline already!” Oh yeah? So who are these 100 people and where did they come from?

Personally I decided years ago to take on the attitude of Showshawme, an ordinary fellow who started years ago in Cell Tech. He is listed in Richard Poe's book Wave 3, under chapter 6, Catch a Big Fish. This particular story caught my eye because there are some valuable lessons to be learned about putting fishing lines in the water. Here's a little snippet -

"Showshawme is a "big fish". He's the sort of catch for which every new distributor in network marketing is avidly angling. Yet Showshawme is no superman. He has no special skills or unusual techniques. He’s just an ordinary fellow that does some extraordinary fishing.

How did he do it? Simple. Showshawme recruited other big fish. He says "my income didn't come from sponsoring lots of people," he says, "It came from sponsoring only two or three main lines. And from those two or three people, hundreds of thousands of other people have come."

Showshawme targeted his fish with a shrewd eye to their personal and professional spheres of influence. He knew exactly who he wanted to work with and how they would help him build his business. Then Showshawme zeroed in on his prospects with relentless persistence and won them to his cause. (he built relationships and made friends with people that he wanted to work with, people that had great circles of influence.

So the morale of this story is? Knowing whom to target and when to turn on the pressure are key skills that, when mastered, have the potential to turbo charge your business with an extraordinary Butterfly Effect.

Focus on learning these skills that will help you personally become a more effective leader, sponsor, Network Marketing Professional and develop into a fisher of people!

Now are you ready to go fishing and teach your team to fish?

We'll see you on this Thursday's training webinar –

Grow Your Business by Teaching Your Team To Fish

Thursday - April 8 at 9:00 PM EST

Space is limited.

Reserve your Webinar seat now at:


Do you have a desire to move your business forward faster by contacting people who are in the looking zone right now?

Kathy Porter Diamond Team Leader in New York along with Director Sue Seward in Texas, will present the first of a two part training in their "Teach Your Team To Fish" webinar series.

Part One: working leads requires a successful mind set and consistent follow-up whether you're fishing on the internet, with leads you purchase or in your own backyard. We'll teach you the core skill sets to stock up your tackle box, bait your hooks and cast your lines.

If you are interested in learning how to work your leads more effectively and pick up some networking nuggets and ways to build in your local area join us -

April 8th – Thursday at – 9 pm EST

K.I.S.S. - Keep It Super Simple!

See you there! Bring your fishing poles!

Sue Seward

Sue is an entrepreneur, author, coach, loyal friend and team player who has been networking, connecting and building relationships online since 1996. She is a full time career earner in Network Marketing and lives at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and two sons and enjoys bird watching, lake activities, gardening and gluten free cooking. Contributing author to >
and The Network Marketing Business Journal, co-author of the >The Direct Selling Women's Alliance
book ‘Build It Big’ – 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts & trainer on their Mentored By The Master Series CD. >Spicewood Lions Club

>The Spicewood Lions Club

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

What is more valuable - time or money?

Bluebonnets everywhere! And they just keep on producing all over the place once they've been planted!

Jim Rohn said "Time is more valuable than money. You can get more money, but you can't get more time."

It's the end of March and another super month of people joining our business to take back control of their lives!

It’s also the beginning of spring and the middle of the current Prime Recruiting Season.

When done correctly, the productivity you achieve over the next 90 days can cause your downline to be in full-blown momentum by the middle of summer. Then by next fall during the next Prime Recruiting Season, your downline could explode from all the extra seed planting you did in the spring.

Be sure that you have a good supply of consistent leads flowing through your pipeline. If you do not let me know and I will refer you to some excellent lead sources. Every month I buy two shares in our team Pay Per Click coop and we are signing people up every month from this coop using our team online marketing website system.

I caution those who are only using social media to depend on for building their business. This can be a deceiving business building method because it’s just that – ‘social’ – media.

How many people have signed up this month from social media methods? I’ll answer that question for myself - none. We have however signed up several distributors from our pay per click leads and have several others who are interested.

What social media can do for your business is take up a lot of your valuable time. Time that could be spent in calling and connecting with real people who are interested in starting a business with you. These are people who have actually requested that you call them and assist them in starting a business. Why not be spending time with these people? They are out there waiting for you to pick up the phone and call them!

A social media connection usually already has a business so really all you could be doing is spinning your wheels with them. Yes it’s great to make a connection and build a relationship because you never know when someone you meet from social media could be in the looking zone that's true too.

I've been making connections online for over thirteen years and have never depended on social media solely to build my business. In fact, it's a very small piece of the pie. A sliver actually because of the saturation of the Internet over the years especially in this area.

The point I’m making here is if someone is depending totally on social media to build their business they may be ‘deceived’ and could end up with a very slow building business in the long run. So why not spread your seeds out?

The better way to build your business is with people who are in the looking zone. That means hot/warm market or cold market. You choose. The business will not build by itself and it will not build with social media alone.

It's important to consistently be putting people in your pipeline and then follow through and follow up and duplicate the same process with your team! If all there is is a bunch of social media groopies all hanging out socializing, then who's building a real business and more importantly who's mentoring the team?

Meantime -

1) If people wanted to make more money before, they really want to now.

2) Tax Refund checks are giving people the extra funds to get started.

3) People are looking and getting started. Someone is going to sell or sponsor them why not you?

4) When approached "correctly", most people are nice, pleasant, and interested especially when they requested to be called in the first place. Make sense?

