Sunday, January 31, 2010

We Can Do It!

Just finished reading Gary Vay-ner-chuk's book 'Crush It' and following through on some of his ideas for networking and branding.

We've sure come a longggg way since 1996 when I started online with email, a few chat rooms and forums and of course the good ole telephone. We were doing social networking wayyy back then before it was even invented. In fact, we invented it!

Although I've built most of my home business online, I'm also getting back out face to face and networking locally utilizing networking websites and resources such as > and >

One of the main reason's for my success in MLM/Network Marketing happens to be because of the self-development.

Leaders are paid well and that's about the gist of it. So if you'd like to be paid for what you do decide to become a leader and your income will likely increase.

Work a job and you'll get wages. Profit by developing yourself and a residual income that keeps coming in even when you are not able to work. One of my favorite mentors, Jim Rohn always said, Profits are better than wages!

Even through some serious health challenges for the last two years when not able to work sometimes for months at a time my income never stopped coming in. Why? Because for the first 3 to 5 years I hustled on developing and branding myself. I never gave up because the alternative was to go to work for SOMEONE else and helping them achieve THEIR dream.

Being told when to jump and how high was never an option and neither was giving up on my own dreams and goal to develop as an entrepreneur and a leader. Started out as a stay at home mom with no income, no degrees, no corporate background, no business experience, no contacts or credibility and not much confidence.

Have a BIG dream and then become the person to achieve the dream.

Because of the decision to develop into a servant leader, I now have the pleasure of giving back by coaching others on achieving their dreams and goals and doing it only when they really have the passion to do so. That's the key point, having passion for something that you would do even if you weren't getting paid, although being paid is so much sweeter isn't it?!! My passion was never to have to work for anyone again. What's yours?

Never let anyone tell you something won't work! Prove them wrong or you can always just settle to go to work for the government as a robot.

Remember, A dream is just a dream, it's not true as long as it's still just a dream. A goal however is a dream with a deadline to get something done!

Sue Seward

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abee realista said...

i agree that in the business of online advertising or internet marketing, we can be more than followers--we can be leaders!