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Freedom In MLM – What’s The Real Price?

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You may have heard of the CD with Robert Kiyosaki called ‘The Perfect Business’. My team and I have decided to use this when we are out and about networking in our local areas and in our networking online.

Here are some of my thoughts on this CD as I have also just listened to it again for about the 20th time. I had not listened to it in a while and just realized it’s only about 15 minutes and yet quite powerful and eye opening.

I truly believe that this 15 minute interview with Kiyosaki has the ability to open some possibilities for many people who are struggling with the idea of starting an MLM business but still have some negative ideas in the back of their mind, myths they’ve either heard or some well meaning friend or family member put in their mind that have stuck and kept them from moving forward.

Make sure you are passing this CD out! Listen to it yourself over and over again until it is ingrained in your mind to help you become more and more strong in your belief of this industry and what it can really do to give you freedom! The kind of freedom that so many are also looking for especially now with our economy in a downturn! This is OUR time! We have what people are looking for!

Kiyosaki has a lot of credibility and he makes perfect sense! I am attending a seminar with him and Jim Rohn in Dallas the end of this month. The brochure says -

‘It’s called the ‘Success Symposium. Big Achievers are meeting in Big D. Will You Be There?’

They are re-launching the all-new SUCCESS magazine

If anyone is interested in attending info is at


And magazine subscription info is at http://www.SuccessMagazine.com

Here’s a message I sent to the owners of our particular company and to our leader’s council after one of our owners received a complaint from someone in the field about selling products, people who quit, and when changes are made that they are not happy with.

Here's my professional opinion after 18 years of growing in the industry.

Sometimes people are thinking too small and are not seeing the BIG picture of what MLM can really do to give them freedom of choice.

It appears they may not be building a residual income and if they keep thinking on a smaller scale they most likely never will build a long term walk away income to experience true freedom. People are always going to quit. That's just the nature of any business. Most people cannot handle delayed gratification.

They put their emphasis on selling a few products here and there and teaching others to do the same without really plugging them into the BIG picture of educating them on creating long term wealth.

What happens is they end up with a self-employed business. When they do not work their income stops. In other words if they do not sell products themselves their income stops.

That's not my idea of building long term financial freedom. Personally I do not do a lot of retailing but it’s been my choice. I do however have many in an organization of 4,000 who do because they have that choice and make that decision.

I love the fact that we have a RETAILABLE product. That's a real plus and not something I've really had in my 18 years in this industry. Most of the products have been very costly wholesale and there's not much room for profit markup so we have been forced to sponsor to earn income.

It's great for people to also be able to put cash in their pocket immediately while teaching them HOW to generate long term financial walk away income which is what takes a bit longer if someone does not already have large networks to tap into.

It's also very important to have a product that can be retailed because that's what makes it a legitimate Network Marketing business.

If there's no product and all you are doing is signing people into some sort of scheme it's not likely legal. I'm not an attorney though so make sure you check with someone who is before you sign up for something questionable.

My job is to teach people how to network effectively and finding people with large networks while they are developing their own networks!

Our MLM business is our retirement because we know that the government is NOT going to take care of us, our 401K is NOT going to take care of us and the ECONOMY is certainly NOT going to take care of us!

What I've put into my MLM business for the last eleven years however will take care of us for the rest of our lives and I plan to continue to build it to millionaire status and because of WHAT I have learned and because of the personal growth AND the networks I've built in the last eleven years online it has no doubt the ability to continue to do this for us.

I didn't do that with a $50 fast start bonus mentality or by selling a few products here and there. I do however have thousands of distributors selling lot’s of products because I brought in a few networkers who brought in others, who brought in others, and so on. And we are bringing in more networkers to continue this cycle.

Some have dropped out along the way and that's called attrition. It's a lot lower though than other companies that I've built in another industry! We just bring in more networkers.

Myself and my team are looking for professionals who see the BIG picture and we are willing to stay and work it as long as it takes to build our company very BIG. We'll be the ones to REAP the benefits not the losers who whine, complain and quit! Robert Kiyosaki calls them wimps.

Most people get into MLM and really don't even understand the concept of educating themselves, becoming stronger and learning the process of how to make money work for them! They do not have the long term gratification that it takes to stick it out and that's why they give up and quit and settle for letting someone else CONTROL their lives!

It's about learning and growing and getting stronger not weaker and allowing people to bully you. Becoming mentally tough by getting educated on what it takes to GROW a REAL business so that people do not push you around. The more security you need the less freedom you'll have.

I never wanted anyone telling me what to do and that's why I gravitated towards MLM in the first place 18 years ago. Robert Kiyosaki had the same why for being in business for himself.

The people who are complaining probably do not quite understand the part of becoming a stronger, better more FOCUSED business person...which takes the process of learning, growing, listening to CD's, reading books, going to events and building networks AND finding people who have LARGE networks!

The stronger leader you become the more people will follow you and your income and theirs will grow. That's really it in a nutshell.

Jim Rohn says, "Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person we become".

The rich build networks and the rest look for work. When you are ONLY selling products and not building a network at the same time you are doing all the work yourself and when you stop selling products your income stops. It's that simple.

It’s great to have the best of both worlds - short term immediate cash while building your network for long term residual freedom! I am living proof that it’s well worth the price!

Create Massive Success!

Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur, top income earner with her company, who has been working from home online since 1996. She encourages millionaire mind thinking and shows people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term business profits. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more about how Sue builds her business online visit http://www.eCommerceHomeBiz.com

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Richard Dennis said...


You're right. A lot of people get frustrated if they don't get that instant gratification. MLM is a business of getting a payoff from consistent small actions, over time. If people don't see it that way and act that way, I think there's very little chance of them being successful.

I just added your blog url to my web page.

Richard Dennis