We encourage distributors if you want to get your business to grow then double, triple, or do everything you can to multiply/duplicate your efforts. This means taking Massive Action in picking up your phone and calling people who have asked you to call and help them right now!

By the way if you are looking for leads, here's another lead source we've used and recommend from -
and Tracy Biller's leads and training at ->

To Your Success!

Sue Seward

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Saturday, March 06, 2010

Secret to success...

“Most people laugh when they hear the secret to success is ‘giving’, then again most people are no where near as successful as they wish to be.” ‘The Go Giver’ & ‘Go Givers Sell More’ – Bob Burg & John David Mann –

You’ve got to give first to receive!


Bob and I connected several years ago. I've spoken with him and read his books throughout the years and love his philosophy of giving before receiving. I appreciate his style of teaching us real people skills that we can actually use to build solid and rewarding relationships in our business and our lives! We are on the same page when it comes to building relationships! Bob has a real passion for people!

People will do business with, and refer business to, those people they like, know and trust! So true Bob! We appreciate you and all you give!


Keep Following Your Passion!

Sue Seward

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Focus On The Down Hill Result!

Are you always focusing on the pain of the uphill battle or looking forward to the prize when you finish going all the way to the top of the hill as you gaze back at the gorgeous view from the top!

I’m starting to get out and take walks again for exercise and just be out enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and nature. It’s been over two years since I’ve really done any work outs and it sure is tough! I knew it was not going to be easy and it’s going to hurt, no doubt. No pain no gain as they always says right? I’ve gained a few pounds since regaining my health back too and it’s time to focus on shaping up! There are a lot of hills here in Briafcliff too so it’s brutal on this new walker! Huff huff puff puff! Heeve Hooo up that hill I go!

Well today was time to put on the shorts and walking shoes and head out for a nice brisk walk. Opps, after getting out a ways it was a bit chillier than I thought even though the sun is really shinning. As I walked around the corner to the other street and saw the yard where I could have taken a short cut right into our back yard this small still voice said…. You just keep on walking focusing on the end results!

There’s one really big hill that my husband challenged me to walk up with him. Let me tell you I was huffing and puffing the entire way up, going slow and actually walking backwards so I could see the lake and not focus on how hard it was going up!!! When we got to the top it was the most beautiful view! I felt exhilarated! He said “now aren’t you glad you decided to go all the way?” Yes! Totally worth it! Each time now it gets easier too!

Some people are so afraid of the hills or taking to the road and getting out of their comfort zone because fear paralyzes them when focusing on how hard that uphill battle is going to be or what the cost will be to travel the road.

Why are some people scared to take chances or reach a little farther out of their comfort zone or continue that walk no matter how difficult the hills get or how big the challenges or the obstacles standing in their way?

Why is it that some people just keep charging ahead no matter what and some just keep blaming the economy, their job, their boss, their spouse, their kids, their dog, who knows what else because there's always some excuse or obstacle for some people to not achieve their dreams right? Something is always going to pop up and get in their way. News flash! Everyone has circumstances! Yet there are some people who do not let anything get in the way of accomplishing their dreams and goals. They see the up hill and focus on the result of the climb!

It’s never about the money either. People are always spending money on ‘stuff’ because it’s something they want. They may not even need this ‘stuff’ but by golly they’ll spend money on more junk. So why don’t they spend it on developing themselves, their health, or their business and what is the pay off if they don’t? They don’t become a leader, they stay broke, continue with bad health, out of shape, and their business does not duplicate.

Why not start focusing on the results you’re going to see once you get up that hill and when you step out and travel the roads to your company events! Get on the phone and start calling people to find out what their dreams and goals are too and ask how you can best support them in their downhill victory!

Are you going to take that chance and be at your next company event? And if not why not? What is really holding you back from being there and is it really something that can be overcome? What’s really stopping you from achieving your dreams and your full potential to become the best you can be?

“Set Your Goals High And Don’t Stop Til You Get There!” Bo Jackson

Follow Your Passion!

Sue Seward

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Snow and the Birds at Lake Travis in Austin Texas today!

Well, it's certainly not as much snow as some of you have had on the East coast but it's Beautiful especially here in Austin Texas the end of February!

The Birds and I really Enjoyed the moment!

Too bad the kids are all at school!

Spring is on the way and so is new life!

Just read in 'Jesus Entrepreneur - Using Ancient Wisdom To Launch And Live Your Dreams'

About the NOT SHALT rule!

You should never make a decision when you are:

Lonely or

When you feel like life is beating you down here's a few practical spear-dodging tips Laurie Beth Jones mentions in her book -

1. Tighten up your relationship with God.
Saturate yourself with God's words of power and comfort, as David did when he was hiding out in the hills, as Jesus did in his final night in the Garden. This is ultimately the only relationship that matters, so make sure it is solid!

(I do this too with something as simple as watching all the birds in the back yard at the feeders when unbelievable snow in Austin is falling!)

2. Consider the source. Jesus knew what motivated his enemies, and he said so. They had no interest in his well-being. He kept that in mind at all times.

(God has your back so do not worry about what other people do or say! No matter who they are, they have no control over your life!)

3. Turn their questions back on them. Jesus was a master at getting to the heart of people by using the swords aimed at him to reveal others' hearts. "Are you the King of the Jews?" demanded one. And he replied, "Who do you think I am?" (Luke 22:66). "Isn't it against the law to heal on the Sabbath?" asked another. "If your neighbor's sheep fell into a ditch on the Sabbath, would you get it out?" he replied (Matthew 12:10-11).

