Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Struggle Makes Us Stronger & Equips Us To Fly!

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It is said that if we were to help the butterfly remove itself from the cocoon, the butterfly would not be strong enough to survive. It is the struggle that prepares the butterfly to become strong enough to fly.

Without the struggle in the cocoon, it could not survive as a butterfly.

It's the same with us and our MLM business. We must go through some hardship and struggle to become stronger so that we can survive and be able to fly with success!

When something is given to us on a silver platter or someone else does it for us how strong does that make us?

I remember years ago when I first started an online business and it was so tough to even learn how to copy and paste. I had no clue what an email was or about how to use a computer let alone navigate the Internet!

I would email my upline with questions on how to do something and by the time they got back with me which was days or even sometimes a week I had already figured it out and was moving on to the next conquest!

With each conquest I learned more and became stronger.

It was the same with calling people on the phone. At first it was so difficult to pick up the phone and to receive rejection.

This was discouraging and quite a struggle but I never gave up on making those calls because I knew that was a huge part of building a business from home.

The more I called and spoke with people the better I got at it and the stronger I became and ended up a survivor!

If someone had called for me I never would have gotten as strong and as good and would have died in the cacoon.

If someone had built the business for me I never would have developed a career in Network Marketing or the profitable business I now have.

The next time it feels like building your business is a struggle think of the butterfly and it's struggle to get out of the cacoon so it can become stronger to survive and thrive!

Someone believes in you!

Your Partner In Success!

Sue is a wife, mom, career Network Marketer and Internet Marketing Coach who has been earning an income from home online since 1996. She teaches others how to get leverage in their lives. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit http://www.eCommerceHomeBiz.com

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