Monday, January 25, 2010

Crushin It & Being A Servant Leader

Just ordered Gary Vaynerchuk’s book ‘Crush It’ and looking forward to learning some good stuff from it to become a more solid servant leader in the Network Marketing profession. Servant being the operative word.

Make sure first of all to give family quality time! This is one of the #1 rules Gary mentions in the chapter from his book listed on Amazon. I've learned this lesson the hard way branding online and developing a full time career income in the Network Marketing profession for the last thirteen years.

I decided to read Gary’s book to find out what it’s all about. Sometimes we get so into 'crushin it' mode that we tend to crush the people we love the most. That happened with my own family so I’m speaking here from experience.

In the beginning years of building a business online I was so focused and passionate about one thing and that was to work very hard to create a career income in Network Marketing and do it by branding online. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with being passionate and it’s one of the reasons for my success and the success of many others in our profession.

There’s a price to pay however and for me it was putting my family and close friends on the back burner for years while I was developing a career! We all know too that this can happen in any career a person is intently focused on building.

Time can never be gotten back gang! Once it’s gone it’s gone forever. Our children are only young ONCE! We may only get one chance to share something with a spouse or a friend that is precious.

Crushing it is a good thing and being passionate is too as long as we are not crushing others to get where we want to go and get what we want when we want it. This can be a difficult lesson to learn. There are plenty of divorces to prove it. Fortunately I’ve not experienced a divorce. I do know for a fact though it has happened for many others in our profession because people may not have put their family first and decided to crush it to the max no matter what or who gets hurt or stepped on in the process. There’s a difference in crushin it and becoming obsessed with crushin where other people are affected.

Gary even mentions family as top priority! It’s also not just a matter of loving them and giving them money and material things. We’ve got to give them our time, quality time meaning our whole attention when we’re with them! That means when we’re with them we are with THEM, not our laptop, our blackberry, our blog, our videos, our emails, our conference calls, or our business.

It’s a hard thing to do when we become obsessed with constantly being at the top no matter what the cost or damage it causes anyone else who gets in the way of us obtaining our income goals.

This happens when we crush others along the way to get to the top because of intense focus on self and our own passion. This focus can sometimes turn into an obsession with getting to the top no matter what and anyone who gets crushed along the way becomes road kill on the super branding highway!

We start telling ourselves its ok, others got in our way, they were just not passionate enough, they didn’t get it and do not deserve our time or they do not deserve to be at the top because they are not as focused as we are. Besides its important to be number one no matter what, that’s the goal because of passion we tell ourselves. This can turn out to be a deceptive lie when other people are crushed along the way, especially our own families and people who are in our downline which we also refer to as our family.

Any time a person has to take away from another person to stay on top people are crushed along the way and this is not right no matter how we crush it. Eventually what goes around comes back around and that’s eventually how the cookie crumbles! Remember it can get very lonely being the only crusher at the top.

Balance is always the way to success in anything we do! It’s great to be passionate about what we do, help others too along the way that sincerely WANT our help, put our family first, fall in love with what we do meaning – being a servant leader who’s available to help others get and stay at the top income level too!

Besides it’s also much more fun at the top with family and a bunch of encouraging friends and colleagues there with us on the beach right?!!

Decide To Believe!

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