4. Realize you don't have to respond to every insult. "And they spat on him saying, 'Prophesy to us. Who hit you?" And to this he answered not a word" (Matthew 26.:68)

(Sometimes silence is truly golden!)

5. Tell the truth. Jesus spoke the truth as he saw it, knowing that the truth would always set people free. When you tell the truth, you have nothing to fear.

6. Keep your eye on God's prize, not theirs. Remember, there is only one heart that you are responsible for pleasing, and it does not beat in any human breast.

The more Jesus grew in influence and power, the more he became a target. He very wisely ‘learned to deflect the spears and arrows. Proverbs 19:11 says…”A wise man restrains his anger and overlooks insults.”

Follow Your Passion!

Sue Seward
979-248-1020 Mobile

Full Time Income Earner In Network Marketing - Networking - Connecting - Building Relationships Online Since 1996

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Saturday, February 20, 2010

So what do you think...

People feel is MOST important in choosing a company?

The answer might surprise you as much as it did me! It’s not exactly what we've all been taught over the years. And you may be really inspired to know that for most, it’s NOT about the compensation plan.

Now maybe for those driven personalities, we call them the ‘Driven RED’ personality and money IS usually #1 for them. They are in command, always right, and not very compassionate. It’s their way or the highway! They are focused, goal oriented and intense. They usually have big egos, can be dominating and un-teachable. The important thing to realize is only about 15% of the people you come across will be of this personality and most people are a combination of various personalities to balance them out.

If our entire downline was RED we'd all be rich right?!!! That is if we can stand to be around them! That's why it's so great to have various personalities among your team! We certainly are not going to get along with everyone or like everyone, this is afterall a business right? At least that's how the driven Red sees it! They are not out to be your friend. In fact, most of their business relationships are just that strictly business. They do not allow too many people to get close.

Most people, about 35%, are the ‘Amiable Yellow’ or ‘Analytical Green’ and not as much focused on the money as they are on the people - ie: helping people, their purpose, the cause, we all need to get along, let’s be friends personality and of course the green analyticals want all the details and facts! These are the personalities you’re most likely going to run into when you're networking and you’ll want lot’s of them because they are usually quite dependable, loyal, patient and supportive team players.

Then some people just wanta to have fun!!! The ‘Expressive Blue’!

15% of the people you meet will be this personality or a combination of this and others. You’ll know them when you meet them! They love to party and socialize! They were born to network!!! They are also money motivated so yes the compensation plan is important but they also want to get to know who YOU are and they always want to have fun! They love to be the leader too so let them do their thing!

These guys and gals are also great story tellers which is a real asset in our business! People love hearing stories, we all relate to stories right? Find you some great story tellers and say to them “hey there are two kinds of people in the world, those who tell stories and those who get paid to tell stories!” Did I see a hand raised? The Blues are waving their hands! Me me me me!

You may come across a few of the top gun ‘get out of my way’ recruiters but they are far and few between. So try not to beat yourself up too much about it. When you do come across one of these true RED’s or a true BLUE RED, leave them alone and watch your business explode! Just remember if you’re in one of those pay plans with all this volume on one side you’re not going to get paid on it until you catch up on the other side! No free lunch gang! Still a good problem to have though huh?

Just picked up this list from another top trainer in our industry - of what people look for in a company and after over fifteen years of developing a career in the Network Marketing industry have to agree with the #1 choice and order of this list.

See if you can pin point what the #1 thing a person is looking for when joining a company. What’s MOST important to people -

-Company literature shown

-Marketing plan and potential earnings

-Training provided

-Who gave the presentation

-Product line

-Company management experience

-Up-line support

-Company image

-Sales kit provided

-Being first in your area

List those down from 1-10 most important to least important from the prospects point of view.

Remember - think like you’re a prospect!

What prospects consider most important when deciding on a company– drum roll please....

#1 - Who Gave the presentation


People will join YOU! They join people, they do not join companies. Of course we think our company is the best, our management team is the best, our product is the absolute best!

Our prospect though is wondering are WE going to be the best sponsor? They want to know who’s giving them the presentation and even more importantly can they do this too? When you care about people they know it!

Next in line is Upline Support – THE TEAM! T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!

#3 Training provided

#4 Marketing plan and earnings

#5 Product

#6 Being first in your area

#7 Company literature shown

#8 Company Image

#9 is the sales kit provided?

#10 Company management experience

So how’d you do in thinking like a prospect? Would you sign up with YOU?

Here’s some feedback below from a recent webinar training I gave on Sharpening People Skills & How To Find HOT Prospects In Your Local Area – Building Instant Rapport With People You Meet.

We have another webinar training coming up in this topic area TBA!

We want to hear from you! Tell us what training is most effective in supporting you in building your business!


I just wanted to say your webinar (which I finally was able to see) made such an impact on me. I am so glad that I placed the ad in our local paper - I have 2 interviews set up for Sat. at 10am.. over coffee and pastries.. (food and fellowship!)

Thank you so much.. I am going to have them come sit down and view the presentation on my website.. I wish I had the DVD which just came out to show new prospects! I need to order it as soon as I can!

I just hope I can present the company in a wonderful way to help them make a great decision to join us.

Woohoo! Just did an interview! Gave her a scent sample and info and she brought her husband too.. Ok.. great.. I plan to have ladies over on Sat to watch the video on my site. I want to recruit 5 - that is my first goal! I am so excited Sue!

Kim C

..I listened to the recording of your call from last weekend...

...and it was AWESOME!! THANK YOU!

