Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Testimonials From Our Team Calls

As usual, great job.


Tracy Bohmer
Diamond Distributor
Scent-Sations MiaBella Candles

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Hey Sue,

Just wanted to let you know that I popped onto
your call tonight and was impressed! I love the
way that you feature your leaders and
how you shared the information about leads
in such a gentle but firm fashion.

You are a true “director” (from Charlie) and
I am honored to be on your team. I look forward
to learning even more than I all ready have from you!

Enjoy your night and thanks again!

Wishing you a day filled with joy, peace, fun and success!

Kelly Wissink - Director


It was so much fun to be on the call - you are terrific and have a terrific team!!!!
Thank you so much for including me in your life Sue!!! I truly wish I had more time to spend on it. Winter is my busiest time of year so I'll participate more closer to Spring. I'm looking forward to Vegas!! I'd like to do the mysplashpro leads too - I'll check on that!!

I'm still on the call and listening to the questions.

Did I every send you a check for the cd's?? I just don't remember!!!

I'm exhausted - two very busy days and it doesn't seem to let up until after next Thursday. Taking time off between Xmas and New Years so we should plan to catch up then!

Thanks again!!

Barb Perrella - Diamond Distributor


Here you go Sue

Thanks for the great call!


Dawn Rohlik- Diamond Distributor

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