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How to Sponsor People Into Your Business and Build a Team

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In Network Marketing, the long term “coconut” money is made by recruiting others and coaching them in the process of doing what you do.

Some people shy away from this aspect of the business, and I encourage you to except it! It can be fun, lucrative and quite simple, once you understand the concept and practice always makes for the better!

You can find people who are interested everywhere you go.

The key is to just be YOU. Most of us come into this business not wanting to be a sales person. Then, the next thing you know, we're trying to develop some super dooper script, know the exact verbiage that someone else said. Relax, just be yourself and have normal conversations with people in........

Your Warm Market, when you are out and about, at networking and local events, get referrals, doing advertising, shows, booths and expos, also go to these exopos and network with people that have a booth! Online Message boards, writing articles and online newsletters.

Develop Your Story & Your Hot Button

The first step in effective sponsoring starts with developing your story and then leading with it when you get into conversation with others. Remember, stories sell, and facts and figures just tell. There are people who love facts and figures. Determine if the person you are speaking with has this sort of personality and then give them a tool that will give them all the facts and figures they need.

If you are speaking with a person though who loves to have fun giving them a ton of facts and figures will turn them off! If you're speaking with a very driven person who loves competition and making money the fun aspect may not appeal to them. So it's very crucial to determine what sort of person you are speaking with. You'll learn about THEM when you ask THEM questions! Let them tell you what sort of person they are!

To develop your story, think about what it is that brought you into the business. Was it the products? Was it the time freedom? Was it to pay some bills, get out of debt, keep from putting your kids in daycare, to travel, retire your spouse from their job.

Why did YOU start a business from home?

Whatever the case, your “reason why” is what you will want to develop into your story. When you use your own story, your enthusiasm shines through and people pick up on that.

When you do speak with people and share the opportunity that we have, detach from the outcome. It's NOT about you. Remember we are sifting and sorting. What is right for you may not be right for someone else.

Even if you think this person would be perfect for your business, if the timing is not right, it won’t be a fit for them.

That’s okay; it doesn’t mean it will never be right. This is not rejection and it's best not to take it personal because again it's not about YOU! It's about THEM and what they want and WHEN they want it.

Stay in touch with people and at some point in their life it may be the RIGHT time! So try not to lose touch! This is why it's so crucial for you to at least let people know what you are doing! Because when they are looking they will look YOU up!

When you begin speaking to someone about your product or opportunity, your goal is not to convert them instantly but rather build trust, and establish if a need or want exists. What you’re doing is building a relationship.

People don't always want what they need do they?

Be real and don't worry about sounding perfect and knowing everything there is to know about your business or product. Speak to people like you would talk to them about the great movie you saw last week, or the restaurant you ate in. Practice sounding calm, yet passionate. It's really not important that you know all there is to know about your product, company and industry. There are so many great tools that will do this for you! As you grow and develop with your product and company you will come to know more and more about them. Still it's important not to overwhelm people with TOO MUCH information at once!

Be conversational with people, develop a casual approach and don't be too fake.

“Hey, do you know anyone who is looking to earn some extra income or a blurb about your specific product. I am looking for a few partners to help me expand this product line in your area. It’s a fun, profitable home business. Who do you know that might be interested in evaluating a business plan?”

You are not asking the person directly if he or she might be interested, but rather taking a third party approach. This is a good approach to use when speaking with your warm market (people you know – family, friends, neighbors, business acquaintances.) It also works well when developing contacts any where you go.

What do you say in conversation?

If the person tells you that he or she might be interested, don't immediately launch into your business details. Be relationship based. This is where asking good questions comes in.

How long have you been looking?

What happened some time ago that made you begin your search?

These two key questions will reveal quite a bit if you will listen carefully to what a person is saying.

What do you do now?

Do you like what you do?

What are you looking for specifically?

What other businesses have you looked at? If they've been looking at other MLM companies find out which ones. This will give you an idea of their interest.

Find out what they liked or disliked about those companies.