The training was really great! Will you do more Corp training calls? PLEASE say you will - this last call was so wonderful AND value packed!

You mentioned a written transcription - where can I find it? I didn't see it on Jackie's yahoo group - can you tell me where to find the notes?


Sue Y.

AWESOME training! Can't wait for the = handouts!

Stephanie S.

Great Job Sue!
I enjoyed your enthusiasm, pashion, and all the nuggets you shared yesterday. The role-playing you and Stephanie did was great also. Have you looked for a GPS yet? My daughter has a TomTom and I have a Magellian(?). Any of them will help!?

Allen P.

"I just had the opportunity to listen to it this afternoon, too. Thanks, Sue! You really did a great job and it was fun to hear you!!

Cindy B.

Hi Sue,
I enjoyed the presentation and can you please send me the notes. That would be awesome and also would love info on the 30 second commercial.

Mary P.

"Hi Sue! Couldn't make it Saturday, so I just finished listening to the recording. It was GREAT! Thanks for all the information and notes!"

Donna K.


Great sharing on the call this morning!

I couldn't write fast enough and would love anything you can
pass on to me from your info you gave out today.

The one-liners and ice breakers are just what I need right now! :)

My husband does Bird Dogging for me as he travels each week as an over the road trucker and so I would like to share the one-liners with him, also.

Love your goal to bring your hubby home, that is one of my BIG goals, also!

Thanks again,
LaDonna L.

I came in late, but what I heard was excellent! Gave me hope once again to keep persevering! I have went through some touch circumstances, but I am surviving! Things never go the way you think they will, but you have to make a choice, to quit or get back up and try again! Well, I am getting back up and trying one more time! Usually, if things don't... See More go right, I back up & procrastinate, then, I quit! Not this time, somehow I will move forward and do more than just survive. I will thrive once again! How? I'm not sure! But I will take it one step at a time! Thanks to you, and some women I met in Topeka, and of course, Kelly Wissink! I just want to encourage you to keep on doing what comes natural to you! And I will do the same! Love ya!

Judith B.

Great info today Sue, thanks

Rhonda H.

You did a fantastic job explaining the business and I liked that you had a role playing business intro to a prospect. Great job! We will talk soon!

Cindy G.

Here’s Some More Recent Feedback From Our Survey -

Listened today 2/17 - it was wonderful- one of the best. Please do more, Sue.

The webinar gave a lot of "how-to's instead of just telling you what to do. Supplying handouts really help solidify the training.
I listened to the recording and, seriously, I thought it was great - very practical/do-able ideas & suggestions. I liked the powerpoint presentation AND the accompanying notes. Thank you!

Yes I was there and look forward to the personality training. I believe that training in Prospecting, presenting and duplication is the most important. These areas need the most work by the majority of the people. Other training such as fundraisers, parties can be self taught through experience, manuals, and the plethora of info already available. These 3 areas (PPD) don't happen because people are afraid or feEl they don't know how Or what to do and say?
Great! Awesome! Learned a lot do more!

I'm listening to it right now!!! It's great!!!

I can't think of anything to add at the moment, you both do a great job. And Sue, it's very nice to have you back! Wed, Feb 17

You guys are awesome and provide all we need! We just have to take the time to use it. Wed, Feb 17, 2010

This survey is still open and we are continuing to collect feedback - so if you were on this training we'd love to hear from you!


If you were not and would like the recording link visit -


Follow Your Passion!

Sue Seward
Entrepreneur &
MLM Coach

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Monday, February 15, 2010

Video On Organizing Your Biz Cards & Keeping In Touch With Your Network!

From the Home Office of Sue Seward

At Lake Travis in Austin Texas

(Note: One thing recommended on this video is to throw some cards away if you’re not going to connect with that person. I never throw anyone’s card away. Would you want someone to throw YOUR card away? Personally, I would just put those in a separate area in the binder!)

*The contact management & keep in touch system I have personally used for over five years is – >

Enjoy this short 11 min video with Barbara on how to organize your business cards!


Keep Following Your Passion!

Sue Seward
Entrepreneur &
MLM Coach

Networking - Connecting & Building Relationships Online Since 1996

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Friday, February 12, 2010

Hey have you heard of the beat yet?

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Listen in on Aces Live Radio with networkers Jim Gillhouse, Troy Dooly as they interview thatmlmbeat founder George Fourie live from Australia -


Then after you listen to the scoop.... scoot on over to check out what the excitement is about at the Tribe - >The #1 Social Tribe For Network Marketers/

Don't have your BLOG set up yet? No worries there's time! Let's meet on the phone together and get yours started!

Happy Valentines Day!!!

Keep Following Your Passion!

Sue Seward

Networking - Connecting & Building Relationships Online Since 1996

Inspiring People To Learn, Grow, Develop, Succeed & Become The Best They Can Be!

Sue Seward goes Locally Wild!!!

At Beautiful Lake Travis which has risen again by the way!!! Yeehoooo! All the boaters are happy!!

Yeah you heard it right! The second networking event of the month and it didn't hurt a bit! Dang this is too much fun guys and gals!

Getting out and meeting people face to face rocks! Was born to do this!

Why? Because I just absolutely love people and helping them to find their passion!

Here's what happened so who knows what could transpire now!

-made an announcement about the free online webinar training I'm giving tomorrow to help them grow their business ...

-ask for all their business cards and put their email in my mailer and sent them an invite to tomorrow's training webinar and sent them all a nice to meet you card..

