Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thoughts for these days and times from a colleague

Hey everyone, this is from a colleague. She is our accountant in Iowa. It was quite inspirational and worth taking a few minutes to read so obtained her permission to share.

Enjoy the holidays!

This is not a forward, or a chain letter, or a do it or else letter. This a just my thoughts for these days and times that we are living in.

In these days when the news media says we are in so much trouble, and the stock market tells us we have no money and all the big companies tell us they have no money and jobs are being lost and families are being put into financial stress, I have decided to take another look at our world.

Last Saturday night I had the privilege to attend the Iowa All-State Festival Concert as a proud Grandmother. My Grandson had been selected as one of 601 talented singers from the High Schools in the State of Iowa Among others were 276 for the Concert Band and 200 for the Orchestra. As I sat listening to these amazing sounds these young people were capable of, I was truly in awe. As I have thought of this marvelous night, as an accountant, I have started to reflect. Here are my thoughts.

The World has not gone to Hell in a hand basket, it is thriving, with youth of this caliber, and many more we never hear of, this country is in fine shape. I blame the news media and its incessant desire for sensationalism for our thoughts on the youth of this Country. We have not forgotten God, as the Government and the news media tell us we have. Some have forgotten to thank him for their blessings, some only turn to him when they have no where else to turn. The individuals who are still praising their risen savior are just not making the news.

Our economy: I heard last night on the news that the Dow Jones Averages are at a 5 year low. Amazing.. 5 years ago the economy wasn't so bad. So what's all the hoopla.. It is news!! The Automotive Dealers are in dire straights, Who put them there. They did! How many Company jets flew to Washington to ask for money to bail them out? TOOOO many. They are in trouble because they liked living high at the expense of the blue collar worker, who had to work to feed his family, and while doing so fed the glutton of the Corporate Directors. Were these workers overpaid, by no means, and yet the White collar directors build fabulous new homes, all while trying to figure out how they could out do the other overpaid in this country. Have they taken a reduction in what they draw from the company, I doubt it. And yet the worker who only made enough to care for his family, has nothing. There is definitely something wrong with this equation.

And now for the Housing lenders Bail out. This is really a big one in my book. I would like to meet the guy who designed this setup. They did it all with advertising and enticement. Quick easy money, Build a bigger house, buy a bigger house, we'll lend you the money, all you pay is interest and in ten years you can sell this house for a profit and pay off the loan. So the family making 50,000 per year, that could easily have paid for a moderate family home, was enticed to buy bigger and better. It doesn't take a lot of sense to know that a family with moderate earnings cannot afford a 200,000 house, but they were told they could. These lenders forgot to tell them what happens when the interest rates go up, or when they call that loan in early, or when the housing market falls and there is no equity to maintain the loan.

How did we get where we are? We did it to ourselves! With a little help from Big Business, and our own Government. Not just President Bush, He is the fall guy.. He is where the buck and the blame stops. He has been a victim of a runaway economy, a runaway congress, and demanding big business influence, which he was not prepared to deal with, and neither was anyone else that had the position to do so. We had the warning signs of what was coming. They were just ignored.

Isn't it amazing how incidental the War in Iraq has become to the news media. Do you suppose if they had to report on the good that is being done there, they could? I don't think seeing the good side of an event is what they consider news. Our young, our strong and our brave are there fighting yet, don't forget them. You are safe in your home, because they are there. Without them, this war could be in your backyard.

I could go on, but you all get the idea. Instead of looking down and looking back this Thanksgiving, Be thankful for what you do have. If this Country, this Economy and your life need to be fixed, the best place to start is with you. As for me and my family, we will serve God first, we will deal with our problems the best way that we can and we are definitely not going to fly into Washington to see if they can pay our way out with tax money working Americans have paid in taxes. We are Americans, We are Proud and we are capable.

What can we do? Thank our God for what we do have. Thank him for a risen Savior. Ignore the hype of the news media. Know that daylight will come tomorrow and the world will continue to spin on its axis, you still have it better then most fellow citizens on this planet earth and Gods love will still surround you.

Just a few thoughts for your Thanksgiving.

Your Partner In Success,
Sue Seward - Entrepreneur