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Sue's Online Marketing eCourse Tips On Getting Personal

From the Home Office of Sue Seward -

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April 16, 2009

So you wanta get up front and personal huh?!

I've expressed my professional opinion before about building a
business online using a personal website.

I'm not totally against using this method because I've been
building online myself since 1996 and have used a personal website
for many years to brand myself. It's not totally impossible to
duplicate, just a bit more difficult and more time consuming
especially with much more competition online these days.

Yes it's true, there are billions of people online - the thing is
to attract them to YOUR personal website! That's the part that
also takes time to build - it's all about networking and building
relationships with people. I've always said too that Rome was not
built in a day!

So if you have the time to spend developing a personal website and
getting it ranked high in the search engines then I say go for it!

This is a part of my eCourse training -

Online Marketing Systems - Personal Websites & Blogging

Having a personal website that brands YOU can be a very effective way
to market online.

It's very important though to understand the timing for developing
a personal website. I've been branding myself online for over twelve
years. This is something that takes time and consistent efforts to
do effectively and produce an income.

Here's my recommendation - remember this is just my opinion after
developing a full time career income in this industry. It's your
business and you are welcome of course to build it any way you
choose too.

After you have developed a consistent income of at least $3,500 a
month ( or lower if you have the extra time and choose to start
one sooner - it's totally up to you) in Network Marketing and are
covering your budget start thinking of developing a personal website
either yourself or if you have the budget to pay someone seek
assistance from someone experienced in this area.

"If you want to increase your net-WORTH then you must increase
your net-WORK." #1 MLM Prosperity Coach Jeffery Combs

Building a personal website can be very time consuming and could take
away from your prospecting and sponsoring activities which is what
pays you your income.

Some other ideas would be to develop a blog and again do this
AFTER you have achieved your prospecting activities for the day.
In other words use your off time after prospecting to work on
your blog.

It's very important to have a replicated marketing 'system' that
you can have set up and working for you day one and your team
members can also be duplicating as well. It's very difficult to
duplicate someone like myself who has been branding online
for over twelve years. You'll spend hours and hours working on
your website while people who have been branding online for
years are signing up people and building their incomes.

SYSTEM means - Save Your Self Time Energy & Money -

If you are not earning the income you'd like to be then prospecting
should be your main priority and having a 'system' to send your
prospects too will save you a lot of time, energy and money!

An online marketing system consist of a replicated website that
everyone with your team will have access to - a tour landing page
that every prospect fills out for access to your website
information - and an autoresponder system that drips information
to your prospect even while you are sleeping, working another job,
on vacation, etc.

Most marketing systems have a MY STORY page too that you can
personalize to you, add your photo and your personal website link
if you have one, blog, etc.

When you ARE ready to start developing a personal website here
are a few tips - (always check with your sponsor/upline too for the
online system they may be using.)

Make sure you brand yourself as a professional and an expert in
your field. Always have a personal photo (professionally taken is
best) on your website along with a story about yourself and why you
started a home business.

Offering a free cd, drawing, newsletter, ecourse, ezine, are all
great ways to make connections with people and offer content value.

Make sure you have a REQUEST INFORMATION form set up on your
personal website asking various questions such as:



Have You Ever Owned Your Own Business?

How Much Money Would You Like To Earn Monthly?

How Much Money Are You Willing To Invest?

How Much Time Are You Willing To Invest?

Describe Exp In MLM?

Have a link to your marketing system on your blog or personal
website listed in the MENU with How I Earn Money From

Place links to your articles if you have them or you could post
industry articles from some of your favorite mentors and trainers
with their permission.

If you have a blog put that on your personal site in the menu.

As always keep it simple, clean, and professional.


When selecting keywords for your personal website or blog, you need
to begin by determining the goal of your site which is to share your
business opportunity. If you put yourself in the place of
your prospect who is searching for a home business, when they go to
the search engines, what words would they type in the search box to
find what they're looking for and find you?

Take the basic keywords and build combinations or phrases centered
around the words.

Also, be thinking about your target market and add those
keywords as well. For example: work at home, homebased business,
MLM, network marketing, internet marketing, online marketing,
network marketing training, network marketing coach, network
marketing mentor, (your type industry and product
names here), etc.