-for anyone not able to attend let them know they will receive a link to the training webinar on - 'How To Find Hot Prospects In Your Local Area & Building Instant Rapport With People Within The First 30 Seconds Of Meeting Them!"

-had eight people who raised their hand to attend the webinar and several others who want to meet with me one on one for lunch..don't ya just love making more friends?!!

-and several interested in our products and in how to market themselves online..

-spoke with the restaurant owner about doing an open house there at the restaurant on the lake to announce our business and products here locally..

-met a financial planner that heads up the Lions Club who mentioned they do fundraisers so invited me to come on out to their next meeting this month right here in Spicewood and bring some details on fundraisers..

Anyone who loves and wants to learn how to connect with people more effectively is welcome on this free training!

Saturday, February 13th
12:00 Noon – Eastern

Register NOW .. Seating is limited!


Use your computer speakers Or dial in on your phone at -

773-945-1010 and Use access code - 622-352-860#

Oh and forgot... one more thing... gave out a few business cards!

Keep Following Your Passion!

Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Hey just found out I won!

Announcing the Winners of The Business in the Bathrobe Day Contest

Special thanks to all of you who celebrated Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day!
And now the exciting part - here are the winners of our Bathrobe Day contest!


Prize Winners of Doing Business in Bathrobes 2009

Sue Seward won a robe from >

"I can sure use a new bath robe, appreciate you sending me a Comfy Snuggly Robe!! Thanks >" Sue Seward - MLM Coach

Is It Snowing Where You Are?

We've been watching the weather channel to keep tabs on all our friends living on the east coast!

WOW! Remember those snow days when we lived for ten years in northern West Virginia! Our boys loved sliding in the snow down the hill in front of our house.

Here's our lonely little snow sled from the 50's sitting in our living room here in Austin Texas with no snow here for it to come out and play.

This happens to be the same sled that my husband Clif played on when he was a little boy and our two boys Luke and James had so much fun playing in the snow when we lived in northern West Virginia back in the early 90's!

So many wonderful times of us all sledding down the hill in front of our home there in Charles Town W VA! What great memories!!

Would you like to create more beautiful memories with your family?

I will be giving a webinar training on ‘How To Find Hot Local Prospects For Your Business’.... sharpening people skills will also benefit anyone working with people from a team coop, leads purchased, people you meet online as well as in your local area!

So if you would like to sharpen your 'people' skills this training is for you!

-Where to find networking groups in your area and why this is so important for the future of your business -

-You'll learn some great one liners to break the ice and help you connect and ultimately bond and build instant rapport with more people at your networking events and every where you go including online and on the phone! Like dropping bread crumbs people will follow you anywhere!

-What do prospects feel is most important in choosing a company? Do you know the answer? Find out what and why knowing this is crucial to your success!

-Why learning people skills is so important if you want to succeed in Network Marketing! You can make your list all day long and contact them until you're blue in the face! If you do not learn people skills to build instant rapport you're done before you even start!

-Learning these people skills and putting them into action will be like scooping up FISH in a barrel!

When you become Passionate about what you're doing it becomes FUN AND PROFITABLE!

Register here>>>>>>> >

Dial In At >>>>>>> 773-945-1010 use access code 622-352-860#

We’ll see you there!

There's an old saying...A little lantern can do what the great sun can never can shine in the night!

Decide To Believe!

Sue Seward

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

Friday, February 05, 2010

I just found out!!

What Tom “Big Al” Schreiter say a prospect feels is most important in choosing a company, what do you think it is?

Here’s the list –

-Company literature shown
-Marketing plan and potential earnings
-Training provided
-Who gave the presentation
-Product line
-Company management experience
-Up-line support
-Company image
-Sales kit provided
-Being first in your area

List those down from 1-10 most important to least important from the prospects point of view.

Remember - think like you’re a prospect!

Here's the #1 thing a prospect is looking for when joining a company– Who Gave the presentation!

People will join YOU! They join people, they do not join companies. Of course we think our company is the best, our management team is the best, our product is the absolute best!

Our prospect though is wondering are WE the best sponsor? They want to know who’s giving them the presentation and even more importantly can they do this too? When you care about people they know it!

Next in line is Upline Support – THE TEAM! T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!

#3 Training provided
#4 Marketing plan and earnings
#5 Product
#6 Being first in your area
#7 Company literature shown
#8 Company Image
#9 is the sales kit provided?
#10 Company management experience

So how’d you do in thinking like a prospect? Would you sign up with YOU?

Follow Your Passion!

Sue Seward
Passionate Entrepreneur

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

NEWS Flash Sue Seward Internet Marketer goes to a live meeting!

Yep you heard it right! Sue Seward actually went to a live in your face local meeting tonight! Got the picture here to prove it!

And that's just what we learned to do, how to find hot local prospects!

It was actually worth it to brave the rush hour traffic with all the fussy worker bees in drizzling rain not knowing where the heck I was going! Got a late start because a prospect called right before leaving so chatted for a bit, got her on her way to finding her passion and taking the next action step and then hit the road!

What a trip! Total bumper to bumper traffic, reminded me exactly of WHY I work at home! haha!

Wow though did I find out some simple skills that anyone can learn and heck it was fun! Ok you're thinking dang that girl needs to get out more! hahaha!

Had no idea where I was going after getting on the big freeway, missed my turn, calling the hotel to see who could get me in the right direction, couldn't talk on the cell while driving with all the worker bees on my butt, almost had two collisions, got in the left turn lane and then went straight while a car was turning left and missed me by like an inch!!! Geez! I think God had me in the palm of his hand!!! Holy COW what a fricken mess!

