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Event: Sue Seward This Friday on ACES Radio Live -"Lessons we can all learn from"

From the Home Office of Sue Seward

At Lake Travis in Austin, Texas

June 3, 2009

Event: Sue Seward This Friday on ACES Radio Live

"Lessons we can all learn from"

What: Workshop
Host: ACES Radio Live FAN Group
Start Time: Friday, June 5 at 5:00pm
End Time: Friday, June 5 at 6:00pm
Where: From the comfort of your own home

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Sue Seward is a veteran Network Marketer, Author, Coach and Mentor who lives in Austin Texas at Lake Travis with her two sons 16 year old James and Luke who is 22 and she has been married to her husband of 30 years Clif and like most people her family means the world to her.

Sue will be the first to tell anyone that asks that her family is her "WHY" for building a successful Home Based Business.

"We moved to Austin two years ago (wow has it been THAT long?!!!)for our son James to play tennis at the Austin Tennis academy."

Sue started out in the Network Marketing Industry back in 1996 and has developed her passion into a full time career income starting out as a stay at home mom with no career, no degrees, no corporate background or experience, no income of her own, no credibility or contacts and depended totally on her husband who has supported her
in her career for years.

Sue loves helping and coaching people especially women/moms to become successful working in their own business from home to become financially independent and loves hearing success stories no matter how big or small because she has been there too and remembers what it was like starting out and struggling to make it happen.

Sue believes that owning your own Home Based Business is a Very Viable "Plan B" to pay for life's necessities, emergencies and joys and offers all of the following benefits:

- Setting your own schedule
- Secure your retirement
- Protect your family in case of emergency
- Skipping the commute and working from home
- Deciding when you want a raise
- Protect you from downsizing
- Spending more time with your family
- Create an inheritance for your children and your children's
- Create a walk away income as myself and many others have done

We are honored to have Sue on the show with us as our guest.

Remember, success is a choice--here's to yours.

Warm Regards and God Bless,

Jim Gillhouse
Aces Live Radio Host

Your Partner in Success,

Sue Seward
MLM Online Marketing Coach

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