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Brand Yourself As A Connector – Become A Talent Scout – Who's Your Target Market?

Personal branding online is when you've actually gotten out there and developed yourself and then start giving back to help and assist others too. Companies brand their names and products so why not YOU?

People start to know who you are and what you are giving back in the way of value and content that they can actually use to develop themselves too. It's when you decide to brand 'you' first vs 'advertising' your company or products first.

People are looking for other people that they like and trust to help them grow and succeed. After they learn to trust you then they may ask you about your company and/or products and services, training and informational content you have to offer.

Everyone has something to offer. Everyone has some sort of skills or content they are experienced in or an interest right? For instance I found out I'm allergic to wheat and gluten so I'm into gluten free cooking now big time! That's something to write about and offer to others that are looking for this sort of information. Does that mean everyone interested in GF cooking will be interested in my business? Of course not! I do however make a lot of connections and friends to share ideas/recipes on this subject.

You can even write a blog on this type of subject and attract a lot of people who are looking to share this sort of information.

Personally this was learned many years ago from mentors who were an encouragement online back in 1996. They encouraged to develop a presence online and brand you vs branding a specific company or product. So that's what I did starting with no experience at all and no contacts or credibility online. All of this has been developed through many years of making connections online, building relationships, hard work and effort. It's not been easy and there have been some rough times with plenty of frustrations.

We started out using email and online forums in 1996 and always picked up the telephone to call people and developing the relationship. Then we went on to develop landing pages, replicated and personal websites where you connect people with YOU first and then your opportunity if they are interested in what you have to offer they will ask you about it. Then audio came along and now there's video to make online connections and branding even more personal.

So I always encourage people to realize that anyone can do this if they decide to and stay with it. Learn from those who have been there done that and then once you do learn give back! Make sure you always set up your profile with a personal photo of yourself first thing. That's the first sign of branding YOU.

Even when you do not have a lot of experience yet you know something, have some sort of skills, can share content worth something when you start to think this way. In the beginning you may have to share other people's stuff, articles, information you come across as you're learning - you get the idea right? Just be sure to obtain their permission.

Set your mind in the direction of thinking that -

It's always about other people and what they are interested in and looking for! It may not always be your opportunity or products at this time and it may never be, so what, get YOU connected because you never know what will happen when the timing is right for someone! They'll be in touch with the people they've connected with who show a genuine interest in THEM!

Who’s Your Niche Market & Are You Targeting Them?

Do you know who your niche market is? What is a niche? These are people who are already using your type of products or services and all your doing is speaking with them about switching to your products and services which are of higher quality and comparable in price.

In other words, people who are already using products and services similar to yours in price will most likely buy yours at the same price. You explain the difference in quality of yours vs the other brand. If you are selling gourmet products, people who are buying cheap products of low quality would not be your niche or target market.

Your target market could also be other network marketers or people who have been searching for a network marketing home business. You could also target network marketers who have been burned in MLM before and searching for the right opportunity to help them grow. If you are an experienced MLMer or trainer your target market may be people looking for a mentor or coach.

It’s much easier and more fun when you’re speaking with people who are actually looking for you and for the type of products and services you have to offer them.

Think about this – when you’re looking for an accountant do you search out a plumber? Now you may ask your plumber to REFER you to a good tax accountant right? You would not want your plumber doing your taxes would you?

When you’re looking for a high quality products do you go to the dollar store? Probably not! So why are you speaking with and searching out people who do if your products are of higher quality? Make sense?

How do you know where people buy their products? You ask them! If they tell you the dollar store that’s a pretty good sign that they are not your target market so there’s no point in wasting your time or theirs on convincing them to buy yours!

The same thing goes for convincing people about Network Marketing. Targeting people who are already educated and experienced in this profession will save you a lot of time and headaches.

Start networking in areas where other networkers congregate online and make connections with them. Introduce yourself and share your ‘talents’ not your business opportunity. Get to know people, find out about their talents, express a genuine interest in others and offer to give back, share information, give direction and advice when you have something to offer of value to others.