Finally got there 15 minutes late and because of that actually got in for no charge because the host came out and turns out we got to talking briefly and I had met her online back during the holidays when checking out some MEETUP groups in Austin! She is the host of one and she was hosting this workshop! So she says YOU are my guest and gives me my twenty back! Hows that for karma?

Then at the end Big Al says he's got some CD's we can get to take home for a donation of.... Yep twenty bucks!

The workshop was full of great tips and skills training from a master who has actually like built a downline! No motivation at all! Just pure D GRADE A SKILLS BABY!

Stuff you can take back to your team and help them.... let me see what's that term we use again....D-U-P-L-I-C-A-T-E!!!!

Well of course I met some cool people, they were all networkers for petes sakes! Made some great business connections and would I go back regardless of the traffic??

ABSOLUTELY in a New York minute!!!

It does feel good though to be back home in my fuzzy slippers! hmmmm.. Video blogging time???

Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Why Brand YOUR Passion?

After networking and making connections, building relationships online for over twelve years it’s come to my attention that email is sort of dead don't you think? How much real connection email do you receive now days? How many people are actually connecting and building relationships online using email? Most of what we receive is spam wouldn't you agree?

Geez, how much Viagra can a person use anyway?!! hahaha!

I still remember back when starting online in 1996 all we had was email and a few chat rooms and forum message boards and of course the tried and true telephone which is always one of our best tools for networking right?

A lot of people come to me and ask my opinion on having a personal website and what’s more important - having a personal website or a replicated marketing system?

Well actually both can help you depending on your goals, your target market and what you are truly passionate about. The main thing is that you start to realize how important it is to brand YOU and you can do this several ways and you don’t have to spend hours, days or weeks building a personal website to do it!

The best thing you can do when you start your enterprise is to be up and running as quickly as possible and getting yourself and your business out there for people to see. Building a personal website can take hours and hours and sometimes weeks to develop. Having a replicated marketing system can be set up the first day you start your enterprise. So I always recommend this option to anyone who wants to have their business website up and running day one.

Depends on your purpose and your end goal so think about what that is first.

This is also why it's crucial to your success to have a plan, a real business plan with your passion spelled out, your goals and your action sets planned out on paper. Have you done this yet? If not I highly recommend doing this first. If you need some coaching on this get in touch and I'm happy to help you brainstorm some ideas.

The reason you want to brand yourself and your passion is because people join you first. They want to know who you are and why you are doing what you do. What are you passionate about? Why should they partner with you? You can do this too by putting up a Blog which are becoming very popular these days. Some people are choosing to do video blogging. Be sure you do what best fits your style. Video may not be your thing and that’s perfectly ok. Writing may be! Or audio may be your thing! Go with your own passion and what floats your boat.

Perhaps some of these other reaching out avenues will be something you’ll gravitate to next as you start to get your feet wet in one area you may advance onto learning something new. Just remember if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing people will pick up on that! So go with what lights your fire because this is what draws more people near to you!

Everything always starts with a little spark!

If you feel you’re not a writer don’t worry, I wasn’t when starting out either twelve years ago! In fact, I had no degrees or writing experience at all. What I have always written about is my own experiences. It’s not fiction, it’s not about what I’m dreaming about, and it’s what I’ve done! I also write like I talk so sometimes may not have the best grammar, remember I didn’t go to school to be an English teacher.

I’m just a little ole networker by way of school of hard knocks!

Writing and posting to your blog is not really about being inspired as much as it is about being passionate about what you do because when you’re passionate about what you do it becomes easier to express yourself. People are attracted to enthusiastic people who are passionate about what they do!

Remember the movie 'Passion Of The Christ'? Jesus passion was working for the Lord. His passion was people and he actually decided to leave his father’s carpentry business which he was very good at to follow this passion. You know people must have thought he was crazy to leave such a great paying job! Jesus however was not that interested in making money as he was saving souls. This doesn't mean though that God doesn't want anyone making money. On the contrary! The Bible says God wants us to prosper and it says it in more places than one and the reason is so that we can be generous on every occasion!

Recently I met another professional woman here locally that left her medical career to pursue a career in becoming a Certified Life Coach. Her family and colleagues thought she was nuts! Becoming a Life Coach however is her passion which is to help other people unlock their true potential and she’s very good at it. Why? Because she is so darn passionate about it! You can tell by listening to her in one of her coaching sessions. She brings out the best in people. I was one of the ones who experienced watching her bring out the best in people attending one of her goal setting workshops. She truly is going for her passion!

For me it’s always been about people too. Helping them find their passion, helping them set up their own enterprise, be their own boss, coaching others and helping them to unlock their true potential for success.

It’s really ok to brand yourself because you are unique and there’s only one you. God made you just the way you are and has a plan for your life. Search deep inside and find what your passion is and express it by sharing what you love with others.

Maybe your passion is your kids, your partner, you love gardening, cooking, nature, travel, reading, skydiving, mountain climbing, running, walking, fitness, health, being your own boss, teaching and training others…you get the picture right?

Combine this passion with what you’re doing to earn a living and write about this on your blog!

Sometimes I’m driving down the road just out running the usual errands to the grocery store, the post office or office supply store. Not so exciting right? BAM something comes into my head and I’ve got to write it on my blog like I’m sharing with you now!

I write notes on sticky notes! Had about 7 or 8 of them all pasted on my desk to put into this blog post! Just jot down thoughts during your day to day routine and it will come to you what to post on your blog.

