Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Snow and the Birds at Lake Travis in Austin Texas today!

Well, it's certainly not as much snow as some of you have had on the East coast but it's Beautiful especially here in Austin Texas the end of February!

The Birds and I really Enjoyed the moment!

Too bad the kids are all at school!

Spring is on the way and so is new life!

Just read in 'Jesus Entrepreneur - Using Ancient Wisdom To Launch And Live Your Dreams'

About the NOT SHALT rule!

You should never make a decision when you are:

Lonely or

When you feel like life is beating you down here's a few practical spear-dodging tips Laurie Beth Jones mentions in her book -

1. Tighten up your relationship with God.
Saturate yourself with God's words of power and comfort, as David did when he was hiding out in the hills, as Jesus did in his final night in the Garden. This is ultimately the only relationship that matters, so make sure it is solid!

(I do this too with something as simple as watching all the birds in the back yard at the feeders when unbelievable snow in Austin is falling!)

2. Consider the source. Jesus knew what motivated his enemies, and he said so. They had no interest in his well-being. He kept that in mind at all times.

(God has your back so do not worry about what other people do or say! No matter who they are, they have no control over your life!)

3. Turn their questions back on them. Jesus was a master at getting to the heart of people by using the swords aimed at him to reveal others' hearts. "Are you the King of the Jews?" demanded one. And he replied, "Who do you think I am?" (Luke 22:66). "Isn't it against the law to heal on the Sabbath?" asked another. "If your neighbor's sheep fell into a ditch on the Sabbath, would you get it out?" he replied (Matthew 12:10-11).

4. Realize you don't have to respond to every insult. "And they spat on him saying, 'Prophesy to us. Who hit you?" And to this he answered not a word" (Matthew 26.:68)

(Sometimes silence is truly golden!)

5. Tell the truth. Jesus spoke the truth as he saw it, knowing that the truth would always set people free. When you tell the truth, you have nothing to fear.

6. Keep your eye on God's prize, not theirs. Remember, there is only one heart that you are responsible for pleasing, and it does not beat in any human breast.

The more Jesus grew in influence and power, the more he became a target. He very wisely ‘learned to deflect the spears and arrows. Proverbs 19:11 says…”A wise man restrains his anger and overlooks insults.”

Follow Your Passion!

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