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What Is RIGHT About Network Marketing?

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Network Marketing is one of the only industries that actually gives a person the chance to take back the American dream.

It allows someone like myself who barely made it out of high school, who went to college and dropped out to go to work - to build a credible career that pays as much or more than a lot of people who have college degrees earn and pays you even when you're not able to work!

Where else can someone earn an income even if they cannot work with the exception of government assistance?

In network marketing though it’s earned and not because someone is giving a handout. Instead of giving people an apple to feed them for one day teach people to plant an apple orchard and feed them for life.

The industry gives someone like myself with no experience, no income, no credibility, no contacts, no confidence, no corporate background or degrees, incredible leadership growth and experience which is priceless! So even if it was all lost today it could be done all over again because of the self-development and experience gained from being a part of this industry.

How can something be wrong about that?

There's absolutely everything right about Network Marketing for the people who see it for what it really is and start treating it like the real business it really is meant to be.

So many people get into Network Marketing with the ole ‘I'll give it a try’ attitude. They never set their enterprise up like a real business entity right from the start so it's never treated like a real business.

Network Marketing is really treated more like a hobby by many people who for the most part it doesn't have much significance or priority for them. Others outside our industry pick up on that attitude and do not take these people serious and then they wonder why people poke fun and complain about what's wrong with network marketing?

People get started and you hear them saying you mean there's an investment in this and in myself? What happens is they never really get started right in the first place and end up quitting because they simply cannot handle delayed gratification.

Entrepreneurs invest in themselves and work for no pay for many years. They understand and can handle delayed gratification because they realize that the eventual pay off can be huge. Sometimes they have losses and they overcome those too and do it all over again. They have a business minded attitude, they act and present themselves as professionals. People and business are attracted to them.

It's up to the leaders in this industry to show professionalism to our teams and to the entire industry at all times. That also means to not bash another person's company or product or try and talk them into or convince them to join yours when they are not interested.

When people decide not to build their belief in themselves and the industry they simply will not build a profitable business and then turn around and say something must be wrong with the entire industry.

It's not the industry that has the flaw, it's some of the people who tout it as easy and get rich quick to people who are cash addicted and have no priority for running a business in the first place because they never treat it like one right from the start.

My husband went to school for years, got his degree and studied for his professional license for many years and ended up with professional land surveyor licenses in five states. I remember all those grueling hours of study he had to do to accomplish this.

If he was to start a survey business it would cost us in the 100's of thousands of dollars just for all the equipment needed, office space, employees, benefits to them, etc. It would take years to see a profit and if the economy is slow there's no work and people start to be laid off!

When we brought our son James to Austin to play tennis almost a year ago he was a very weak player, a pudgy 14 year old who was 30 pounds heavier, who they had to take and mold like a piece of clay. He has had to work very hard to compete here with these kids who have been playing tennis at the academy, many of them since they were six or eight years old. Most of them are way ahead of him. He has made it this far because he has a sincere desire to become one of the top players and obtain a college scholarship. His coach said he has to do even more and it has to do mostly with his attitude to win!

For many months we thought that we had made a mistake and were wasting all this money because we just were not seeing him winning the matches and moving up in levels. It has been grueling to watch him lose match after match. Not really realizing that he's right on target with his training!

At the end of the year party we were shocked to hear that our son was giving the end of the year speech! If you all knew James you'd know he's extremely quite and shy. He barely speaks in school. He took the challenge the coach gave him and we had tears of joy when he gave his speech loud and clear in front of over 50 people including his peers! That took a tremendous amount of courage and it gave us hope and reassurance that we've done the right thing by bringing him to Austin to play tennis!

There are people who drop out of the academy because they don't see the progress quick enough. The coaches told us that by what our son is doing now we'll see the results in four more months. What he did four months ago we're seeing right now!

It's amazing to see the leader he's becoming and it's taken a huge amount of sacrifice and investment for our family to give him this opportunity! In fact, if it were not for network marketing he would not have this opportunity in the first place.

It's the same with our network marketing business. When we do all the right things now we will see the positive results come back to us in the near future. Three to four years and even five years is not much time really to invest in the freedom that network marketing provides and that my friends is what is so RIGHT about network marketing!

I'm proud of our son, love being a Network Marketer and so proud to be an American and appreciate all that network marketing has given and also excited about what we can all give back to the greatest industry in the world because they are all watching us guys and gals!

Remember this saying by Ralph Waldo Emerson? "What you do speaks so loudly that I cannot hear what you say."

Where you are now is because of decisions you made five years ago. Where you'll be in the next five years will be because of decisions you make TODAY!

Sue Seward is an entrepreneur, Network Marketing Online Coach and top income earner in the industry, who has been working from home online since 1996. She encourages self-growth and teaches people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into long term relationships for building a home-based enterprise. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To find out more visit http://www.SueSeward and/or call 800-985-469

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