Once you set your blog up you will get noticed once you start posting it on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Best Networker, thatmlmbeat, and others you’ll find online. You can always Google to find more places to post your blog,. Name your blog which should center on your passion.

On your blog you’ll have your profile which tells a little about you and your passion, photo of yourself and links to your enterprise and any other passions you have. One of mine happens to be Gluten free cooking. Not only do I love to cook, I’m 100% gluten free now after about a year of working on being compliant due to health reasons. It’s been a real struggle and I know it can be for thousands of others. I’ve been there and can relate what it’s like to go to the grocery store and just stand there and stare at the shelves wondering what in the heck can I eat?!!!

Now I’ve got the GFree thing down and even set up a page on my personal website about it because of being so passionate about helping others who are struggling too. If that’s you visit – > AND I hope this helps you as it has me!

Now back to putting up your Blog -

Be sure you always use a photo of yourself to brand YOU! No silly avatars or photos of your products. This will not brand YOU. Remember YOU brand YOU so put on a photo of the REAL passionate you!

One of the other things to do is always be REAL, be authentic, be passionate about what you're doing, just be yourself and people will be attracted to you and want to connect with you and eventually may become interested in what you do and they may just be a great connection. Everyone is a connection, remember that! Even if they are not interested in your particular business think of them as a great connection! You never know what could transpire from one great connection!

Blogging Information -

Google Blogging Resources for information to get started - here's one I found


> and >

Sue Seward
Passionate Entrepreneur

Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Can Do It!

Just finished reading Gary Vay-ner-chuk's book 'Crush It' and following through on some of his ideas for networking and branding.

We've sure come a longggg way since 1996 when I started online with email, a few chat rooms and forums and of course the good ole telephone. We were doing social networking wayyy back then before it was even invented. In fact, we invented it!

Although I've built most of my home business online, I'm also getting back out face to face and networking locally utilizing networking websites and resources such as > and >

One of the main reason's for my success in MLM/Network Marketing happens to be because of the self-development.

Leaders are paid well and that's about the gist of it. So if you'd like to be paid for what you do decide to become a leader and your income will likely increase.

Work a job and you'll get wages. Profit by developing yourself and a residual income that keeps coming in even when you are not able to work. One of my favorite mentors, Jim Rohn always said, Profits are better than wages!

Even through some serious health challenges for the last two years when not able to work sometimes for months at a time my income never stopped coming in. Why? Because for the first 3 to 5 years I hustled on developing and branding myself. I never gave up because the alternative was to go to work for SOMEONE else and helping them achieve THEIR dream.

Being told when to jump and how high was never an option and neither was giving up on my own dreams and goal to develop as an entrepreneur and a leader. Started out as a stay at home mom with no income, no degrees, no corporate background, no business experience, no contacts or credibility and not much confidence.

Have a BIG dream and then become the person to achieve the dream.

Because of the decision to develop into a servant leader, I now have the pleasure of giving back by coaching others on achieving their dreams and goals and doing it only when they really have the passion to do so. That's the key point, having passion for something that you would do even if you weren't getting paid, although being paid is so much sweeter isn't it?!! My passion was never to have to work for anyone again. What's yours?

Never let anyone tell you something won't work! Prove them wrong or you can always just settle to go to work for the government as a robot.

Remember, A dream is just a dream, it's not true as long as it's still just a dream. A goal however is a dream with a deadline to get something done!

Sue Seward

Monday, January 25, 2010

Crushin It & Being A Servant Leader

Just ordered Gary Vaynerchuk’s book ‘Crush It’ and looking forward to learning some good stuff from it to become a more solid servant leader in the Network Marketing profession. Servant being the operative word.

Make sure first of all to give family quality time! This is one of the #1 rules Gary mentions in the chapter from his book listed on Amazon. I've learned this lesson the hard way branding online and developing a full time career income in the Network Marketing profession for the last thirteen years.

I decided to read Gary’s book to find out what it’s all about. Sometimes we get so into 'crushin it' mode that we tend to crush the people we love the most. That happened with my own family so I’m speaking here from experience.

In the beginning years of building a business online I was so focused and passionate about one thing and that was to work very hard to create a career income in Network Marketing and do it by branding online. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being passionate and it’s one of the reasons for my success and the success of many others in our profession.

There’s a price to pay however and for me it was putting my family and close friends on the back burner for years while I was developing a career! We all know too that this can happen in any career a person is intently focused on building.

Time can never be gotten back gang! Once it’s gone it’s gone forever. Our children are only young ONCE! We may only get one chance to share something with a spouse or a friend that is precious.

Crushing it is a good thing and being passionate is too as long as we are not crushing others to get where we want to go and get what we want when we want it. This can be a difficult lesson to learn. There are plenty of divorces to prove it. Fortunately I’ve not experienced a divorce. I do know for a fact though it has happened for many others in our profession because people may not have put their family first and decided to crush it to the max no matter what or who gets hurt or stepped on in the process. There’s a difference in crushin it and becoming obsessed with crushin where other people are affected.

Gary even mentions family as top priority! It’s also not just a matter of loving them and giving them money and material things. We’ve got to give them our time, quality time meaning our whole attention when we’re with them! That means when we’re with them we are with THEM, not our laptop, our blackberry, our blog, our videos, our emails, our conference calls, or our business.

It’s a hard thing to do when we become obsessed with constantly being at the top no matter what the cost or damage it causes anyone else who gets in the way of us obtaining our income goals.

