Friday, February 05, 2010

NEWS Flash Sue Seward Internet Marketer goes to a live meeting!

Yep you heard it right! Sue Seward actually went to a live in your face local meeting tonight! Got the picture here to prove it!

And that's just what we learned to do, how to find hot local prospects!

It was actually worth it to brave the rush hour traffic with all the fussy worker bees in drizzling rain not knowing where the heck I was going! Got a late start because a prospect called right before leaving so chatted for a bit, got her on her way to finding her passion and taking the next action step and then hit the road!

What a trip! Total bumper to bumper traffic, reminded me exactly of WHY I work at home! haha!

Wow though did I find out some simple skills that anyone can learn and heck it was fun! Ok you're thinking dang that girl needs to get out more! hahaha!

Had no idea where I was going after getting on the big freeway, missed my turn, calling the hotel to see who could get me in the right direction, couldn't talk on the cell while driving with all the worker bees on my butt, almost had two collisions, got in the left turn lane and then went straight while a car was turning left and missed me by like an inch!!! Geez! I think God had me in the palm of his hand!!! Holy COW what a fricken mess!

Finally got there 15 minutes late and because of that actually got in for no charge because the host came out and turns out we got to talking briefly and I had met her online back during the holidays when checking out some MEETUP groups in Austin! She is the host of one and she was hosting this workshop! So she says YOU are my guest and gives me my twenty back! Hows that for karma?

Then at the end Big Al says he's got some CD's we can get to take home for a donation of.... Yep twenty bucks!

The workshop was full of great tips and skills training from a master who has actually like built a downline! No motivation at all! Just pure D GRADE A SKILLS BABY!

Stuff you can take back to your team and help them.... let me see what's that term we use again....D-U-P-L-I-C-A-T-E!!!!

Well of course I met some cool people, they were all networkers for petes sakes! Made some great business connections and would I go back regardless of the traffic??

ABSOLUTELY in a New York minute!!!

It does feel good though to be back home in my fuzzy slippers! hmmmm.. Video blogging time???

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castinoronaldo said...

With the entry of Sue in the live meeting... the entire ambiance must have been filled with a positive energy of knowledgeable vibes...Wish! even I could have attend the meeting.
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