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Don't Ever Give It Up! Give It Time!

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Network Marketing takes time and effort. It's not always a cake walk and there’s no easy button!

It doesn't happen overnight and you do not get rich in a few short months. As professionals we have got to stop this insane hype because it can be detrimental to our profession!

Maybe this happens for a few. You know all the ones you read about in magazines who say they got a check for a bil-zillion dollars in a few short months! Then these few go out and flaunt their riches and make everyone think it's so easy!

This just isn't the reality of the industry. We've got to get realistic here. Until people start developing realistic goals, they will continue to frustrate themselves and most will quit.

With most of these stories we really never hear the behind the scenes true story of how these people got to the top so quickly do we? Trust me, there’s more to the story than we ever hear in the lime light of the stage.

It took me a lot of years to get to understand what to do and to learn the business. Developing into a leader has taken time. Before you can help other people it’s important to develop yourself. I had no business background, no corporate business background, no degrees, no contacts, and no credibility when I started. I was a stay at home mom and still am a tennis mom to this day.

Now I call myself a CEO MOM. It's a better feeling when you start to have people coming to you.

It's not been easy. I've stumbled and mumbled and made many mistakes but the one thing I have NOT done is GIVE UP.

It’s a constant learning and growing process too! I have gotten checks while learning, not huge insane money, but still a very nice four figure a month passive residual income that flows in month after month for working at HOME. I always realized that I would be underpaid in the beginning and I now know what the future holds for me as I stay on the course and continue building a solid foundation.

I've been able to stay home with my kids and take them and pick them up from school and taxi them to their activities. I haven't worked for someone else in over 17 years.

Ask people who say they quit their jobs in 6 months or a year to do Network Marketing full time really how many hours did they have to spend in the beginning to make that kind of money so quickly. More importantly, what sort of sacrifices did they have to make?

It might be a lot easier for a single guy named Joe ON THE GO with no wife, no kids, no house or yard to care for, to concentrate 16 to 18 hours a day on their Network Marketing business with no one to answer to, no kids to take to ball games, no diapers to change, babies to feed, no dinner to cook, no house to clean, no homework to help with, no groceries to shop for, no spouse to give attention to, etc.

This busy list of life goes on and on especially for women!

Because women are usually the caretakers and have not only the responsibility of building a multi-million dollar business but also the responsibility of caring for our families and sometimes that may include our own aging parents.

This is not’t meant to be an excuse. Everyone’s life situation is different. Many people must start in Network Marketing part-time because it’s necessary for them to work it around their job or around their full-time LIFE.

Most people have a full time job and many other obligations in their lives. Even with all this anyone can still build a Network Marketing business if they really take the little precious time they do have and be patient as their business grows in time AND most of all never never never give up. Then what happens is you develop leverage which gives you the ultimate and that’s FREEDOM. Just remember success always comes with a price.

Some people are just as happy with a part-time income from Network Marketing. Just remember to be realistic about the time frame involved according to your own particular situation and make sure you are sensitive to this fact in other people's lives.

When you decide that you want to change your career and start your own business and choose Network Marketing decide right then and there that you've got to give it at least 30 months of intent focus. Even if it’s only ONE hour a day make that one hour count.

Just think how long people stay in traditional jobs to retirement? 20, 25, 30 years? Then what do they have? If you do start a traditional business it will most likely take you at least 2 to 3 years to break even or maybe even longer. My husband and I had this discussion. He told me how long it would take him to start making a profit if he were to start his own Land Surveying business.

He said at least 4 years and he would have to spend a ton of money to even start his business. And if the economy goes so does his business. There's a lot more risk involved.

You also have a tremendous amount of overhead in a traditional business usually, depending on what sort of business you start. Start up cost are usually much higher than in starting a Network Marketing business.

In traditional business you still have to work hard, give it daily consistent effort, contact many many people, focus and commit, have desire, develop a PLAN, be organized, manage your time wisely....etc....the same thing we do in Network Marketing.

Find what many other people want and need. Become passionate about what you’re doing. Use the products yourself so you will become passionate and enthusiastic about what you’re sharing with others and WHY it’s important to you. Other people will see you walking your talk.

Be patient and stick with it. Be coach-able......find a good sponsor and experienced support team to work WITH you, not build it FOR you. Stayed focused and constantly stay involved in the loop. That means be on company and team conference calls to stay plugged in.

Constantly strive to be a leader. Be around successful people, watch them, do what they do, read what they read, go where they go.

Just DO IT and believe that you CAN!

Read everything you can about your company, the industry, constantly developing yourself and talk consistently about the industry to your business partners and other colleagues in the industry and of course to people in general that you meet. Don't forget to listen a lot too.

Attend every company function you can possibly get to! Attend leadership training seminars. Read books on leadership and business. Robert Kiyosaki, Richard Branson, Donald Trump are some of my business mentors. Some of the other mentors I've grown from the Women's tapes from Upline, Dani Johnson, Kim Klaver, Rod Nichols, Doug Firebaugh, Jim Rohn, John C. Maxwell, Mark Gorman, Brian Tracy, Todd Falcone, Susan Sly, Brian Tracy, Ali Brown, Art Jonak, Michael Clouse, John C. Maxwell, the upline mentors in my company, and so many many others that I have met and learned from over the years. Google their names and you'll find their training, coaching and resources. See who you click with that fits your values. Go with YOUR hot button!