Now, here comes the key; Your keywords need to be RELEVANT to your
site. The keywords you're selecting should be sprinkled somewhere
within the text of your site if you're goal is to capture a good
site ranking for those keywords. Remember, your text needs to be
free of company trademark names.

This is getting a bit more advanced, but there are many places to
put your keywords beyond just the text; in your site's title and
description, in the "alt" section of your images, your page titles
(page names in the menu bar). If you're using SiteBuilder (see
below) there are tools plugged into that system that help you do

Site Builder is a bit more advanced and is designed to get
you listed HIGH in the search engines. I've built several
websites using this system . It's a bit time consuming
and more analytical. Once you learn it properly you'll
get higher rankings like I have.

What this means is when someone is searching certain key
words SBI does the work at getting your site listed higher
when someone puts in that key word your site is listed in the
first 1-10 sites. Most people according to the SBI experts
do not click down below this. They usually click on a site
within the first 10 sites listed.

This is crucial because you are spending your time and
money on putting a website together and if no one finds it you
will not get traffic which converts to sign ups and that
means more income flowing in to your business! (you'll
receive more training in this eCourse too on driving traffic
OFFline to your ONline business, other ways to direct people
to your personal website or marketing system.)

Blogging -

A blog is much like a personal website only its focus is more of a
personal journal or diary that's left open for everyone to read.

A blog is a wonderful complement to your personal website,
newsletters and articles, and overall building your presence online.

Your blog writing will center around a specific topic related to
your target market. Each post will contain your personal thoughts,
experiences, resources or training relevant to your topic. The key
is to develop your style of writing.

Much like the personal website, it's a tool to share who you are
and begin establishing relationships. However, with a blog, your
site visitors can leave comments and the relationship becomes a two
way conversation.

Here is a "getting started" guide to blogging:

1. Who is your ideal reader?

2. Examine the reasons or purpose of why you want to publish a

3. How do you want your readers to feel when they read your blog?
What's your writing style - humorous, visionary, educator??

4. What do you want your readers to do when they read your blog? -
call to action

5. How much time do you have to devote to your blog each week?
Start planning a schedule for writing.

6. Name your blog. Think in terms of keywords and target market.
What's your niche? How does it relate to your online presence?

7. Sign up for a blog account:

8. Register a domain name for your blog; for example
mine is or you could use the word
BLOG in your blog domain name!

9. Set up your blog.

- Choose a template that best suits your style with colors, layout,
and side bar items
- Choose colors that complements your personal website, logo/header
- Set up your content categories and lists
- Develop your "author profile"

10. Drive traffic to your blog site:

- Submit to blog directories and search engines

- Submit to regular search engines like Google and Yahoo

- Have a sign up form on your blog so visitors can get your posts
by email - this can be set up through Aweber.

- Syndicate your blog with RSS feeds. Any website you have may
offer an RSS feed feature. When you set this up, this means that
whenever you post something on your blog, it will show up on the
website you've placed the RSS feed.

For example, when I post on my blog, it shows up on my squidoo
page. If I'm posting on my blog through wordpress, I can have it
show up on my personal website because our site system allows for
RSS feeds.

11. Create links to your blog:

- put a link in your email signature file

- on your personal website or any profile pages within social

- Article Resource Box

- in your newsletter

- Business Cards

12. Blogging is another resource for online networking. Comment on
other blogs related to your target market, build your credibility,
and drive traffic to your blog. When you post on another's blog,
your name/ID profile will be a hyperlink back to you.


Website Building Systems I've Used -

(a bit more complicated and technical at first but they guarantee
to get you listed higher in the search engines and that's what you
want. After all what use is a website if no one can find it?)
People are not searching for you - they are searching for
INFORMATION and content is key. SBI teaches you how to do
this effectively!

Here's two of the websites I've built using Site-Build-It -

(This is another user friendly website building system that
I used to build my personal website at -

Another great resource (the only cost is your time) you can use
to build a personal brand online is -

They call it a LENS - here's mine -

See you out on the net!

Decide To Believe!

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