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Servant Leadership is about empowering others to get to the top with you!


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Just finished reading Jesus, CEO - Using Ancient Wisdom For Visionary Leadership by Laurie Beth Jones.

If you are interested in servant leadership and have not read Laurie Beth's books I highly recommend them for personal growth.

Laurie list several Affirmations for Leaders at the end of this book. Here are the first ten to help you start your day out positive and moving towards your goal of getting to the top:

I proudly say I AM, knowing clearly my strengths and God-given talents. I repeat my strengths to myself often, knowing my words are my wardrobe.

I have learned in my own wilderness what my strengths are. I use "desert times" to get clearer on my calling and my true goals.

I am clear about my mission and spend time working on and accomplishing what is deepest and truest and most inspiring.

I shape my own destiny. What I believe, I become. What I believe, I can do.

What I say and ask for is accomplished in amazing ways and with amazing speed.

I keep in constant contact with my Higher Power, knowing that I need added insight to see the road up ahead.

I do the difficult things. I accomplish difficult and challenging tasks with strength and resolve, knowing that these jumps are placed in the arena for training and strengthening.

I do not need or seek others' approval. I am internally connected to my Higher Power and listen to the still, small voice that alone knows my best path.

I commit my passion to my cause, knowing that passion is the power that creates new life, new joys, and new accomplishments for myself and others.

I see things differently and am always willing to look at situations in new and enlivening ways.

Some of the lessons learned from this book -

As a dedicated servant team leader it's important to mobilize the team for action by stepping back from being in control. Always allow people to learn and grow in their own way. Delegate by teaching them to fish which means to duplicate without you. Do not be so focused on yourself being at the top that you are not allowing others to get to the top with you.

Everyday there are managers and leaders who try to climb their way to the top using other people as their stepladder.

Servant leadership is about serving other people not yourself. The more you put the focus on others the more confident you become.

Plug the team into a proven system of power where they find their way to duplicate your efforts and become servant leaders themselves.

The temptation to have everything done all at once and perfectly often leads to procrastination, inactivity, or outright paralysis. We see this often in Network Marketing don't we? People seem to have a really hard time making a decision to join or not to join, start or not to start? All because they believe they don't know everything right now.

Do you need to see the whole picture before you can move forward? Try taking it one step at a time! Just do it!

Believe in yourself and stick to the mission.

Give praise and recognition to others.

Do not judge others.

Have a passionate commitment to the cause.

Have a plan and take action.

Be human and let others know of your weaknesses. When you do this it encourages the team to know they can get there too.

Be bold, be visible and take one step at a time taking everyone to the top with you!

Personally I'm working on myself everyday to be a better servant leader and looking forward to seeing you at the top!


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