Have Motivated People With A Winning Attitude Find You!

In over a decade in this profession, I’ve learned a lot about other people and about myself. The single most important thing learned is how important self development is to your success.

Here is the one thing that has to happen for you to become successful in anything you attempt to do: you must first build yourself and your own talents. When you do, you develop something that is all important to success in networking: posture.

What is posture?

It’s when you have so much confidence in yourself and what you’re doing that you look for the most talented people you can find to join you in your business. It’s when you’re no longer afraid to talk with the most successful people you run into.

You become a talent scout interested in others, instead of a recruiter interested only in you!

The path of the recruiter – when I started out in this business, I was a recruiter. Everyone I saw or ran into was a prospect or a mark! I was a living three-foot rule: no matter who they were or what sort of attitude or interest they had, I was determined to recruit every single person that I saw or spoke with.

How was it? It was a disaster! But it was also a very good learning experience for me, at any rate. In the years since I’ve learned a good deal: and first and foremost, I’ve learned that what it takes to really become successful is not about being the best recruiter. Even those networkers who are phenomenal recruiting machines, while they may be successful for a time, eventually fizzle out.

Why? Because they recruit just anyone. They talk and persuade people into joining with them, even when those people don’t really want to. Most of the people recruiters enroll say “yes” when they really mean “no”. They say “yes” just to get the recruiter off their backs!

What happens? The majority of people the recruiters recruit end up quitting because they didn’t have what it takes to succeed in this business in the first place. The recruiter most likely is not aware of this because chances are,, he didn’t stick around long enough to train them or show them actually HOW to do the business. He’s too busy recruiting his next dozen victims.

Recruiters may not take the time to actually get to know people, to ask them what they are interested in, what their personal goals are or what sort of talents they have. They’re after the sign-up; the thrill of the sign-up is a rush for them.

Most recruiters are not very good trainers or leaders. They just don’t have time to train: they’re too busy recruiting.

The Path of the Talent Scout –

If you really want to become very successful in this profession, forget about being a recruiter: learn instead how to be a talent scout!

This takes time and you must first develop yourself as a leader. Hang out with talented leaders, listen to them, learn from them, read books on leadership, listen to great audio tapes on leadership, sit in on conference calls. Becoming wealthy in this profession very quickly is a myth. It happens, but not that often. You’ve got to pay your dues!

Constantly keep your eyes and ears open for talented women and men that you’d like to partner with. All the sacrifice, time and hard work to develop yourself into a leader and talent scout will be worth it because you’ll find out that talented people start to search you out!

Develop yourself into a top talent scout and look for the most talented people you can and you’ll get to the point where you can be very selective in who you choose to work with.

What is talent?

Who has “talent”? The person with a PHD? The guy or gal who’s already very successful? Well, sometimes, but for the most part, what you look for are people who are highly motivated, people with a winning attitude like yourself! Look for ordinary people who can do ordinary things extraordinarily well.
There’s no need to be fearful of speaking with extremely successful people about what you’re doing. Remember, you’re a talent scout – not a recruiter! When you have a talent scout’s attitude, successful people will recognize and will gladly speak with you because they realize that you are not out to recruit them and take a genuine interest in them!

Will everyone join you? Maybe, maybe not. But does it matter? No, because if they don’t , others will. You know this is true, because there’s talent out there and you’re now a talent scout!

When you get to this place, when you start to seek out the right people to partner with you in your business enterprise, you’ll be absolutely amazed at the people who start to be attracted to you and contact you. Become a talent scout instead of a recruiter and watch what happens with your success ratio!

Brand yourself as a connector, determine your target market and become a talent scout.

Sue Seward is an MLM Online Marketing coach and author who has been making connections online since 1996. She is a full time career earner in Network Marketing and lives at Lake Travis in Austin Texas with her husband and two sons. She offers more free tips, resources, coaching and MLM online marketing training at ->

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