Tuesday, May 20, 2008

WHY Keep Going When The Going Gets Tough?

I've kept going for over eleven years in this business simply because the WHY and the dream is BIGGER than any of the frustrations, disapointments, highs, lows, ups and downs!

First of all I NEVER wanted to go to work for someone else and never wanted anyone telling me what to do. (just like Kim and Robert Kiyosaki say too!). It used to make me sick to my stomach to think of working for someone else!

Now it's not even a thought!

I've always been entrepreneurial since I was 6 years old, selling candy, popcorn balls and stuff in our sixth grade class, baby sitting as a teen, driving people's horse trailers for miles, doing odd jobs, anything to make a buck that was legal! hahaha!

When I discovered MLM back in the mid 80's and read John Kalench's book 'The Greatest Opportunity In the History Of The World' (my very first mlm book) it was like a light bulb came on! THIS IS IT!

I read a newspaper ad that said earn $10,000 a month and called that number locally and it was for Nuskin. That was in 1987. I had NEVER even heard of MLM before. Not even Amway! I've been hooked ever since!

Over the years though the WHY has grown larger and larger. My husband has taken care of me really since we met 30 years ago. I was 25 and had no experience in business, corporate, no degrees, no credibility or contacts, or skills really except great people skills. I was not a professional when starting out. I also did a lot of waitress work and was always in sells or customer service. Sells kept me out of
an office. haha!

He's supported me through it all, ups and downs, frustrations in the business and industry, losing money, people dropping out, not doing what they say, dissapointments, etc. etc. etc. He's seen it all and has never once ask me to QUIT!

Now he's very happy to see the FRUITS of all that labor and the freedom I've developed where I never have to go to work for anyone again.

If something God forbid were to happen to him he knows I would be ok because I've developed an income for life and created a professional career from scratch.

I have had to develop INTO a professional which Network Marketing has also given over the years as an added benefit!

So even if the income were to be taken away I know I can do it again because of the EXPERIENCE gained in this industry and that's PRICELESS!

My husband deserves the MLM SPOUSE SUPPORT award if there ever was one! hahaha!

So he is my WHY! I'm doing this so he can be FREE too! He works like a dog for his family. I want to see him retiring on Lake Travis riding in his boat when ever he wants to, running marathons again, golfing, playing tennis, whatever he chooses to do!

I want this for OTHERS who want it just as bad too. All they have to do is say so and I'm there to help them get whatever it is that they are going after! Helping lot's of people to achieve their financial freedom too! How precious is that?

I'm never giving up because this is all just way to important!

Stay Powered Up!

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