This happens when we crush others along the way to get to the top because of intense focus on self and our own passion. This focus can sometimes turn into an obsession with getting to the top no matter what and anyone who gets crushed along the way becomes road kill on the super branding highway!

We start telling ourselves its ok, others got in our way, they were just not passionate enough, they didn’t get it and do not deserve our time or they do not deserve to be at the top because they are not as focused as we are. Besides its important to be number one no matter what, that’s the goal because of passion we tell ourselves. This can turn out to be a deceptive lie when other people are crushed along the way, especially our own families and people who are in our downline which we also refer to as our family.

Any time a person has to take away from another person to stay on top people are crushed along the way and this is not right no matter how we crush it. Eventually what goes around comes back around and that’s eventually how the cookie crumbles! Remember it can get very lonely being the only crusher at the top.

Balance is always the way to success in anything we do! It’s great to be passionate about what we do, help others too along the way that sincerely WANT our help, put our family first, fall in love with what we do meaning – being a servant leader who’s available to help others get and stay at the top income level too!

Besides it’s also much more fun at the top with family and a bunch of encouraging friends and colleagues there with us on the beach right?!!

Decide To Believe!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Are Fuzzy Slippers the New Power Pumps? - Local Entrepreneur, Sue Seward, says YES!


Contact: Sue Seward - Entrepreneur
Phone: 979-248-1020

If your job often makes you feel tired, burned out, or stressed to the max, try a new bathrobe on for size. February 8, 2010 is the eighth annual “Doing Business in Your Bathrobe Day,” a time to celebrate the freedom home business ownership offers people. Everyday an increasing amount of working parents are waving goodbye to the pressures of the corporate rat race and settling into a more balanced and better quality of life…working from home.

Local entrepreneur, Sue Seward has been working from home in Austin Texas since November 1996, providing training on how to profit in the Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession. "Working from home in the Network Marketing/Direct Selling profession not only allows me the freedom to be my own boss and live my own life, it also provides a full time career income that pays me even when I’m not able to work ,and I can work in my PJs all day long if I choose to!" says Sue Seward.

Kristie Tamsevicius, co-founder of, a site that empowers women who have chosen to work from home, views having a home business as the ultimate life balancer. “Some people may think that living and working under the same roof creates more stress, but in fact, just the opposite is true. Working from home gives you the freedom to schedule your work around your life, rather than the other way around. That way you can create a life that you truly love.”

And the home business bug isn’t just biting American workers. People in England, Australia, Canada, Ireland, and New Zealand are celebrating the power of the bathrobe and taking control of their workday and financial future.

Considering that the average worker spends up to 12 hours a day focused on work-related activities, often skipping lunch due to job demands, it’s no wonder that many people feel out of balance. So for the millions of people who have dreamed about a home based business and the opportunity to finally have some life balance, February 8, 2010 may be the perfect day to celebrate the entrepreneurial spirit and map out a new business plan—one that makes the bathrobe your power suit.

On the day, will hold a random drawing for a bathrobe and a host of other prizes. Register online at - >

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Thursday, January 07, 2010

Time For A Job? Not!!!

During some serious health challenges of the last two years when I could not work, sometimes for months at a time, to the point of almost having to walk with a cane, my income never stopped! Thank God for Network Marketing and residual income.

It all happened from working really hard those first 3 to 5 years to develop a solid full time career income and because I never gave up when the going got tough!

Here's a funny little experience I had recently ....

About three months ago I got some wild hair up my butt and decided to look for a JOB! haha!

I know I know!! I must have been out of my fricken mind man!

Think I must have been going stir crazy after being laid up for so long at home, moving to a new house way out by the lake with no friends so thought heck maybe I'll look for a SALES commissionable job where I can be out in the public networking and make some connections.

Well I found this sales job on Craigs List and then had to write up a resume.

Have not been on a JOB interview or had a JOB as an employee in over 17 years, what am I going to put on that dang resume!!!

Well, I did put together a resume highlighting all my experience of the last seventeen years and guess what it was all about?

YEP MLM, leadership experience and all the income for the last twelve years developed in this profession!

Soon as I dropped it off in person to the receptionist 10 minutes later my cell phone rings and it’s the lady manager calling me for an interview! LOL!

I thought dang, I’m pretty good at writing a resume! Haha!

Then I thought utt---ohh now I gotta really go on this interview! What do I wear?!! I thought oh well how hard can it be? I’m a networker right?!

When I got in there, it was like being a fish out of water!

All I could invision sitting there in the HOT seat during this interview was a ball and chain going around my legs, both of them! This lady was very controlling and dominating and she made that very clear that SHE was the boss! Ohhh nooo this was definitely not my cup of tea! Talk about being out of your comfort zone!

Oh I was my usual smooth outgoing networking self all right. She didn’t seem to like that though that I was in control of my life. So what in the world was I doing sitting in there like an employee waiting to be told when to jump and how high!

Suffice it to say I could not wait to get out of that office and thought thank GOD for my MLM business as I RAN out of there with my hair on FIRE!!! I don't need this BS! I've got a great business! What the heck was I thinking???!!!!

Ok so it was a great lesson letting me know how good I have it! Sometimes we have to go on the other side to realize what we have don’t we?! So I got knocked off the horse for awhile, so what big deal, just get back on and ride baby ride to the end! It ain’t over till God says it’s over!

So I decided right then and there girl you're gonna get busy again building your home business and build it bigger and better than before! No JOB for me baby!

Rarring To Build It BIG Together in 2010!

Decide To Believe!

Sue Seward
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"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar