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Are You The Only One Duplicating Or Is Your Network Duplicating Too?

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"If you want to increase your net-WORTH then you must increase your net-WORK." #1 MLM Prosperity Coach Jeffery Combs

SYSTEM means - Save Your Self Time Energy & Money –

It's very important to have a replicated marketing 'system' that anyone can have set up and working for duplication day one and one that their team members can also be duplicating as well. It's very difficult to duplicate someone like myself and others who have been branding online for years because most people will spend hours and hours working on their personal website while those experienced who have been branding online for years are signing up people who are finding them online.

Consequently these experienced online marketers are building their incomes while others are building their personal website systems.

In some cases, this could even be the upline competing with their own organization out on the net because they’ve had their personal website set up and branding themselves online for many years.

When attending company events instead of having 15 to 20 frontline leaders wouldn’t it be great to have 4 or 5 strong frontline leaders attending with their own teams which means the ‘system’ is duplicating and not one person doing all the sponsoring.

What this means is creating leverage because the team is sponsoring using the ‘system’. Let’s face it, how many people are top recruiters who sponsor 15 to 20 people a month? In fact, the majority will only sponsor 2 or 3 people a month at the most and many only one a month. Most of the top income earners in our industry have two or three really strong legs and many have only one or two that they earn 95% of their income on.

If there’s only one person at the top of your company’s pay plan that’s consistently been the only one at the top for more than five years, is that ‘person’ really being duplicated? If they were wouldn’t there be more than one person at the top position with them?

What this means is that this top person is most likely a recruiting machine and the majority of team members are not able to duplicate them. It’s obvious that if the system was being duplicated on a consistent basis there would be more than one person at the top of the pay plan. In essence the upline could be competing with their own downline. It’s almost like being in corporate America where there’s only one CEO is at the top and no one is able to duplicate them and share that top position at the same time.

If someone’s not earning the income they'd like to be then prospecting should be the main priority and having a 'system' to send prospects too will save them and their organization a lot of time, energy and money because the ‘system’ is a lot easier to duplicate than trying to duplicate a top recruiter.

A marketing system consist of a replicated website that everyone with your team has access to - a tour landing page that every prospect fills out for access to your website information – and an autoresponder system that drips information to your prospect even while you are sleeping, working another job, spending time with your family, being on vacation, etc.

Most marketing systems have a MY STORY page too that can be personalized by adding a photo and even a personal website link, blog, etc. Having a personal website that brands YOU can be a very effective way to market online when done properly when the time is right.

It's very important to understand the timing for developing a personal website. I've been branding myself online for over twelve years. This is something that takes time and consistent efforts to
do effectively and produce a long term passive residual income.

Here's my recommendation - remember this is just an opinion after developing a full time career income in this profession. It's your business and you are welcome of course to build it any way you choose too.

After you have developed a consistent income of at least $3,500 a month in Network Marketing and are covering your budget start thinking of developing a personal website either yourself or if you
have the budget to pay someone seek assistance from someone experienced in this area. It can be quite expensive to hire outside help especially to have it done professionally.

Building a personal website can take away from your prospecting and sponsoring activities which is what pays you your income so keep that in mind.

Some other ideas would be to develop a blog and again do this AFTER you have achieved your prospecting goals/activities for the day. In other words use your off time after prospecting to work on
your personal branding blog. Setting up profiles in social networking community websites is another option for personal branding online. Be sure to leave a website on your profile that links to your online marketing system.

When the time is right to start developing a personal website here are a few tips -

Make sure you brand yourself as a professional and an expert in your field. Again this is why timing is critical because you want to make sure that if you are branding yourself as an expert in the field of Network marketing that you have actually developed an income, in other words have walked the talk.

This is so important in today’s economy because people are looking for people who have actually done it and not just talking about it so if you’re going to create a personal website create one on something that you have actually had success with. If it’s about earning an income make sure you are earning one.

“You cannot build a reputation on what you’re going to do.” Henry Ford

Always have a personal photo (professionally taken is best) on your website along with a story about yourself and why you started a home business.

Offering a free cd, drawing, newsletter, ecourse, ezine, are all great ways to make a connection with people.

Make sure you have a REQUEST INFORMATION form set up on your personal website asking various questions such as:



Have You Ever Owned Your Own Business?

How Much Money Would You Like To Earn Monthly?

How Much Money Are You Willing To Invest?

How Much Time Are You Willing To Invest?

Describe Exp In MLM?

Have a link to your marketing system on your blog or personal website listed in the MENU with ‘How I Earn Money From Home’....

Place links to your articles if you have them or you could post industry articles from some of your favorite mentors and trainers with their permission.

If you have a blog put that on your personal site in the menu.

As always keep it simple, clean, and professional and always add links to your marketing system.

When selecting keywords for your personal website or blog, you need to begin by determining the goal of your site which is to share your business opportunity. If you put yourself in the place of your prospect who’s searching for a home business, when they go to the search engines, what words would they type in the search box to find what they're looking for and find you?

Take the basic keywords and build combinations or phrases centered around the words.

Also, be thinking about your target market and add those keywords as well. For example: work at home mom home business, work at home dad home business, network marketing (your type industry here) business, etc.

Now, here comes the key; Your keywords need to be RELEVANT to your site. The keywords you're selecting should be sprinkled somewhere within the text of your site if you're goal is to capture a good
site ranking for those keywords. Remember, your text needs to be free of company trademark names.

Another great free resource you can use to build a personal brand online is Squidoo-

They call it a LENS - here's mine - Sue On Squidoo

Sue is a wife, mom, entrepreneur who has developed a full career income from home online since 1996. She teaches people how to develop valuable connections online and turn them into lasting relationships for long term business profits. She is also a public speaker and published author of numerous print and electronic articles as well as coauthor of the book 'Build It Big: 101 Insider Secrets From Top Direct Selling Experts'. For more business building training online and to subscribe to Sue’s free online eCourse visit -

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