Have you ever owned your own business or worked from home before?

How much time will you devote to your business?

How much of a financial investment are you willing to make to start your home business, if you were convinced it was the right one? (this one is crucial to know!)

All of these kind's of questions help you make a connection and determine what their "why" is.

Would you like to know more about what I am doing to see if it's a fit for you?

Consider the motivation question. It's important for you to know WHY your prospect is looking? You can come back later when following up with them and remind them about their why! "Sally remember when we last spoke you shared with me that you did not want to put your kids in daycare?" "Tom remember when we spoke last time you shared with me that you really would like to have your wife home with the kids?"

If they indicate an interest in the product, ask "how often do use such and such products?"

What's important to you when choosing this product?

Develop your story and lead with your hot button.

Be honest and never make things up. Don’t make income claims, bogus claims about the product. Share stories that you know to be factual and that you could back up with a phone call if needed. This is so important especially now days with all the claims being made in our industry. This will let them know that you are a professional and also teach them that this is the best policy.

Create curiosity and don't be afraid to drop bits and pieces of information and get your prospect to ask YOU questions. Less can be MUCH more and you won't come across as you trying to SELL them. When they are asking questions they are interested!

Seriously interested people will ask you for more details. Give them information slowly without puking all over them! Sometimes we become so excited about our business we tend to overwhelm people with TOO much information! We also have so many great tools and then we tend to send them puke in a bag!

Develop your story and know it well. How did you find our product and company? The opportunity? What interested you? What sold you? Many of the people you speak with will share your same thoughts and ideas and having a solid story, told with passion can answer many of their questions up front and be reassuring.

Develop your 30 second blurb when asked what you do?

Well, you know how couples today are often forced to both work and have their kids in day care. I’ve developed a business that has solved that issue for me and I coach others on how to get one or both parents out of the corporate world and into a business of their own. Do you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about this business concept?

I market a line of products primarily using the Internet. I also have a great fundraising program that gives groups and organizations a solid product that people actually want and will use with a strong profit margin. Do you know any groups looking to raise some serious funds with something other than over priced candy and wrapping paper?

It's third party, who do you know.

I have a business I run online from home.

Getting Your Products Out There Can Create Business Partners!

As for products, use and expose your product as much as possible.

Use this as an opportunity to discuss your product and remember to answer questions and leave room for more without throwing in a bunch of information that they did not asked for in the first place. In other words don't puke all over them!

Example, a question about your product can sometimes turn into a discussion about the opportunity.

Remember to carry business cards and samples with you and always hand over your business card each time you hand over cash, check or credit card. Ask for their business card or contact information too.

Put business cards in your monthly bills, holiday cards, birthday cards, all of your correspondence.

Practice talking to people as you are out and about just about whatever comes up. Fine tune this and get really good and really comfortable and then you will know how to turn things around toward your products and business when the time presents itself.

Become a great networker, give referrals for other businesses when you can and then watch what comes back to you.

Finding People Online

Messages Boards, Newsletters, Advertising, Building a Presence, using online marketing tools, personal website, autoresponders, group mail, etc. Building relationships with people just like you would offline.

Drive traffic OFFLINE to your online website with business cards, opportunity cards, web decals, magnetic signs, dropping off catalogues, etc.

Networking In Message Forums

Imagine yourself entering a room filled with people. When you join a message forum, watch for the conversation streams. Join conversations you are interested in.

Watch the balance of time; it's easy to become so involved in the online environment that you lose track of your schedule. Contribute and ask questions.

Networking in message forums is a great way to build a presence online. Become a positive promoter of the Network Marketing Industry.

When others ask about you be honest. Use your REAL name. Be prepared to follow up when someone shows an interest in you and your business. Always post a signature line with a link to your website, newsletter, email, etc.

I have made a lot of valuable business connections over the years and have partnered with several professionals in business with this form of online networking communication.

Sue Seward
Home Business Developer &
Internet Marketing Coach

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