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So what do you think...

People feel is MOST important in choosing a company?

The answer might surprise you as much as it did me! It’s not exactly what we've all been taught over the years. And you may be really inspired to know that for most, it’s NOT about the compensation plan.

Now maybe for those driven personalities, we call them the ‘Driven RED’ personality and money IS usually #1 for them. They are in command, always right, and not very compassionate. It’s their way or the highway! They are focused, goal oriented and intense. They usually have big egos, can be dominating and un-teachable. The important thing to realize is only about 15% of the people you come across will be of this personality and most people are a combination of various personalities to balance them out.

If our entire downline was RED we'd all be rich right?!!! That is if we can stand to be around them! That's why it's so great to have various personalities among your team! We certainly are not going to get along with everyone or like everyone, this is afterall a business right? At least that's how the driven Red sees it! They are not out to be your friend. In fact, most of their business relationships are just that strictly business. They do not allow too many people to get close.

Most people, about 35%, are the ‘Amiable Yellow’ or ‘Analytical Green’ and not as much focused on the money as they are on the people - ie: helping people, their purpose, the cause, we all need to get along, let’s be friends personality and of course the green analyticals want all the details and facts! These are the personalities you’re most likely going to run into when you're networking and you’ll want lot’s of them because they are usually quite dependable, loyal, patient and supportive team players.

Then some people just wanta to have fun!!! The ‘Expressive Blue’!

15% of the people you meet will be this personality or a combination of this and others. You’ll know them when you meet them! They love to party and socialize! They were born to network!!! They are also money motivated so yes the compensation plan is important but they also want to get to know who YOU are and they always want to have fun! They love to be the leader too so let them do their thing!

These guys and gals are also great story tellers which is a real asset in our business! People love hearing stories, we all relate to stories right? Find you some great story tellers and say to them “hey there are two kinds of people in the world, those who tell stories and those who get paid to tell stories!” Did I see a hand raised? The Blues are waving their hands! Me me me me!

You may come across a few of the top gun ‘get out of my way’ recruiters but they are far and few between. So try not to beat yourself up too much about it. When you do come across one of these true RED’s or a true BLUE RED, leave them alone and watch your business explode! Just remember if you’re in one of those pay plans with all this volume on one side you’re not going to get paid on it until you catch up on the other side! No free lunch gang! Still a good problem to have though huh?

Just picked up this list from another top trainer in our industry - of what people look for in a company and after over fifteen years of developing a career in the Network Marketing industry have to agree with the #1 choice and order of this list.

See if you can pin point what the #1 thing a person is looking for when joining a company. What’s MOST important to people -

-Company literature shown

-Marketing plan and potential earnings

-Training provided

-Who gave the presentation

-Product line

-Company management experience

-Up-line support

-Company image

-Sales kit provided

-Being first in your area

List those down from 1-10 most important to least important from the prospects point of view.

Remember - think like you’re a prospect!

What prospects consider most important when deciding on a company– drum roll please....

#1 - Who Gave the presentation


People will join YOU! They join people, they do not join companies. Of course we think our company is the best, our management team is the best, our product is the absolute best!

Our prospect though is wondering are WE going to be the best sponsor? They want to know who’s giving them the presentation and even more importantly can they do this too? When you care about people they know it!

Next in line is Upline Support – THE TEAM! T.E.A.M. = Together Everyone Achieves More!

#3 Training provided

#4 Marketing plan and earnings

#5 Product

#6 Being first in your area

#7 Company literature shown

#8 Company Image

#9 is the sales kit provided?

#10 Company management experience

So how’d you do in thinking like a prospect? Would you sign up with YOU?

Here’s some feedback below from a recent webinar training I gave on Sharpening People Skills & How To Find HOT Prospects In Your Local Area – Building Instant Rapport With People You Meet.

We have another webinar training coming up in this topic area TBA!

We want to hear from you! Tell us what training is most effective in supporting you in building your business!


I just wanted to say your webinar (which I finally was able to see) made such an impact on me. I am so glad that I placed the ad in our local paper - I have 2 interviews set up for Sat. at 10am.. over coffee and pastries.. (food and fellowship!)