There is a list of coaches, and Masters training audios at -


Alien yourself with positive like minded people who also have the desire to succeed. Join organizations like the DSWA Direct Selling Women’s Alliance - MyDSWA.org




Facebook.com and other training areas, networking or social communities online to feed and grow your mindset.

Look for successful business minded people in your community. Learn all you can from them and bring them into your business. If this is not for them then ask for referrals. This is what I've done in the last nine years. I've associated myself with very successful positive people and I'm sticking with them like glue! Here I am a little ole stay at home mommy working closely with people who are self-made millionaires and teaching me how to become one too.

Can you do this business alone? Yes you could, but it could be much tougher. That would be similar to being in a traditional business wouldn't it?

Remember to always think of the other person first, and ask them questions....take an interest in other people and sincerely try to help them. Building relationships is so important in this business. Whether you're online or offline always build the relationship first.

When you do people will gravitate towards you!

Jim Rohn says "Success Is Not To Be Pursued, It Is To Be Attracted By The Person You Become."

There are a few things that are absolutely crucial to your success in this business:

*Being consistent on a daily basis with your contacting and filling your pipeline. This one is one of the MOST crucial of all.

Make sure you are consistent! Do something every single day for your business! No matter what! Even if all you have is ONE hour a day do something for your business! It's important not to go
one day without doing something to grow your business another step up because I can almost bet you the farm that if you go one day it will turn into two, then three, then four then a week, a month goes by and you have not done anything for your business. You could become discouraged, frustrated, and guess what happens?

YOU’LL QUIT! DO SOMETHING EVERY SINGLE DAY FOR YOUR BUSINESS! Even if it’s answering ONE email, calling ONE person, taking your products, listening to a conference call, etc. Do whatever you can to make that commitment to do something everyday for your business.

Stay plugged into the loop with your company, your team, your upline, your organization and your profession.

*Follow up in a timely manner

*and NEVER Give Up!

How successful you are really depends on how many contacts you are making on a daily basis -

Jim Rohn also says "What You Lack In Skill You Make Up In Numbers".

You will get rejected too so just be ready for it! It's really a good thing. I've been there too. The ones that can handle the most rejection WIN because they will grow the most, become leaders and leaders are paid more.

Remember -

Following up is where most people drop the ball! I've seen it so many times with people and admit I have also been guilty of not following up when new to the business.

I was so afraid of the rejection. Now it’s a welcome advantage. If someone says no that's ok! When you build your mindset it just stops bothering you as much when people say no thanks. Just means no thanks this isn't for me. It doesn't mean it's not for YOU!

Taking it personally will only take your focus off achieving your own plans and dreams.

If you are not able to follow up in a timely manner ask one of your business partners to follow up with your contact because not following up because of fear or because you've lost your focus puts your business at risk for going stagnant.

Can you imagine being a 22 year old and discovering Network Marketing as your niche, finding the right mentor, and giving it 36 months of consistent, focused efforts with the right company and only ONE company, product, timing and experienced mentors? These young people could be set for life.

Could you also imagine leaving a million dollars in cash sitting on the table and getting up and walking away?!! That's what you're doing when you QUIT your Network Marketing business.

Well no matter how young or old you are you can still benefit from Network Marketing today.

It’s been a pleasure to have found Network Marketing when I did. Deciding to learn and grow through ALL the experiences, good AND bad, but most of all, never giving up no matter what, has created LEVERAGE and that my friends is an ultimate benefit in Network Marketing.

This is a photo of our son James who just turned 16 in December. James was born almost 2 1/2 months early in December of 1992. He was supposed to come into this world in March but decided it was time to come early! He was only 3 lbs which was really big as the doctors expected he would be about a lb and half. It was a struggle for him to breath so he was on oxygen, but only for 15 hours. He was a fighter!

He had to stay in the hospital for two months before we could bring him home which was one of the most joyous occasions of our life even though he had to be on a monitor for over a month. We quickly discovered that he was not going to stay in that situation long as he fought to free himself from those lead wires that were holding him down! haha!

He's now 6' tall! James started playing tennis when he was ten giving up soccer and baseball for the love of the match. So the summer before he started ninth grade we decided to move him to Austin because he was accepted to play level 1 tennis for the Austin Tennis Academy. This was made possible because of the career I had built over the years in Network Marketing.

Last summer the head coach chose James, one of the most quiet young men they had ever met, to do the end of year speech. James had to write the speech himself. He had never even taken speech in school or done anything like this!

Being a part of this academy has given him leadership skills that make him stretch so he accepted the challenge and we were so proud of him. They said that James had started as a heavy mediocre tennis player and was the player to develop the most that previous year including losing over 30 lbs!

He is still fighting his way to champs so it's been a marathon and not a sprint. James is determined to never give up!

Don’t ever give up! Decide To Believe that you CAN!


Sue Seward

Sue is an entrepreneur and top income earner in the Network Marketing industry, who has been networking and making connections from home online since 1996. She encourages self-growth and shows people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term passive residual income. She also enjoys public speaking and is a published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. To subscribe to her Online Marketing Networking 101-eCourse visit:

"Keep on doing good, and in proper season we will reap a harvest if we do not give up." Galatians 6:9

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I was going through all of my emails trying to clean them up and had discovered that I had saved yours to read later. Here it is July and I am finally reading it! It could not have come at a better time. This is the best article about our profession that I have come across. Thank you, thank you for this. I am going to share it with my downline as well. You are a great mentor!