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What Does It Take To Become A Champion?

From the Home Office of Sue Seward

At Lake Travis in Austin Texas

August 3, 2009

From the Home Office of Sue Seward

At Lake Travis in Austin Texas

August 3, 2009

What does it take to become a champion?

It's been a long road these last two years of nail biting, nerves, financial stress, emotions, courage, determination, persistence, goal setting, and now a victory that will lead to many more!

It certainly has not happened over night for our son James! This brave young man has climbed a huge mountain and has suffered defeat after defeat, as he was one of the late starters at the tennis academy at age 14. With each failure he's learned something new and has become stronger.

He started playing tennis at age 10 when he picked up a racket on vacation one summer at Gulf Shores in Alabama and said "mom and dad this is the sport I want to play" and then he decided he had a goal to play in college.

He started in Austin at the academy at age 14 where most of the players have been since age 8 or 9.

So he's had a lot of catching up to do not to mention losing about 30 lbs, growing about 4 inches and developing into a young humbled leader! The coaches say he's definitely been the underdog.

He has fought hard and realizes he still has a long ways to go! This is only one milestone. We saw him in tears last weekend after a devastating loss and about to give up. We encouraged him NOT to give in or give up on his goals or his dreams! He's come much too far to throw in the towel!

We reluctantly had to take him out of the tennis academy because it's extremely expensive. It was a heart wrenching decision yet is giving him the ability to try out for the Lake Travis Tennis team next week which his coaches and he feels is actually going to help him even more to develop into a well rounded tennis
player and leader.

We do however plan to get him BACK into the academy by second semester and will do whatever it takes to help him continue advancing in his tennis career! .

This past weekend he proved once again that's he's been a fighter ever since he was born almost 3 months early at 3 lbs! He's now 6' tall wearing size 14 shoes and has a heart bigger than Texas!

Austin Tennis Academy News
August 3, 2009
Georgetown Hosts Berry Creek ZAT; Seward Qualifies

This first weekend of August held the Berry Creek ZAT, hosted by Georgetown, Tx, a tournament open to all non-qualified junior players.

Representing ATA was James Seward in the boys' 16s red draw and MIkaela Pope in the girls' 16s white draw.

James Seward competed like a man on a mission this past weekend, winning his first three matches to earn Championship status in the USTA Texas Section. In his qualifying match he faced the number five seeded J. Quarderer, whom he took down 6-0, 6-1 to advance to the final round.

"James was a determined player this past weekend," Coach Collins said. "He competed well and accomplished an important goal."

Look for James to continue to succeed in the Champ qualified division, while Mikaela proved that she is surely not far behind.

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