Thank you so much.. I am going to have them come sit down and view the presentation on my website.. I wish I had the DVD which just came out to show new prospects! I need to order it as soon as I can!

I just hope I can present the company in a wonderful way to help them make a great decision to join us.

Woohoo! Just did an interview! Gave her a scent sample and info and she brought her husband too.. Ok.. great.. I plan to have ladies over on Sat to watch the video on my site. I want to recruit 5 - that is my first goal! I am so excited Sue!

Kim C

..I listened to the recording of your call from last weekend...

...and it was AWESOME!! THANK YOU!

The training was really great! Will you do more Corp training calls? PLEASE say you will - this last call was so wonderful AND value packed!

You mentioned a written transcription - where can I find it? I didn't see it on Jackie's yahoo group - can you tell me where to find the notes?


Sue Y.

AWESOME training! Can't wait for the = handouts!

Stephanie S.

Great Job Sue!
I enjoyed your enthusiasm, pashion, and all the nuggets you shared yesterday. The role-playing you and Stephanie did was great also. Have you looked for a GPS yet? My daughter has a TomTom and I have a Magellian(?). Any of them will help!?

Allen P.

"I just had the opportunity to listen to it this afternoon, too. Thanks, Sue! You really did a great job and it was fun to hear you!!

Cindy B.

Hi Sue,
I enjoyed the presentation and can you please send me the notes. That would be awesome and also would love info on the 30 second commercial.

Mary P.

"Hi Sue! Couldn't make it Saturday, so I just finished listening to the recording. It was GREAT! Thanks for all the information and notes!"

Donna K.


Great sharing on the call this morning!

I couldn't write fast enough and would love anything you can
pass on to me from your info you gave out today.

The one-liners and ice breakers are just what I need right now! :)

My husband does Bird Dogging for me as he travels each week as an over the road trucker and so I would like to share the one-liners with him, also.

Love your goal to bring your hubby home, that is one of my BIG goals, also!

Thanks again,
LaDonna L.

I came in late, but what I heard was excellent! Gave me hope once again to keep persevering! I have went through some touch circumstances, but I am surviving! Things never go the way you think they will, but you have to make a choice, to quit or get back up and try again! Well, I am getting back up and trying one more time! Usually, if things don't... See More go right, I back up & procrastinate, then, I quit! Not this time, somehow I will move forward and do more than just survive. I will thrive once again! How? I'm not sure! But I will take it one step at a time! Thanks to you, and some women I met in Topeka, and of course, Kelly Wissink! I just want to encourage you to keep on doing what comes natural to you! And I will do the same! Love ya!

Judith B.

Great info today Sue, thanks

Rhonda H.

You did a fantastic job explaining the business and I liked that you had a role playing business intro to a prospect. Great job! We will talk soon!

Cindy G.

Here’s Some More Recent Feedback From Our Survey -

Listened today 2/17 - it was wonderful- one of the best. Please do more, Sue.

The webinar gave a lot of "how-to's instead of just telling you what to do. Supplying handouts really help solidify the training.
I listened to the recording and, seriously, I thought it was great - very practical/do-able ideas & suggestions. I liked the powerpoint presentation AND the accompanying notes. Thank you!

Yes I was there and look forward to the personality training. I believe that training in Prospecting, presenting and duplication is the most important. These areas need the most work by the majority of the people. Other training such as fundraisers, parties can be self taught through experience, manuals, and the plethora of info already available. These 3 areas (PPD) don't happen because people are afraid or feEl they don't know how Or what to do and say?
Great! Awesome! Learned a lot do more!

I'm listening to it right now!!! It's great!!!

I can't think of anything to add at the moment, you both do a great job. And Sue, it's very nice to have you back! Wed, Feb 17

You guys are awesome and provide all we need! We just have to take the time to use it. Wed, Feb 17, 2010

This survey is still open and we are continuing to collect feedback - so if you were on this training we'd love to hear from you!


If you were not and would like the recording link visit -


Follow Your Passion!

Sue Seward
Entrepreneur &
MLM Coach

"You Can Have Anything You Want When You Help Enough Other People Get What They Want!" Zig Ziglar

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