Thursday, August 07, 2008

The Perfect Storm

Who saw the movie with George Clooney, The Perfect Storm?

I do not mean to be insensitive to the people who went through a storm like Katrina. Believe me I know about hurricanes and storms. We have lived in the coastal area in Texas for eleven years and had to evacuate during Rita!

Let me share with you though that even though that was hard, we took advantage of the situation to spend quality time with our family! We had no choice, we were in a car for 19 hours together! It's an event we will never forget!

Now is a perfect time to expose your home based business opportunity to friends, family and everyone you meet because you never know who might be looking for an income producing business to add to their bottom line and you just might have the answer they’ve been searching for.

Yes, you could hear ‘ no thank’ you. Just think though, in today’s financial crunch you jusssst might hear a lot more YES’S!

You will never know though unless you expose your home based business to a lot of people before someone else does first.

Think about this too. The next time you are speaking with a friend, family member, lead or potential recruit, don't forget to share the income tax-reduction strategy. I have never met one person who has said they are not looking to save money on their taxes!

Everyone is focused on financial issues. We cannot go anywhere without someone complaining about the economy. Just pick up a copy of AARP!

As direct sales and/or network marketing professionals, we have a solution and it's nothing to be ashamed about.

It's like the perfect storm!

I’ve seen more people lately over the age of 50 working at Walmart, Target or McDonalds. These people are working part-time jobs or they’ve been downsized, replaced by a younger wiper snapper and many have lost their retirement!

Now that's a perfect storm opportunity! Help these people get out of there!!!

Actually, we have two solutions for helping more families improve their financial situation and the current economy (perfect storm) is a terrific reason to start a home business right now.

Were you are now is because of decisions you made 5 years ago, decisions you make right now will determine where you’ll be within the next 5 years.

Where do you plan to be? In the same situation or in a place where you’ve achieved your dreams? I know where I plan to be! How about you?

It’s all a matter of choice that each person has to make for themselves. If things are going to change you must change and do it right now while the timing is perfect because no household can survive on two incomes in this day and time, let alone one.

Direct sales/Network Marketing is an income-generating solution that will provide two more streams of income into the home without adding another wage-earner, or requiring a member of the family to get a second or third job working for Walmart or McDonalds!

Using the home based business income tax-reduction strategy as a recruiting tool can be quite powerful if you decide to use it.

With a direct sales/network marketing, home party or home based business people will generate income through their compensation plan, as well as through the ability to deduct expenses they are already paying for from their taxes.

The home office deduction is a legal system of deducting part of your home expenses as business expenses. This creates additional cash flow in the home by reducing tax liabilities while generating income through commissions from the marketing company. (Be sure to check with your CPA/Accountant and while you’re at it why not expose them to your business, because you never know until you ask right?)

Are you going to take advantage of the perfect storm now or waiting until the waves calm down?

To Your Greatest Success,

Sue Seward – Entrepreneur


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