Thursday, September 25, 2008

Direct Selling Women's Alliance - Mentored By The Masters Series CD

It's an extreme honor to be one of the direct selling professionals interviewed recently for - Mentored by the Masters CD Series which will come out in the February-March 2009 issue- by the Direct Selling Women's Alliance -

Proven tips and strategies for greater passion, purpose and profits.

Why take the difficult path of trial and error when you can learn from those who have mastered the fundamentals of sponsoring, selling, team building and more?

Mentored by the Masters is a monthly CD audio series for network marketing or party plan professionals who want more fun, less stress and higher profits. Each month, you receive time-tested million dollar strategies that took DSWA Masters from their beginnings in direct sales to the top of their company's pay plan.

Each monthly CD series is full of fresh ideas, inspirational stories and step-by-step plans for mastering direct sales from the ground up. These mentors have achieved a monumental level of success and come to you with a desire and willingness to reveal their insights.

When you subscribe for $19.95, you will receive

• A CD Carrying case to hold a year's worth of mentoring.
• A bonus CD from Nicki Keohohou, "Empowering Words - Language for Transformational Results."
• The current month's CD.
• Access to the Mentored by the Masters exclusive resources such as articles, tips and action steps.
Every month after that, you will be charged $19.95 for that month's profound gems from top leaders in direct sales. If you are not satisfied, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

Topics you will gain insights on include:

Selling Selling in Groups
Prospecting Sponsoring
Time Management Leadership Development
Business Fundamentals Professional Networking
Hostess Coaching Team Coaching
Marketing And Beyond

Don't delay... order Mentored by the Masters today!

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