Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Focus On The Down Hill Result!

Are you always focusing on the pain of the uphill battle or looking forward to the prize when you finish going all the way to the top of the hill as you gaze back at the gorgeous view from the top!

I’m starting to get out and take walks again for exercise and just be out enjoying the sunshine, fresh air and nature. It’s been over two years since I’ve really done any work outs and it sure is tough! I knew it was not going to be easy and it’s going to hurt, no doubt. No pain no gain as they always says right? I’ve gained a few pounds since regaining my health back too and it’s time to focus on shaping up! There are a lot of hills here in Briafcliff too so it’s brutal on this new walker! Huff huff puff puff! Heeve Hooo up that hill I go!

Well today was time to put on the shorts and walking shoes and head out for a nice brisk walk. Opps, after getting out a ways it was a bit chillier than I thought even though the sun is really shinning. As I walked around the corner to the other street and saw the yard where I could have taken a short cut right into our back yard this small still voice said…. You just keep on walking focusing on the end results!

There’s one really big hill that my husband challenged me to walk up with him. Let me tell you I was huffing and puffing the entire way up, going slow and actually walking backwards so I could see the lake and not focus on how hard it was going up!!! When we got to the top it was the most beautiful view! I felt exhilarated! He said “now aren’t you glad you decided to go all the way?” Yes! Totally worth it! Each time now it gets easier too!

Some people are so afraid of the hills or taking to the road and getting out of their comfort zone because fear paralyzes them when focusing on how hard that uphill battle is going to be or what the cost will be to travel the road.

Why are some people scared to take chances or reach a little farther out of their comfort zone or continue that walk no matter how difficult the hills get or how big the challenges or the obstacles standing in their way?

Why is it that some people just keep charging ahead no matter what and some just keep blaming the economy, their job, their boss, their spouse, their kids, their dog, who knows what else because there's always some excuse or obstacle for some people to not achieve their dreams right? Something is always going to pop up and get in their way. News flash! Everyone has circumstances! Yet there are some people who do not let anything get in the way of accomplishing their dreams and goals. They see the up hill and focus on the result of the climb!

It’s never about the money either. People are always spending money on ‘stuff’ because it’s something they want. They may not even need this ‘stuff’ but by golly they’ll spend money on more junk. So why don’t they spend it on developing themselves, their health, or their business and what is the pay off if they don’t? They don’t become a leader, they stay broke, continue with bad health, out of shape, and their business does not duplicate.

Why not start focusing on the results you’re going to see once you get up that hill and when you step out and travel the roads to your company events! Get on the phone and start calling people to find out what their dreams and goals are too and ask how you can best support them in their downhill victory!

Are you going to take that chance and be at your next company event? And if not why not? What is really holding you back from being there and is it really something that can be overcome? What’s really stopping you from achieving your dreams and your full potential to become the best you can be?

“Set Your Goals High And Don’t Stop Til You Get There!” Bo Jackson

Follow Your Passion!

Sue Seward

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

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